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march24.2014 bEquality in crime and punishment, a must

march24.2014 bEquality in crime and punishment, a must

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Published by pribhor2
Equality in crime and punishment, a must
Equality in crime and punishment, a must

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Published by: pribhor2 on Mar 24, 2014
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Equality in crime and punishment, a must
A lady-lawmaker is seeking the enactment of a law which eliminates gender bias in adultery and concubinage and impose equal punishment for married men and women found unfaithful to their spouses.“Marital infidelity should remain an illegal act. However, the law should not distinguish when the act of infidelity is committed by the married man or woman, insisted !ep. Henedina !a"on-Abad, author of H# $%&&.H# $%&& is “An Act amending Articles &&&, &&$ and &$$, of Act no. &'(), as amended, otherwise known as the *enal +ode, eliminating gender bias in adultery and concubinage.Abad noted that Article &&& of Act o. &'(), as amended, otherwise known as the !evised *enal +ode, provides that a married women can be convicted of adultery for a single act of seual intercourse with a man not her husband.n the other hand, a husband is liable for concubinage under Article &&$ of the !evised *enal +ode if he commits any of the following act as specified/ (0 keeping a mistress in the con1ugal dwelling2 30 having seual intercourse under scandalous circumstances with a women who is not his wife2 or &0 cohabiting with her in any other  place.A higher penalty is also imposed on married women who commit infidelity as compared to married men, Abad eplained.Abad cited the declared policy of the 4tate to recogni"e the role of women in nation-building, and shall ensure the fundamental equality before the law of women and men.“5he urgency of the matter merited the issuance of +ommittee !eport o. (6$' by the +ommittee on 7omen and 8ender 9quality during the ()
 +ongress. :ts momentum should be sustained to achieve the noble ob1ective sought to be achieved, Abad stressed.H# $%&& has opted to use the words ;Marital :nfidelity< and ;Maintaining a *aramour< instead of ;Adultery< and ;+oncubinage<, respectively. Abad has proposed to amend Art. &&& =amendments in bold capital letters and those in parenthesis to be deleted0 to read as follows/ “Art. &&&.
=“7ho are guilty of adultery.0 >
 =Adultery0 is committed by any married
 =woman0 who shall shave seual intercourse with a
NR # 3415BMARCH 24, 2014

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