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The Bunologist Oct09

The Bunologist Oct09



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Published by Karen At Boing
October's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, Munchkin award, be a bunny for a day (World Vegan Day), restaurant rabbit, farm bunnies, news from the Do Hop Inn, products for your rabbit, Rabbits: their part in my downfall (Molly & Tessa), bunny looking for a home, new Adoptabun blog, fiction: Clarence the SUPER SPY & the vegan ferret
October's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, Munchkin award, be a bunny for a day (World Vegan Day), restaurant rabbit, farm bunnies, news from the Do Hop Inn, products for your rabbit, Rabbits: their part in my downfall (Molly & Tessa), bunny looking for a home, new Adoptabun blog, fiction: Clarence the SUPER SPY & the vegan ferret

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Oct 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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October 2009
Munchkin Award
Be a bunny for a day – World Vegan Day
Restaurant rabbit
Farm rabbits
Dear Diary
Rabbits: their part in my downfall (Molly & Tessa)
Adopt me!
Clarence the SUPER SPY & the vegan ferret
What’s News?
Radioactive rabbit poop
11 October 2009 (US)http://www.blogcatalog.com/post-tag/bunny+news/  Although it may sound like a plot point in a comic book, thereis actually radioactive rabbit poop in Hanford, Washington.As it happens 50 million gallons of liquid waste laced withradioactive salts were dumped in a radioactive reservation inHanford more than 40 years ago. The dumping area is hometo many jackrabbits. The rabbits’ warrens abut some of thedumping sites and the rabbits often lick the radioactive salt.Recent stimulus money has aided the clean up of the rabbitpoop, which has trace amounts of radioactivity. Previously,large swaths of earth were dug out and disposed of to rid thearea of the radioactive poop. Now, a helicopter is used tospot and map the piles of poop for crews to come in andclean up.
Endangered Kits are Born
14 October 2009 (US)http://www.blogcatalog.com/post-tag/bunny+news/  The Columbian Basin pygmyrabbit has been on the state ofWashington’s endangeredspecies list since 1993. Thepopulation declined so much thatbiologists took in the last 14 wildrabbits to create a breedingprogram.Among the institutionscollaborating in the breedingprogram is the Oregon Zoo,which has been breedingColumbian Basin pygmy rabbitssince 2000.This year the zoo welcomed 26 endangered kits, or babyrabbits. This brings the total to 73 kits for the year among allthe breeding programs.
Global Pet Gallery
Global Pet Gallery is a projectthat aims to set a Guinness WorldRecord for the largest Pet PhotoMosaic. Email a photo of yourbun to be included in the photomosaic.
Baby hare saved by emergencycaesarian
www.dailymail.co.ukA woman who found a pregnant hare lying dead in theroad performed an emergency operation to deliver itsbaby.Caring Leila Goss, 25, spotted the mother hare after itwas killed by a car and immediately noticed its swollenstomach.Leila, a laboratoryassistant at a donkeysanctuary, was drivinghome at around 10pmwhen she found the adulthare lying in the middleof the road.‘She was still warm, soobviously the car had just hit her. When we gother home, I performed acaesarian on her andthere were two babiesinside. One was quitefloppy. The second onelooked a bit better so Iswung him around gentlyto get the fluid out of his lungs, then I gently blew downhis nose and it started gasping for air.‘I dried the baby off a bit more andwrapped it up in a towel and put iton a hot water bottle. Itsbreathing became steadier andthe legs started to move aroundand within an hour it was sittingupright, looking like a little hareshould do.’
Munchkin Award
The Munchkin Awardrecognises websitescontributing to positive &responsible care forrabbits.This month we proudlyaward Pepper & Dylan’sblogspot.Pepper and Dylan are rescued rabbits who live indoors.They share their experiences on their blog.
Be a bunny for a day!World Vegan Day1 November 2009 
Be a vegan bunny for a day & visit one of these locationsfor a cruelty-free celebration – 
