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Study Guide Annotated Sample 1 Summary

Study Guide Annotated Sample 1 Summary

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Published by twy113

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Published by: twy113 on Oct 21, 2009
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CC2040 English for Academic Studies (Health Care) – Study Guide
 Annotated Sample 1Writing One-sentence Summaries(with identification of sources)Good Sample 
Read the following paragraph and write a one-sentence summary within 35 words that best summarizesits main idea and the most important points in your own words (with identification of the source of theparagraph).It’s fun to travel to another country on a vacation. However, falling ill on a journey may spoil your wholevacation. To avoid this, you should select your meals carefully. All raw food is subject to contamination.Particularly in areas where hygiene and sanitation are inadequate, you should avoid salads, uncookedvegetables, and dairy products such as cheese. Eat only food that has been cooked and is still hot, or fruityou’ve peeled yourself. Undercooked and raw meat, fish, and shellfish may carry various intestinalpathogens. Cooked food that has been allowed to stand lukewarm for several hours may provide a fertileplace for bacterial growth and should be thoroughly reheated before serving. Street food vendors havebeen associated with increased risk of tummy trouble, so stay away from them. Follow these tips and youshould be able to enjoy your journey all the way.- Trisha Macnair “Food on a Journey”, BBC Health, September 2006
GoodIn “Food on a Journey” (BBC Health, September 2006), Trisha Macnair offers hints to avoid illnesswhile travelling by eating only cooked or thoroughly reheated food and fresh fruit peeled bytravellers themselves.Comments
Identification -
The author’s name in a correct format, i.e. the full name “TrishaMacnair” is given; only the last name “Macnair” also acceptable-
Punctuation appropriate: the title of the article in quotation marks,publication information put in parentheses, and the title of thepublication underlined
Content -
Hints to avoid illness while travelling-
No redundant detailsParaphrasing Skills -
Most key words substituted with synonyms-
Key ideas presented clearly in a new sentence structure-
Excellent choice of words-
Correct tense (present tense: “Macnair offers…”)

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