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Satan's Infernal Revenue Service

Satan's Infernal Revenue Service

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Published by Patricia Backora
Tithe collectors are RELIGIOUS TAX AGENTS who have no right to tax the blood-bought children of God, who are free from having to pay taxes to their own kingdom. The UNSCRIPTURAL church tithe is an ongoing DEBT which a Christian must pay till the day he dies.
Tithe collectors are RELIGIOUS TAX AGENTS who have no right to tax the blood-bought children of God, who are free from having to pay taxes to their own kingdom. The UNSCRIPTURAL church tithe is an ongoing DEBT which a Christian must pay till the day he dies.

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Mar 23, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Satan's Infernal Revenue Service
Isaiah 56:11; Prov.22:16; Hosea 4:6; I Tim.6:5,10by Patricia BackoraI received a short e!s"etter i the e#mai" !hich ta$%ht that !e m$st ot "ove moey more tha &od. Tr$e, so 'ar. It !et ito a short"ist o' thi%s !e sho$"d(t "ove more tha &od. )hat st$ck o$t "ike a sore th$mb !as the !riter(s assertio that !e sho$"d ever say:
We can't give money to God because we must feed our kids!
)hat shame'$" re"i%io$s chicaery* It does(t take a hi%h I.+. to 'i%$re o$t the ossib"e motivatiobehid that statemet. -$ch a tactic aea"s to eo"e(s sese o' %$i"t ad "ets them ko! that i' they 'eed their kids be'ore they ay the reacher, they do(t rea""y "ove the ord very m$ch.This artic"e be%s a /$estio, too: )he !e %ive moey to &od, does the ord o' Hosts $ i the Heave"ies reach do! His had to take it beca$se He is so oor He is abo$t to %o bakr$t oes it ot, rather, ed $ i some 3(- bak acco$t to '$d the roects 7or "eas$reab"e thi%s8 !hich are dear to him Is(t it $st as "e%itimate to %ive to the ord by %ivi% a"ms to the oor as He "eadsThere is m$ch more teachi% i the e! Testamet abo$t %ivi% to the oor tha to the reacher, tho$%h both 'orms o' %ivi% are -crit$ra" ad sometimes ecessary.)hat costit$tes %ivi% to the ord 3ay take that to mea the act o' %iv% o"y to ro'essioa""y traied $"it miisters. Peo"e are isidio$s"y ta$%ht that the %ivi% !e do to o$r o! "oved oes ad 'rieds is a icideta" e9ese ad does ot co$t to!ard %ivi% to the ord. B$t i' ayoe s$oses o$r o! hristia 'ami"ies ad 'rieds do(t co$t as bei% i the ord, that is '"a!ed theo"o%y. o!here i the e! Testamet do yo$ 'id the Body o' hrist divided ito c"er%y ad "aity, tho$%h each member has di''eret %i'ts ad ca""i%s 7om.12:<#=8. )he !e 'eed o$r chi"dre, !e miister a"so to the ord, 'or !heever !e do somethi% kid 'or the >-T o' His brethre, !e do it a"so 'or Him 73att.25:<1#468.. et the chi"dre ?I-T be 'i""ed, ot a'ter some ro'essioa" reacher(s et roects have bee 'iaced. It is ot meet 7'itti%8 to take the chi"dre(s bread ad %ive it $to the b$i"di% '$d, a e! stee"e, etc. 7rici"e based o 3ark @:2@8. Aes$s ta$%ht the Pharisees that it is !ro% to take moey !hich o$%ht to have %oe to!ard 'eedi% e"der"y arets ad dedicate it to the Tem"e 73ark @:10#1<8. Preachers today "ike the Ae!ish Tem"e to the brick ad mortar shee shed !here hristias co%re%ate o -$day. B$t $st !hat I- the Tem"e o' the e!
oveat &ods tr$e Tem"e is b$i"t o' "ivi% stoes 7I Peter 2:58. It is comrised o' the !ho"e Body o' hrist(s be"ievers, ot $st the so#ca""ed c"er%y 7>h.2:1=#228.Aes$s says i 3atthe! 10:42 that eve i' yo$ %ive a c$ o' co"d !ater to oe o' His "itt"e oes !ho be"ieve i Him, yo$ i o !ise "ose yo$r re!ard* Ho! shame'$", that the idea is coveyed today i hristedom that o"y moey co$ts as %ivi%, ad eve the s$ch %ivi% is o"y acko!"ed%ed by &od !he it %oes direct"y ito the treas$ry o' the istit$tioa" ch$rch. o$t"ess o"d "adies i merica have died o cat 'ood i order to rovide "$9$ries 'or TC reachers. d "ike a sake charmer, may smooth#ta"ki% reachers mesmeriDe their "isteers ito com"yi% !ith them. The most bea$ti'$" re"i%io$s "ies are to"d to ry moey o$t o' &od(s oor eo"e."ms !ere take $ i the e! Testamet mai"y to 'eed the PEE, ot costr$ct e! b$i"di%s. I' ay ma rovide ot ?E HI- E) HEF->, he