World Vegan Day FestivalWhen: Sunday 1 November 2009Where: Abbotsford Convent, AbbotsfordTime: 10am 5pm
Sydney’s Cruelty Free FestivalWhen: Sunday 1 NovemberWhere: Belmore Park, Haymarket (next to Central Station)Time: 10am 5pmLoads of stalls with cruelty-free products, delicious veganfood & live music. You can also attend free yoga andmeditation classes and cooking demos throughout the day.
World Vegan Day picnicAnimal Rights Advocates Inc. invites you to join them for apicnic to celebrate World Vegan Day! Bring friends, family,music and vegan food to share.Date: Sunday 1 November 2009Where: Sir James Mitchell Park, South PerthTime: 12pm 4pm
Restaurant rabbit
By Carmen ConwayWhat is it with all the rabbit dishes lately? The otherweek it was Karen Martini in the Herald, last night MattMoran (who I used to admire and respect as a niceperson and gifted chef) on Celebrity Chef, afterchecking with the Aria Restaurant I discover heactually serves rabbit as a dish in the restaurant.
1 October 2009Matt MoranAria Restaurant1 Macquarie StreetEast Circular Quay NSW 2000
 Dear MattLet me firstly say how much I used to admire you as aperson and a gifted Chef. This was until I saw you onCelebrity Chef on 30 September and one of yourdishes was rabbit. I have since discovered that youserve rabbit in your restaurant. I am deeply distressedand appalled by your contribution to the continuingexploitation of rabbits and supporting an industry,which condones scandalous and cruel practises whichrival the inhumane practises of the chicken industry.Frankly, Matt you should be embarrassed andashamed.Rabbits are the most exploited of all animals. They aretortured and used in labs for a multitude ofunnecessary testing, especially in the cosmeticindustry; they are murdered for the fashion industry;they are marketed as pets for small children to tortureat Easter and then conveniently dumped at the shelterafter a few months or left to die of neglect in a smallcage at the bottom of the garden and they are alsoraised for food in conditions that rival the abhorrentpractices of the chicken industry.We are not in the midst of a food shortage in thiscountry or a 1920’s Great Depression, we do not needanother meat for the plate! Promoting the eating ofbunnies is obscenely unnecessary and contributes tothe cruel exploitation of these intelligent, lovingcreatures.These rabbits, which you are exploiting, are intelligent,loving, vulnerable creatures who deserve ourcompassion and respect - not our cook pots or fryingpans.I beg you to replace rabbit on your menu with avegetarian option and show you care.Yours sincerelyCarmen ConwayThanks Carmen!!! We love lettersexpressing anger against rabbitsas food.We also think that Matt Moranmight want to rethink his latestglamour shots (pictured left)!!(BOING)
Farm rabbits
By Karen (BOING)I guess I’m very biased when it comes to rabbits as food,particularly factory farmed rabbits.So many people are surprised to find out that there are indeedmany factory farms imprisoning thousands of rabbits all overAustralia. These large sheds house tens of thousands ofrabbits kept in individual tiny wire boxes living horrific shortlives.
This rabbit farm is near Geelong in Melbourne
So, when we found out that Karen Martini was again pimpingrabbit in the Sydney Morning Herald in late September, wewere horrified. Her suggestion for her Spring Rabbit Broth wasto choose a “farmed rabbit” because she states, “farmed rabbitmeat is much more tender than wild”.It makes me feel ill just copying & pasting the above wording.Why? Because we live with three rabbits that were “rescued”from a factory farm and to think that Isabelle, Poppy & Lulu areseen by people as edible, makes me more than angry.Why should one rabbit be labeled over another as food?All rabbits are sensitive,intelligent andaffectionate. The onlydifference with the farmbunnies compared tomost pet shop bunnies istheir size.Lulu (pictured right) is arescued factory farmrabbit. She adores pats,leans her head on a kneewhen she’s happy, lovesto try & climb behind thecouch, adores all veggies& enjoys sitting on top ofher cardboard box.Someone tell her she’ssupposed to be edible!

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