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Ctbs Vocabulary Practice #1

Ctbs Vocabulary Practice #1

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Published by Visenth

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Published by: Visenth on Oct 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Choose the word that means thesame, or about the same for theunderlined word. ____ 1. amiable understandinga.hatefulb.uniquec.profitabled.friendly ____ 2. improvise the demonstrationa.organizeb.to tear apartc.illogicald.create on the spur of themoment ____ 3. brevity of speecha.flock of birdsb.expression in few wordsc.beginningsd.wordy ____ 4. abate the argumenta.to debateb.to scandalizec.fondnessd.to reduce in degree ____ 5. effective approacha.efficientb.forcefulc.unimpressived.unhelpful ____ 6. encumber his running abilitya.to strikeb.to dill cucumbersc.to uncoverd.to burden ____ 7. circumvent the obstaclea.to avoidb.to hidec.to opend.to blow in steam ____ 8. tenure of officea.insecurityb.helpfulnessc.directiond.job securityChoose the word that means theopposite of the underlinedword. ____ 1. unusual staminaa.figureb.endurancec.frailtyd.strength ____ 2. salvage the shipa.helpb.savec.steerd.abandon ____ 3. expression of gratitudea.appreciationb.angerc.thanklessnessd. involvement ____ 4. a mute responsea.noisyb.silentc.huged.aggressive ____ 5. a steadfast frienda.inconstantb.movablec.trustingd.spectacular ____ 6. new facts emergeda.disappearedb.evolvedc.guidedd.shared ____ 7. impetuous decisiona.consideredb.riskyc.spontaneousd.large ____ 8. lucrative decisiona.weab.advantageousc.unprofitabled.kindlyRead the sentence with the missingword and the question relating tothat word. Then choose the wordthat best answers the question. ____ 1. The car was visible throughthe ________ curtains.Which of these words wouldindicate that the curtainswere sheer?a.foggyb.designerc.transparentd.open ____ 2. The students were in _____ over the graduation requirements.Which of these words wouldindicate that the studentshad conflicting ideas?a.discordb.unityc.unanimous agreementd.disbelie ____ 3. The teacher asked thestudents to _____ the chatter.Which of these words wouldindicate that the teacher wanted thestudents to stop talking.a.increaseb.ceasec.evolved.whisper ____ 4. The boy was a _____ basketball player.Which of these words wouldindicate that the basketball playerwas tall and skinny.a.fatb.imposingc.lankyd.serious

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