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Published by: api-182886101 on Mar 23, 2014
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March 23, 2014Re: Revolving Evolution And The Bite Out Of CrieE!teeed" #f evolution i! !o ho$ then ho% doe! a o$ turn into a &roo' (o% did )ohn *oc+e decide that one floated and one &oated' #f ou +ne% the !tate of nature or the !in of an+ind then %hat !e$aration i! foring in Michio -a+u.! head" /ell Bill e Thi! gu #f ou cut declaration to evolve ou are a $ut not &ut a du&a!! fool" o %hen ou go u$ to $ace don.t loo+ for food coloring *ean do%n" The argin fle% u$ for dough" /hat ca!h co% did ou di!cover' The 5i!cover Channel i! $ul$ fiction faction diction and air" /hen ou &eat out a rug ou need +no% that i! a hoot The &ig &ang i! a $o$ tart" And Mile $aid a gaillion for her face to a$$ear" o the ile! ou run or %al+ in our &rand ne% $aleo !uit are gleaing o $roud" 6ou !hould !coot over" # have $lan! for 7enu!" Bending air ha! never &een !o a%e!oe 6ou thin+ ou can clean it u$' # +no% ou can # %ill give ou a !ignal and a !ign" One &eat clo!er to infinit for trea!ure and &ond" #f ou can !ee 10 ile! no%" /hen ou $o$ u$ that hood and &eat out that rug ou %ill clear ore !o+e than Eve" And !he a have our &ac+" But until Bill e dra%! nigh and not $icture! to &al+ then the ee in the !+ +ee$! &lue di!he! for left over! onl" The a u!e Tu$$er%are" 6ou can get rid of that $la!tic $ule too"
But %hen ou &end 7enu! air ou need to +no% the !ile i! ore than !un!hine" The Target i! too far left" # have har$"#f ou $a!te onto that (orn do not &u$ it" #t face!" But not truth" Thi! (or!e The $aint i! ore than gallo$ no%" /hen the $ule hit! the fan no atter %ill ever glea i! not true" The &ea!t %ill &e +no%n for hi! or her lac+ to evolve !ociall" The lac+ i! &ar&ari!" #t u!t &e &eheaded !oe%here' Ma&e to Bill e.! &arn" /here he +ee$! hi! !ungla!!e!  &ecau!e the future i! !o &right he ha! to %ear !hade!" But until the ene i! no longer a frene of The Me!!iah then left &ean! are $ot and da!h" Connect the dot!" There are four head! in the %e!tern !ea that u!t &e &rought to ruin" *eft &odaciou! &ring" 8arting the %rong Me!!ianic !ea" The !tolen gentile talent" And &ig &o9 floc+! and their $rie!" /hen eagle! ri!e u$ the do not carr #!raeli! i! not true" But %hen Bill e goe! to get hi! gla!!e! he !ee! !trange a&erration! and filaent! or not the $ro&le'  ever the either" Al%a! the &oth"  o$e 5rat! The &aili%ic+ i! too !hort 5on.t a+e it longer" tart over" A&out four feet" #f ou $ut a #M card in a &uc+et li!t ou are on the %rong dole" o $ic+ u$ the Magne!iu a &it" Before e get! an hotter on the trail of another a$e agnet" (i! co$ i! cold $ia not %ar Earth"

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