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One Vitamin that May Stop Flu in Its Tracks.doc

One Vitamin that May Stop Flu in Its Tracks.doc

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Published by hap hazard
vitamins and flu
vitamins and flu

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Published by: hap hazard on Mar 24, 2014
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One Vitamin that May Stop Flu in Its Tracks
Posted By Dr. Mercola | October ! ""# | $!%$!" &ie's
Another influenza season is beginning, and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will strongly urge Amerians to get a flu shot. !n fat, the CDC mounts a well"orhestrated am#aign eah season to generate interest and demand for flu shots. $ut a reent study #ublished in the %tober issue of the
 Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
 found that vainating young hildren against the flu a##eared to have
no impact
on flu"related hos#italizations or dotor visits during two reent flu seasons.At first glane, the data did suggest that hildren between the ages of & months and ' years derived some  #rotetion from vaination in these years. $ut after adusting for #otentially relevant variables, the researhers onluded that 
si(ni)icant in)luen*a &accine e))ecti&eness could not be demonstrated )or any season% a(e% or settin(
 e*amined.Additionally, a +rou# ealth study found that flu shots do
 #rotet elderly #eo#le against develo#ing  #neumonia "" the #rimary ause of death resulting as a om#liation of the flu. %thers have -uestioned whether there is any mortality benefit with influenza vaination. aination overage among the elderly inreased from /' #erent in /012 to &' #erent now, but there has been no derease in deaths from influenza or #neumonia. 3here is some evidene that flu shots ause Alzheimer4s disease, most li5ely as a result of ombining merury with aluminum and formaldehyde. 6erury in vaines has also been im#liated as a ause of autism. 3hree other serious adverse reations to the flu vaine are oint inflammation and arthritis, ana#hylati sho5 (and other life"threatening allergi reations), and +uillain"$arr7 syndrome, a #aralyti autoimmune disease.%ne redible hy#othesis that e*#lains the seasonal nature of flu is that influenza is a vitamin D defiieny disease. itamin D levels in your blood fall to their lowest #oint during flu seasons. Unable to be #roteted by the  body4s own antibiotis (antimirobial #e#tides) that are released by vitamin D, a #erson with a low vitamin D blood level is more vulnerable to ontrating olds, influenza, and other res#iratory infetions.Studies show that hildren with ri5ets, a vitamin D"defiient s5eletal disorder, suffer from fre-uent res#iratory infetions, and hildren e*#osed to sunlight are less li5ely to get a old. 3he inreased number of deaths that our in winter, largely from #neumonia and ardiovasular diseases, are most li5ely due to vitamin D defiieny.
At least five studies show an inverse assoiation betweenlower res#iratory trat infetions and 8'(%)D levels. 3hat is, thehigher your vitamin D level, the lower your ris5 of ontrating olds, flu, andother res#iratory trat infetions9Unfortunately, now, for the first time, flu vaination is also being #ushed for virtually all hildren "" not  ust those under '. 3his is a huge hange. Previously, flu vaine was reommended only for youngsters under ', who an  beome dangerously ill from influenza. 3his year, the government is reommending that hildren from age & months to /1 years be vainated, e*#anding inoulations to :2 million more shool"age hildren.3he government argues that while older hildren seldom get as si5 as the younger ones, it;s a bigger  #o#ulation that athes flu at higher rates, so the hange should ut missed shool, and #arents; missed wor5 when they ath the illness from their hildren.%f ourse, this #oliy ignores the fat that a systemati review of '/ studies involving 8&2,222 hildren age & to 8: months found no evidene that the flu vaine is any more effetive than a #laebo.
Vitamin D Dose +ecommendations
AgeDosage$elow ':' units #er #ound #er dayAge ' " /28'22 unitsAdults'222 unitsPregnant <omen'222 units<A=>!>+93here is no way to 5now if the above reommendations are orret. 3he %>?@ way to 5now is to test your blood. @ou might need "' times the amount reommended above. !deally your blood level of 8' % D should be &2ngBml. $a5 in 822', 3he ederal Advisory Committee on !mmunization Praties (AC!P) reommended that all hildren between & months and ' years old reeive flu shots eah year. >ow they have e*#anded their guidelines to inlude hildren u# to /1 years, whih means
e*e#t those between the ages of /0"0, who are in good health, are urged to get a flu shot. !t should ome as no sur#rise to find out that a maority of the AC!P members who ame u# with these guidelines have finanial ties to the vaine industry, and stand to gain #ersonally for every additional  #erson getting a yearly inetion. !t4s atually the only e*#lanation that ma5es any sense for reommendations as insane as these.
Three +easons to +econsider Flu Shots
3here are three maor reasons why this government #ush to vainate 1 #erent of the U.S. #o#ulation with a yearly flu vaine is so inom#rehensible9 /. 3he maority of flu shots ontain 8' mirograms of merury an amount onsidered unsafe for anyone weighing less than ''2 #oundsE And whih grou#s are most sensitive to the neurologial damage that has  been assoiated with meruryF !nfants, hildren, and the elderly.8.  >o studies have onlusively #roven that flu shots #revent flu"related deaths among the elderly, yet this is one of the 5ey grou#s to whih they4re #ushed.:. !f you get a flu shot, you an still get the flu (or flu"li5e sym#toms). 3his is beause it only #rotets against ertain strains, and it4s anyone4s guess whih flu viruses will be in your area. So why would you ta5e a flu shot G HH=@ @HA= "" that has >HH= been #roven to be effetive, that an give you the very illness you4re trying to #revent, and has #otential long"term side effets that are far worse than the flu itselfF 3he #owers that be have done an e*ellent ob of instilling fear into the #o#ulation so they believe that they must get a shot to stay healthy, but the sim#le reality is it4s doing you more harm than good. And, even if the flu vaine ould effetively #revent the flu, there have been several e*am#les in #ast years where government health offiials have hosen the inorret influenza strains for that year4s vaine. !n 822, the  >ational aine !nformation Center  desribed how CDC offiials told everyone to line u# for a flu shot that didn;t even ontain the influenza strain ausing most of the flu that year .
T'o,Thirds o) This -ears Flu Vaccines /ontain a Full,Dose o) Mercury
Aording to Dr. Donald 6iller, 6D, two"thirds of this year4s flu vaines ontain 8' mirograms of thimerosal. 3himerosal is 0 #erent merury by weight. Hah dose of these flu vaines ontains more than
$" times the 0n&ironmental Protection 1(encys sa)ety limit )or mercury
. $y now, most #eo#le are well aware that hildren and fetuses are most at ris5 of damage from this neuroto*in, as their brains are still develo#ing. @et the CDC
 reommends that hildren over & months, and #regnant women, reeive the flu vaine eah year. !n addition to merury, flu vaines also ontain other to*i or hazardous ingredients li5e9
ormaldehyde "" a 5nown aner"ausing agent
Aluminum "" a neuroto*in that has been lin5ed to Alzheimer4s disease
3riton I"/22 "" a detergent
Phenol (arboli aid)
Hthylene glyol (antifreeze)
arious antibiotis9 neomyin, stre#tomyin, gentamiin G whih an ause allergi reations in some #eo#le

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