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Head of CDC Admits on CNN That Vaccines Can Trigger Autism

Head of CDC Admits on CNN That Vaccines Can Trigger Autism

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Published by hap hazard
vaccines and autism
vaccines and autism

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Published by: hap hazard on Mar 24, 2014
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Head of CDC Admits on CNN that Vaccines can Trigger Autism
Posted By Dr. Mercola | April  !!" | ##$%" &ie's
Recently Julie Gerberding, the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), aeared on Dr. San!ay Guta"s sho#
 House Call
and e$lained that vaccines can trigger autis% in a vulnerable subset of children. &his is the clai% that %any arents have been %a'ing since at least the *+s, and they have been dis%issed and even %oc'ed for %a'ing it.&he U.S. govern%ent has no# gone on the record saying that childhood vaccines can contribute to the sy%to%s of autis%. &hey have then bac'trac'ed and stated that there is no association. So #hich is it -ell, by the ti%e your child starts school he or she #ill have received %ore than / in!ections, including four doses each of vaccines for 0e%ohilus influen1ae tye b infections, dihtheria, tetanus and ertussis 22 all of the% given during the first 3 %onths of life.4nd by then it %ay be too late for the CDC to %a'e u their %ind about #hether or not vaccines can be dangerous. 5n 6/, children received + vaccines before attending school, and in the early *+s, the incidence of autis% #as  in +,+++ births. &oday it is  in 7+ births and still cli%bing.5s there a connection bet#een autis% and vaccines 58d say so. 4nd a retty obvious one at that. 5f you are interested in the science behind this connection, Dr. Russell 9layloc' has #ritten an e$cellent aer that  rovides a connection bet#een e$cessive vaccination and neurodevelo%ental disorders li'e autis% that is definitely #orth reading.
The Blame (ame
5t see%s clear fro% #atching the C:: video #ith Dr. Julie Gerberding, the CDC8s director, that they are loo'ing to ut the bla%e for rising autis% rates on anything other than their over1ealous vaccination schedule.-hile they have ad%itted that vaccines can trigger autis%, Dr. Gerberding is ;uic' to say that it8s only in children #ith a <rare= %itochondrial disorder. Referring to the land%ar' 0annah Poling case, Dr. Gerberding clai%ed that 0annah>s case #as a rare incident #ith little relevance to the other autis% cases  ending in the federal <vaccine court.=Since then, ho#ever, Dr. Gerberding and other CDC officials #ere %ade a#are of a Portuguese study reorting that 6.3 ercent of children #ith autis% had confir%ed %itochondrial disorders. So%e no# esti%ate the rate of %itochondrial dysfunction in autis% to be 3+ ercent or %ore, and the rate a%ong
children #ith the regressive sub2tye of autis% is li'ely even higher.5f %itochondrial dysfunction can convert into autis% in large nu%bers, then the connection bet#een vaccines and autis% could clearly be ;uite strong. So %uch so that the CDC ac'no#ledged they are a#are of this situation and are <i%%ediately ta'ing %easures to address the current national vaccine schedule.=?et, Dr. Gerberding %ade no %ention of this on C::.She also did not %ention that the current vaccination schedule has never been roven to be safe. 0ealth officials consider a vaccine to be safe if no bad reactions 22 li'e sei1ures, intestinal obstruction or anahyla$is 22 occur acutely. &he CDC has not done any studies to assess the long2ter% effects of its i%%uni1ation schedule.So no one 'no#s #hether in!ecting children #ith @ vaccines in their first 3@ %onths of life, lus the %eningococcal vaccine, #hich is to be ad%inistered bet#een the age of 3 and /, is enough to over#hel% their syste%s and lead to neurological and i%%une syste% disorders. &hey don8t 'no#, yet they are very ada%ant about 'eeing your children on this schedule 22 and they %a'e anyone #ho dares to ;uestion their logic out to be a ;uac'.?et here8s so%ething to che# on. Ane vaccine in!ected into a 2ound, 32%onth2old infant is e;uivalent to + doses of the sa%e in a +2ound adult.&his is an assault on your child8s nervous syste% and i%%une syste%, neither of #hich is fully develoed. 5t8s no #onder, then, according to Dr. Russell 9layloc', that %ultile vaccines given close together over2sti%ulate your brain>s i%%une syste% and, via the %echanis% of Bbystander in!ury,B destroy brain cells.-hat else #asn8t %entioned in the intervie#Ah yes, that %e%bers of the CDC>s 4dvisory Co%%ittee on 5%%uni1ation Practices (4C5P) 22 the one that ro%ulgates a self2serving, one2si1e2fits2all vaccine olicy 22 are 'no#n to have ties to vaccine %a'ers. 4nd their co%ulsory vaccination schedule, that8s re;uired of nearly every U.S. child #ho is entering ublic school, has %ade %any of these vaccine %a'ers rich beyond their #ildest i%aginations.
Vaccinating )our Children* Ho' to +ind ,ut the Truth
&he CDC is clearly very confused about #here they stand on this issue (or at least are retending to be). So if it #ere %e, 5 #ould not ut the future health of %y child in their hands, or the hands of a doctor #ho  blindly accets all of their reco%%endations.Personally, 5 ;uestion the validity of %ost all vaccinations. 9ut there is a %iddle ground, one that at least  rotects your child during the crucial ti%e of their brain develo%ent. &he %ost raid eriod of brain develo%ent begins in the third tri%ester of regnancy and continues over the first t#o years of life. 9y then, brain develo%ent is *+ ercent co%lete, so it %a'es sense to #ait until this ti%e to give any

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