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Homosexuality - OneByOne (Testimonies)

Homosexuality - OneByOne (Testimonies)

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Published by Ruben Miclea
OneByOne - Testimonies about homosexuality from www.faithwebsites.com/oneby1/index.cfm
OneByOne - Testimonies about homosexuality from www.faithwebsites.com/oneby1/index.cfm

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Ruben Miclea on Mar 20, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What We Do
We are a denominational ministry that exists to educate and equip churches to minister to those who desire freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction, sexual addiction, and the effects of sexual abuse. We do not provide support groups instead, we refer individuals and families to support groups, counselors, and conferences. !ne"y!ne has a growing #hurch $etwor% - a list of churches who are willing to be safe places for you to come and share your struggle and journey. &hese churches provide a contact person who will tal% with you and welcome you to their church.!ur goal is to encourage churches to start their own support and prayer groups on site at their church. 'erhaps you would li%e to start one of these groups or %now of someone who would be able and willing( )f so, please call *+7--/70 or email  jwinter777@aol.com.We are here to serve you. 1o not hesitate to call and %eep in touch with us. We love you and pray for you2http344www.faithwebsites.com4oneby54what-we-do.cfm
Testimony - BradBrad Grammer
6eventeen years ago, my life came to a crossroad. )n my mind, ) could either commit suicide or give od one more chance to change my life and bring it meaning. 'rior to coming to this crossroad, ) had struggled with my sexual identity as well as depression and anxiety.8y earliest recollections of being attracted to men is when ) was six years old. ) remember fantasi9ing about growing up to be a woman and marrying a man. 6pecific males came to my mind as ) considered the %ind of man ) would marry. &hey were all muscular, handsome and confident.:ater in life, ) learned that these same-sex attractions were manifestations from unresolved emotional and spiritual issues in my life. &he decision ) came to, at the crossroad, was that ) would commit my life to #hrist and follow ;im. ) had grown up in the #hurch but only at the age of twenty did ) really understand that #hrist died for my sins and that only through ;is sacrifice could ) receive eternal life. )n addition, ) began to understand the sanctification
process, whereby sins could dissipate and wea%nesses could be transformed into strengths.;owever, when it came to my sexuality, ) had no idea how this was going to change. )n fact, ) didn<t really thin% there was a possibility of changing my sexual desires. ) made a commitment to celibacy, choosing to live with these same-sex desires the rest of my life. ) was not connected with ministries helping individuals transition out of homosexuality, and going to counseling was a scary prospect. 6o ) focused my energies on growing in my relationship with #hrist. od had specific plans for me. ;e brought men into my life that loved me and modeled for me what it meant to be both godly and intimate, without any hint of homosexuality. &hrough my close relationships with these men over a period of ten years, od brought up the unresolved issues in me that needed to be addressed. =lthough there was no ministry around at that time to aid me in my journey, od did the same wor% in my life through relationships, a process analogous to many ex-gay ministries today. &he "ody of #hrist became the instrument for healing in my life. &he result was a complete change in my sexual desires from homosexuality to heterosexuality. &oday ) am married and have two sons.>or the #hurch to ma%e a decision to bless same-sex unions or ordain practicing homosexuals is to communicate to me, and individuals li%e me, that the transformation in my life did not happen and that ) am obviously in an unhealthy state of denial. =s ) mentioned above, ) did not even %now that it would be possible to change my sexual orientation, but od transformed even this area of my life2&o allow for same-sex unions and ordination of practicing homosexuals in the #hurch is to prevent the opportunity for individuals to even consider that a change is possible. ) was an outcast once because ) had homosexual desires. )f the church changes its standards, ) would return to being an outcast in the #hurch again because my experience would be invalidated. We need to turn to the truth of 6cripture and believe that ?With od, all things are possible? 8atthew 530A. :et us %eep our hope in od alone and remain faithful to what ;e has made clear in 6cripture in regards to sexuality.
Brad Grammer is director of an Exodus referral ministry in Indianapolis and a member of the OneByOne Speakers Bureau.
Testimony - KyeKye!s "tory
 ) have been a #hristian all my lifeDthatEs 0 years. 6ince ) believe 6cripture, ) %now that homosexuality is sin. Fou may be wondering, ?;ow does a #hristian end up gay(? )Eve wrestled with that question most of my life. &here are
several good boo%s and organi9ations which could explain better than ) G ) couldnEt possibly generali9e and condense the ?homosexual struggle? into this short paper. ) can, however, share briefly from my experience.8y parents divorced when ) was four. ) remember all the times my father hit me or hit someone else in my family. ;e had been having an affair and finally chose to leave us for the other woman who eventually divorced himA. ) remember saying to myself, ?) will never be li%e him.? &hat statement contained deep implications. =s a four-year-old, ) couldnEt separate infidelity and abuse from the appropriate, odly aspects of what it means to be a man. ) had equated my father and his sin with masculinity. =s a result ) rejected it all.)n the following years there were no strong odly male role models who too% the time to draw me out and explore the hurt and emptiness that my father had left. 8y mother remarried a #hristian man. ;e was very quiet and introspective. =s a little boy ) translated that to mean that he didnEt want meDthat ) wasnEt interesting enough, or maybe ) was too dirty. 'erhaps ) thought that whatever ) did to push away my first father was too much for my second. =s it turned out, he loved me a great deal, and he still does. ;e just didnEt %now how to reach me.) attended a #hristian liberal arts college, which included both good and bad experiences. =lthough things are a little different now, at that time homosexuality was not openly discussed in classrooms, chapels or anything sponsored by the college. )n fact, the only place ) heard anything about homosexuality was from friends and other students. Hsually, the opinions ranged from disgust to hatred. ) felt alienated there was no place for somebody li%e me who struggled with ?that.?"y the time ) graduated ) had reached a point where ) thought ) would explode. =ll my feelings had been bound up for so long. ) was unable to express anger appropriately. ) found myself pushing formerly close friends away.) had my first homosexual experience one summer during my college years. )t was exhilarating and nauseating all at the same time. !n one hand, ) felt accepted and cared for, but on the other hand ) %new it was wrong and destructive. ) had made the decision to sin, but ) felt as though ) was a slave to my emotions. ) had a taste of what ) thought love was and it was li%e sweet poison to my spirit.= couple of people told me about 8alachi. ) told od that this had to be it. ) had fought so long what seemed to be insurmountable, that ) was ready to give in if this didnEt wor%. =fter graduation ) moved to Iochester and contacted representatives of the 8alachi 8inistry. ) began counseling and within a couple of months, ) started attending the wee%ly support group.&he chief purpose of the 8inistry is to encourage, teach, and foster growth in a real relationship with Jesus #hrist. ) recently have been experiencing first hand the transforming power of the ;oly 6pirit. >or this ) am grateful to "righton

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