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We Will Live Again

We Will Live Again

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Published by glennpease

Isaiah xxxviil 11.

I shall behold man no more with the inhabitants of
the world.

Isaiah xxxviil 11.

I shall behold man no more with the inhabitants of
the world.

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Published by: glennpease on Mar 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WE WILL LIVE AGAINREV. SAMUEL HORSFALLIsaiah xxxviil 11. I shall behold man no more with the inhabitants of the world. Death, if not considered with a reference to ano-ther world, would certainly be the most insupport-able affliction that could befal the children of men. When we have become familiar with the objects around us, they wear an interesting appearance, and excite emotions of regret on a separation: this we find to be the case with respect to the inani-mate works of the creation. But when we are to part with those whose society we valued, and whose friendship we loved, we feel that we have sensibili-ties that attach us so strongly to others, that when death cuts the cords of amity, the pang of separa-tion would be too much for us to bear j — despair B
2 SERMON I. would render us impatient of life, and we should, perhaps, be almost ready to search in the grave for that oblivion our friends have found, did not the hope of our meeting them in another life, help and sustain us to bear their separation from us in this. Strange then is it that there should be any who endeavour to reason themselves out of all hopes of immortality !— That they should labour for argu-ments to prove they must perish like the beasts of the field! Surely this is perverting that reason be-stowed on them by God Almighty: yet this is by no means uncommon in th€se days of infidelity, and we find many who are still ready to ask, " How " are the dead raised up, and with what body do ^^ they come?** Thanks be to God\ the Gospel furnishes us with eyery argument we want to satisfy the humble christian, who is sufficiently supplied with the as-sured hopes of living again after death: he leaves to God to bring it about, confiding in the promises given him by his Saviour, who himself died and was buried and rose again the third day.
Yes, my brethren ! we have the strongest hopes SERMON 1. 3 that God will restore us to the friends we mourn. Death, however clothed in imaginary terrors, is really no more than a necessary deposition of our corruptible body in the earth, in order that it may be changed into an incorruptible body, and become glorified, spiritualized, and immortal. With this view the words of the text are not the language of <jomplaint, but become a mere obser-vation upon an indisputable fact. We certainly shall " behold man no more with the inhabitants of " the earth !'* Death closes our eyes from this sub-lunary scene; we are for evermore debarred the so-cial converse of our friends in this world; we part with every thing we hold dear — parents, children, brothers, sisters, and every endearing tie of affection is dissolved by the stroke of death. The gay ver-dure of nature, the cheerful notes of birds, the herds and flocks, and all the busy haunts of commerce and

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