is co$ted as !orse tha a i'ide" !ho has deied the 'aith 7I Tim.5:=8. )he eo"e 'ee" 'orced to %ive to ro'essioa" miisters ?I-T to the oit o' e%"ecti% their o! h$%ry 'ami"ies, they are bei% 'orced to be !orse tha a i'ide". )hoever >IB>T>G isti""s %$i"t i hristias !ho 'eed their 'ami"ies 'irst, so as to re#chae" that moey $to themse"ves, a"so 'a""s ito that cate%ory.The ord soke this !ord to me o 'orced re"i%io$s %ivi%:3y heart is %rieved by the mass e9od$s 'rom the ch$rch o' eo"e !ho tr$"y "ove 3e ad ca take o more ress$re to %ive $ti" it h$rts. 3ay are so b"ided by their tears o' 'r$stratio that they ot o"y desert the istit$tioa" ch$rch b$t kee their distace 'rom aythi% !hich eve remote"y resemb"es tr$e commitmet to hrist. I their be!i"dered mids they caot discer the di''erece. )hy These 'ormer 'o""o!ers o' 3ie !ere brai!ashed ad hood!iked ito casti% their bread $o the !aters so they co$"d !ait may, may days 'or their shi"oad o' 'r$it to come i 'or seed so!. )e"", I caot $t 3y sea" o' arova" $o error, eve !he that error is obeyed o$t o' i%orace. 3y eo"e are destroyed thro$%h "ack o' ko!"ed%e o' the tr$th. He !ho %ives to %reedy do%s !ho ca ever have eo$%h sha"" sik ito the desair o' deeer darkess ad overty 7Prov.22:168. -o may o' 3y eo"e 'o$d that their shi sak "o% be'ore it reached the hay shore o' '$"'i"met o' their desires. B$t decetio is "ike a ito9icati% dr$%. Go$ s!ear that yo$ have had yo$r very "ast 'i9 ad !i"" take o more, b$t so may "ack the co$ra%e to break 'ree o' error. It is a bidi% sirit o'
decetio!hich ho"ds 3y eo"e i %rievo$s boda%e. 3$"tit$des o' disaoited Proserity devotees are to"d to !ait 'or the e9t !ave to come i, the the e9t ad the e9t. Perhas e9t moth, maybe e9t year, -crit$re#t!isters say, I !i"" o$r o$t b"essi%s 'rom heave too $mero$s to co$t, i' o"y those oor so$"s !i"" kee o tithi% o$t o' their overty ad cheer'$""y do !itho$t the thi%s they ad their chi"dre eed dai"y. Those !ho caot be ers$aded to coti$e %ivi% to sata(s i'era" reve$e a%ets !itho$t visib"e re!ard are bo$d to their masters thro$%h other meas. Threats iss$e 'rom the $"it that I !i"" $ish those !ho re'$se to s$rreder to their teachers a teth o' their eared icome or other moetary assets. 3ariated i error, saits are brai!ashed ito associati% 3e, their "ovi% Heave"y ?ather, !ith Pharaoh, !ho !o$"d ot re"et o the dai"y /$ota o' bricks his over!orked s"aves m$st de"iver. E"y eterity !i"" te"" the heartbreak, emotioa" tra$ma ad 'ami"y 'e$ds !hich are direct"y attrib$tab"e to bei% ta$%ht a '"a!ed, demoic cocet o' my at$re ad 3y re"atioshi to 3y be"oved Bride, the h$rch. -$ch cra'ty edd"ers o' "ies !ho oress my eo"e skate o a very thi "ie !hich borders o b"ashemy a%aist the Ho"y -irit beca$se their s"adero$s sermos o %ivi% im$% my character ad rob 3e o' re$tatio as a &od o' er'ect "ove. &$i"t#ridde saits 'ear to aroach 3y Presece aymore, beca$se they are ta$%ht that yo$ m$st ever aear be'ore &od emty. Get those same $scr$$"o$s roserity teachers !ho teach yo$ to come be'ore 3e !ith both hads '$"" sometimes teach that yo$ ca o"y receive 'rom 3e i' yo$ ho"d o$t emty hads to receive* )hy the icosistecy To dey 3y a""#s$''iciecy i reseti% yo$ %$i"t"ess be'ore &od the ?ather is to b"asheme a%aist the recio$s o''eri% o' 3y B"ood $o the heave"y "tar ad to ca"" it a iade/$ate o''eri% o yo$r beha"'. A$st as sharks ca sme"" b"ood a mi"e a!ay, so those %reedy i'era" reve$e a%ets ca sme"" moey 'rom a'ar. -o they ho"d i'era" reve$e services %eared to!ard b$tteri% $ the co%re%ats ad %etti% them to oe !ide their $rse stri%s, m$ch more tha their hearts, s$osed"y to Aes$s. These s"eaDy sakes are ot 3y reresetatives aymore tha A$das !as my reresetative a'ter he betrayed 3e. d i 3y si%ht, they are every bit as bad beca$se they have so"d o$t 3y re$tatio i the si%ht o' me 'or a ba% o' 'i"thy "$cre.Those !ho ko! the rea" tr$th b$t hide it beeath a b$she" basket i order to ro'iteer 'rom the chi"d"ike iocece o' babes i hrist, s$ch sha"" s$''er the %reater damatioi the ay o' A$d%met, saith the ord $to His

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