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2014 House Notes Week Two

2014 House Notes Week Two

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Published by RepNLandry
Summary of Louisiana House of Representatives action, week 2, regular session 2014
Summary of Louisiana House of Representatives action, week 2, regular session 2014

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Published by: RepNLandry on Mar 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As the second week of the legislativesession drew to a close, 1,017 bills wereintroduced, and House members have passed43 bills.
 provides that after a person obtains an initial real estate broker or salesperson license and completes the 45-hour post-license education course within 180days after the initial license date, that personshall
 be required to pass an exam on thecourse contents.HB869 is pending consideration by thefull House.
, which awaits action bythe full House, revises terminology in presentlaw referring to persons with disabilities andother persons with exceptionalities by deletingand making substitutions for obsolete,derogatory or offensive terms. Additionally, the proposed lawcorrects the names of agencies, institutions, private organizations, and other entities; andremoves references to offices, bureaus, andother subdivisions of state agencies and programs and services that have been repealedor no longer exist.
 provides for theregulation of motor vehicle booting businessesin Louisiana, requires booting businesses tocomply with all parish or municipalitylicensing requirements, and clarifiesguidelines for booting operations.Under this legislation: No person shall boot a motor vehicle parked on private property unless the booting business has a written contract with the owner of the private property to boot motor vehiclesillegally parked on the property. No person shall boot a motor vehicle parked on private property unless a minimumof two signs are conspicuously posted andmaintained by the owner of the private property in the manner prescribed by the parish or municipality. Each sign shallinclude the name of the private propertyowner, the hours during which vehicles are prohibited from parking on the private property and are subject to booting, and thefees to be charged to release a motor vehiclethat has been booted. Additionally, each signshall contain the name, business address, business telephone number, and businesslicense number of the person authorized by the property owner to boot a motor vehicle andthe telephone number of the office locatedwithin the parish or municipality responsible
Louisiana House of RepresentativesCommunications Office2014 Regular SessionWeek Two, March 21, 2014
Page -2-for receiving complaints regarding the bootingof motor vehicles. No release charge for a vehicle thathas been booted may be imposed in excess of what is posted on the sign.HB929 also requires identification of  booting business employees and thoseauthorized to accept payments to release the booted vehicles. The legislation also providesfor sticker information and removalrequirements: receipt requirements; andinformation advising the owner of the vehicleof the right to a hearing.HB929 is pending action by the fullHouse.
, pending consideration by the full House, requires notary publicapplicants to take a pre-assessment testadministered by the secretary of state. The legislation also requires applicantsto have satisfied all requirements to becommissioned as a notary public in their  parish, except for passing the examination.House Bill 243 exempts from the pre-assessment test applicants who are admitted to practice law or who hold a valid notarialcommission.
, pending House floor action, provides for an exemption fromseizure a debtor's firearms and firearmaccessories to satisfy debts.Present law provides an exemptionfrom seizure of a firearm that has a maximumvalue of $500. House Bill 145 would repealthis, and instead, provides for a maximumvalue of $2,500.
 outlaws gambling byan electronic sweepstakes device.Gambling by electronic sweepstakesdevice is defined as the intentional conductingof, or directly assisting in the conducting of,as a business any game, contest, lottery, or contrivance whereby a person risks the loss of anything of value in order to realize a profit,through the operation of an electronic gamingmachine or device that conducts or promotesa sweepstakes through the use of a simulatedgambling device, including the entry processor the revealing of a prize.The proposed law provides penaltiesof a fine of $20,000, imprisonment with or without hard labor for five years, or both.
 recognizes August 7 asPurple Heart Recognition Day, and dedicatesthe day to the remembrance and recognition of those members of the armed forces of theUnited States who have earned the PurpleHeart Medal for wounds received in combat.HB11 awaits consideration by the fullHouse.
 would increase the penalties for assault against a school or recreation athletic contest official.Whoever commits the crime of batteryof a school or recreation athletic contestofficial shall be fined $1,000 to $5,000, andimprisoned for five days to three months.If the offense results in an injury to thevictim that requires medical attention, the fineincreases to $1,000 to $5,000, andimprisonment for 10 days to six months.HB227 awaits consideration by the fullHouse.*
, pending action by thefull House, repeals the crime of incest and places the elements and penalties for the crime
Page -3-into the offense of crime against nature. Additionally, HB530 directs theLouisiana Law Institute to change allreferences in Louisiana law accordingly.*
 adds "arrests for anyaggravated offense or any sexual offenseagainst a minor" to the types of arrest records provided to institutions of postsecondaryeducation when the institution requestscriminal history information on an applicantor prospective employee.*
 adds "correctionalfacility employee" to the list of specificvictims of the crime of first degree murder.The proposed law defines“correctional facility employee” as anyemployee of any jail, prison, or correctionalfacility who is not a “peace officer..”*
 would increase theterm of imprisonment for the crime of aggravated flight from an officer from twoyears to ten years.
, pending action by thefull House, would require the governingauthority of public schools, including charter schools, in parishes with a municipalityhaving a population of 300,000 or more to prohibit the loading or unloading of studentsfrom a school bus at a school while the bus isin a traffic lane.Further, HB600 requires the governingauthorities to adopt policies and procedures providing for the loading and unloading of students at a school in an appropriate off-roadlocation.
, which seeks toregulate the storage of explosives, wouldrequire facilities that store explosives to possess a valid explosives license issued bythe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, andFirearms, and authorizes the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to inspect suchfacilities to make sure they are in compliance.
 creates the LouisianaFinfish Task Force.The legislation provides for thecomposition and duties of the task force,which would study and monitor the finfishindustry, coordinate efforts to increase finfish production and marketability, and makerecommendations to issues pertaining to thefinfish industry.HB913 awaits consideration by the fullHouse.
, pending consideration by the full House, provides additionalrequirements of physicians who performabortions in Louisiana.HB388 would require physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privilegesat a hospital within 30 miles from the locationwhere the abortion takes place, and requiresthat the pregnant woman be provided with allof the following before the abortion is performed or induced:1.) A telephone number by which the pregnantwoman may reach the physician, or other health care personnel employed by the physician or facility at which the abortion was performed or induced, who has twenty-four hour per day access to the woman's relevantmedical records so that the woman mayrequest assistance related to any complicationthat arises from the performance or inductionof the abortion, or to ask health-relatedquestions regarding the abortion.2.) The name and telephone number of thenearest hospital to the home of the pregnant

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