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Will Andrade--A Trip to Spookville.pdf

Will Andrade--A Trip to Spookville.pdf

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Published by Nikolai Barin

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Published by: Nikolai Barin on Mar 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The State Library of Victoria ALMA CONJURING COLLECTION
Under the above title it hag been our cn&eovonr to cor.iplle i,nd construct a series of practical smooth running effects of the seral-hpiritualistlc order, there being a keen desire nvong per forlorn for increased developments aloo^ this line. e have used as the basis for thin special arrangement a little cabinet being of o somewhat reduced version of Koliur*s celebrated Oassudaga Propaganda an iteis which eajoyed a very successful career at the hnnds of its :nost able musterThe cabinet under our present consideration, however, is quite devoid of trickery, and rcny be submitted for close inspection at various occasions during the course of progress* The offeeta us outlined with order of presentation are as followst« 1. Introduction A Trip to Spookvillo. 2. Animated Bell and 'Ianibourine 3. The Dancing Handkerchief, 4. A I-ecuage on the Slate. 5.
 v.ondorful Spirit v ritinfj Test (with Cossilttee) . /.s the outstanding festuro of this series consists of the final test, in which throe r.ontlerien fron the audience arc allowed to tn.':e pi-rt in the proceedings, and whereby a really surprising and rerarkcbJ.c cllrsox is reached, it la oar idea to deal lar^oly with this feature. Therefore, the several preceding tests are r.:ore along generol lines, end each performer will, no doubt, choose to add, or eliminate, in accord with Ms own lilting, and tine arid length of program required* Upon exanxinntion of the cabinet, it will be found that the front is hinged to open down, lor the purpose of showing the cabinet esspfcyVhen closed, however, the diamond shaped opening still (jives a viov; into the cabinet. For best results the cabinet should
 placed about center, and fairly bach stage, considering in particular the effects with bolls and dancing hamkercMeThe cabinet r.:ay rest upon any plain stand or tabourette, but perhaps a better effect is obtained if a shoot of class across the backs of two chairs is ueod« The effect with Hell, Tambourine, etc., is brought cbout by the use of a fine silk thread, runnin«; serosa the sta^o end operated by two assistants, one ot either side# This thread my first be lying along the floor ot the rear, during which tL.-.e the eh air a ore placed in position, and the cabinet brought on tui exhibited.
After this it
 tor for tho thrond to bo brought up in position,
 or over
 top of cabinet. The Instruments, auoh -s a small hand bell, a tambourine, a s.iall horn, etc., aro each prepared by having a snail hook attached so that when placing into cabinet froa above, the hook is merely o&unfrt over the
 running across,
 the two
 aro thereafter responsible for the various effects that follow* A little wrinkle or two will oftiioes occur, for Instance -in piecing*
 the boll inside the Cabinet, the second time after the tixead has been secured to tho hook,
 Dell nay be placed in cabinet through the enall opening from the front
 if tor a little jingling around inside, it is very effective to have the bell finally jump out through the front, and on to the floor, instead of out of the top as it had done previously. Another effect with tho horn, is to have it "blow" during which timo it Is jumping around in tho cabinet* This la done % having one of tho asoiet&nfcB blow a duplicate horn In the wing, or directly in the reur of back drop, where the cabinet rests. Little aide stunts of this nature add much to tiie effect, and should always be worked in whenever possible* Hext canes the Dancing HandkerchiefThis is a can© whore Cecil performer will find a chance to exert his traits of originality* Tar.c an ordinary gentlemen's
.ite eaibric handkerchief, and tie n firw knot in ono extras© corner. How, if
 you hold this hvr.dk*
 rchief with a firm grip, mid with finder and tiauno noar the knot, you will find that by exerting a sort of rotsoulnr pressure ono way and another, that you can cauao tho knot to nod back end forth, from one aide to the other, lie down, stand up, refuse to lie down and so forth* In fact It will appear to become almost as if it
ore alive, endktiiese little effects can be mode very amusing with a little practiced How with a thread across the stage, try tying a knot in'&our handkerchief, so that the thread nans tlirough the knot, and you have at your command en effect that will place any audience in an uproar* The correct mode of procedure would, of course, bo to borrow a handkerchief from tho audience, then do the knot stunt, and with hypnotic passes cauao tho handkerchief to take on lifo. Head nods first one way and then the other - you stoke It to one side, &id
 it td £i§ dbiS
 - you get angry
 n ve
 It a e arp
 m it now
 as dead • then place it in tho cabinet through the front opening. She music starts. Soon the handkerchief is seen to slowly show its heed through tho window - it looks first to one
and then to the other (easily done by the assistants operating tho thread). Music hits a lively air at which the handkerchief jumps entirely out of the cabinet on to tho floor, and dances a jig to the music* At tho finish, pick up tho handkerchief and start to return ait o to owner, untying the knot as you do so. One assistant lets go his thread,
 drags free from tho handkerchief*

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