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Danny Blackwell - Transsexuality

Danny Blackwell - Transsexuality

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Published by Ruben Miclea
Ex-transgender Danny Blackwell - Testimony and articles about transsexuality
Ex-transgender Danny Blackwell - Testimony and articles about transsexuality

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Ruben Miclea on Mar 20, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Danny: New Hope FAQ
Written by Danny Blackwell and published by New Hope Outreach. Quoted verbatim. See Inormation on !e"publishin#.
Frequently asked questions Those with transgendered attractions1) What is a transvestite? 
It is the act o dressin# in the clothes o the opposite se$ to achieve se$ual arousal and clima$. %ypically the transvestite is male& usually heterose$ual and they may have an aversion to homose$uality.
2) What is a transsexual? 
' transse$ual is person holdin# stron# conviction that one is a member o the opposite se$ and oten includes the desire to have the body chan#ed or (corrected( to suit this conviction.
2A) MTF 
 is a male to emale transse$ual.
is a emale to male transse$ual.)* What does %rans#endered mean+It is a broad term encompassin# those not conormin# to the #ender e$pressions o bein# male or emale and thus may be a transse$ual or a transvestite or somewhere in between.
) What does intersexed !ean? 
One who was born with anatomical eatures o both male and emale.
") What is gender identity? 
,ender is a person-s sense o himsel or hersel as bein# male or emale and it can dier rom their biolo#ical se$. eople whose se$ and #ender dier are known trans#endered.
#) What does having a gender identity disorder !ean? 
It is a person that believes they are physically trapped in a body o the opposite se$ and may take steps to chan#e this. It is also called ,ender dysphoria which is the overall psycholo#ical term used to describe the eelin#s o pain& an#uish& and an$iety that arise rom the mismatch between a person-s physical se$ and #ender identity.
$) What is sex reassign!ent surgery %&'&) ?
' number o sur#ical operations desi#ned to conorm the body to that o
the opposite biolo#ical se$. Sur#ery is normally concurrent with chemical /hormonal* therapies that can redistribute body at& alter skin te$ture and increase or reduce bodily hair. %he de#ree o sur#ery or chemical therapies undertaken can very rom individual to individual
() ow does transvestis! di**er *ro! transsexuality? 
%ransvestism and transse$uality dier by de#ree. Both behaviours are part o a continuum. %ransse$uality represents the end o the continuum. %ransse$uals are not content with their biolo#ical se$. 'll transse$uals must necessarily #o throu#h a crossdressin# period.
+) What is the cause o* transvestis!? 
No known bio"chemical /biolo#ical* cause has been demonstrated to e$ist. Invariably& transvestites report the practice developin# in early childhood& certainly beore the onset o puberty. 'uthorities tend to a#ree that cause is multi"actorial.
1,) What is the cause transsexualis!? 
%here are no scientiically proven #enetic or or#anic causes or transse$ualism. %here is much indemonstrable speculation and unsubstantiated ideas. 'uthorities tend to a#ree that cause is multi"actorial.
Archive: Break Free
Written by Danny Blackwell and published by New Hope Outreach. Quoted verbatim. See Inormation on !e"publishin#.
Break Free 12 Step
By !ev. Danny Blackwell %H3 4I5I6 W'!0 %H3 'DDI4%I53 47463Beore we be#in the 89 steps& let us look or a moment at the addictive cycle. %his cycle like a lot o thin#s in lie i let unaddressed can cause ma:or problems or us. On a national scale issues let to #row can lead to civil war. We also can be at war inside havin# the need to escape our pain throu#h many ways.We all have histories but as ;ohn Stephenson has said& (%he 6ord is the victor o history and that includes personal history.( So how does this cycle
aect us+ We may e$perience trauma or some other event that #ets the cycle #oin# sometime in our lives. 'lso& our minds be#in to play ne#ative messa#es over and over& i.e.. 7ou are no #ood& I-m stupid... So we be#in to ill ourselves with shame and low sel"esteem& because we start believin# our ne#ative messa#es and this causes urther emotional pain.We carry all this pain and develop ways to attempt to handle it throu#h< dru#s& buryin# our emotional pain in a host o thin#s as well as developin# our own uni2ue escapes. We pay a hi#h price or not dealin# with our pain in lost peace& more #uilt& shame and wantin# to punish ourselves. 'll this runnin# rom our pain and livin# in denial runs us ri#ht back into the addictive cycle a#ain and a#ain& unless we ace our pain and reach out to ,od.%here is hope and that hope rests in ;esus as we open ourselves up to Him invitin# Him to work in and throu#h us. ;esus promised that nothin# is too hard or Him. In 6uke =0 8>"8? we read& (%he Spirit o the 6ord is upon @e& because He has anointed @e to preach the #ospel to the poor. He has sent me to heal the broken"hearted& to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery o si#ht to the blind. %o set at liberty those who are oppressed& to preach the acceptable year o the 6ord.( %hus we have hope& new hope.,od BlessBy !ev. Danny BlackwellS%3 B7 S%38. We admitted we were powerless over our same se$ or trans#ender attractions and that our lives had become unmana#eable.9. 4ame to believe that ,od& the source o all power can and will restore us to sanity.). @ade a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care o ,od as He instructs us.=.@ade a searchin# and earless moral inventory o us.A. 'dmitted to ,od& to ourselves and to another human bein# the e$act nature o our wron#s.. Were entirely ready to have ,od remove all these deects o character.C. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomin#s.>. @ade a list o all persons we had harmed and became willin# to make amends to them all.

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