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Workshop Session 4 Fragments Key 2

Workshop Session 4 Fragments Key 2

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Published by twy113

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Published by: twy113 on Oct 21, 2009
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English for Academic Studies (Workshop) Session 4: FragmentsSemester 1, 2009/10 ©PolyU HKCC1
Session 4: Fragments (Phrases and Clauses) (KEY)Part A: Diagnostic Test
Identify and underline the sentence fragments (incomplete sentences) in thefollowing passage. Then, correct the sentence errors in the space between the lines.
In late February, Mr Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of the HKSAR, introducedthe Three-Child Policy in order to solve the aging issue in Hong Kong.No one can denythat thereare many advantages for the Three-Child Policy.However, at the same time,peoplemust consider various aspects before adopting thepolicy such as the society, theirchildren and themselves. First of all, married couples should think about their willingness and abilities of having children. If they don’t want to have a baby for whatever reason, they better not tohave any.Otherwise, for those babies “accidentally” brought to the world, theywould just suffer in their life. Being parents is not an easy task. Married couples should think carefully if they have enough time to take care of their children.As parents areresponsible for the growth of their children, theyneed to ensure both their physical andmental health.Another point that young couples should consider is their financial position.Actually the expense of raising a child is very high. Therefore, married people shouldhave a stable income and a reasonable financialposition, in order to ensure their childrento have a high quality of life. 
Part B: Grammatical Sentences – Review Complete Sentence
A complete sentence consists of three components: (a) a subject, (b) a main verb, and(c) a complete thought.
A complete sentence can be very short as long as it has all the above components:
 John came.
A phrase is a sequence of two or more words that cannot stand alone as a completesentence but only as a unit in one sentence.
English for Academic Studies (Workshop) Session 4: FragmentsSemester 1, 2009/10 ©PolyU HKCC2
 A presentation with interesting points.
A clause contains a subject and a main verb.
An independent clause is a complete sentence.
 Example: Emily studied in the library
A dependent clause is a group of words that contain a subject and a verb and beginswith subordinating conjunctios like
, etc.
 After she had finished all her classes.
(Dependent - rely on theindependent clause for theirmeaning.)
Sentence Fragments
A sentence fragment is an
incomplete sentence
, lacking a subject, a verb, or acomplete thought.
In the above examples, a phrase and a dependent clause are sentence fragments.
To convert a phrase into a sentence, we may need to add a subject or verb.
 Example: A presentation with interesting points.
A sentence fragment  Revision: She delivered a presentation with interesting points.
To change a dependent clause into a sentence, we have to complete its meaning.
 Example: After she had finished all her classes.
A sentence fragment  Revision: After she had finished all her classes, Emily studied in the library.
Part C: Concept Boosting Exercises
Exercise C1:
Identify and underline the sentence fragments (incomplete sentences)in the following passage. Then, correct the sentence errors in the space betweenthe lines.
Although the policy of CMI (Chinese as the Medium of Instruction) has been

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