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Social Media Project Twitter Paper!

Social Media Project Twitter Paper!

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Published by Szyarto

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Published by: Szyarto on Oct 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Social Media and Public Relations Group 6Social networking has been around far longer than just Facebook and Myspace.Social networking began many years ago with a program called BBS, bulletin boardsystem. This program allowed users to go into a central network and share files andgames, however it was limited to only the local community. BBS allowed file sharing via phone lines and modems, and it was expensive to make long distance calls. This was thefirst program used for social networking.Other systems such as CompuServe and AOL would redefine social media after BBS. CompuServe allowed people to join live forums and talk to one another. AOL wasthe first media outlet that allowed users to search for other’s profiles and create their own personal profile. AOL also allowed people to join chat rooms. People often call AOL
theinternet before the internet
(Goble, 1).The most recent generation of social media has been defined through socialwebsites such as Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook. These sites allow users to make a personal profile in more detail than ever before. Anyone can upload pictures, videos, andmusic while networking with friends, family, businesses, and potential employers.Facebook specifically helps people to show information about themselves and find other  people that they are interested in. These sites often times lead to personal meetings andstrong bonds of friendship or professional relationships.Finally, there is Twitter. Twitter is the most advanced form of social networkingin existence today. Twitter is a real time update of the user’s life. Twitter uses only 140characters for the user to type the details of their lives or give opinions of publicdiscussion. These posts, or tweets, are then shown immediately to everyone that followsusers on Twitter. Twitter is the most personal type of social networking out there becauseit literally gives followers up to the minute updates about peoples’ lives and allows usersto comment on public forums about any topic at any time. You can follow differentcompanies and organizations to see what they’re up to. This often can lead to greatopportunities such as internships and jobs.The new talk about social networks is Twitter. Twitter is a free social networkingservice that enables anyone to post messages, known as tweets, to groups of self-designated followers. The tweets can be sent from and received by any kind of devicesuch as a desktop, laptop, Blackberry, and cell phone. It is very similar to instantmessaging or text messaging, but Twitter relays the message to several people at once,instead of just one.Professional news reporters have utilized this online tool to reach people wherethey are in real time. Although people are busy, they can easily access Twitter on their computers where they have access to exchange information on these networks. This is away of bridging the gap with them and being more engaged with them. Twitter works best in situations where the story is always changing, where the actual media will not beable to report on the news as fast as someone who is on Twitter. Dan Gillmor says,
 journalists should view Twitter has a ’collective intelligence system’ that provides earlywarnings about trends, people, and news
(Farhi).According to Nielson Online, people ages35-49 were the largest single group of tweeters. People older than 55 topped the amount of people who user Twitter between theages of 25 and 34. Twitter is mostly used amongst professionals to communicate in realtime.Twitter has become an integral part of today’s business world, politics, andmainstream media. Twitter has allowed the public to interact in real time with its clients.For example, politicians can discuss issues in real time with their constituents givingthem an additional outlet to voice concerns. Twitter has also allowed the audience to participate in news broadcasts, allowing for interactive viewing. Businesses now relyheavily on social media, such as Twitter, to gather consumer opinions on product popularity.
Experts on social
emphasize that the most effective
 professionals and entrepreneurs use online networking and content sharing tools.Companies use Twitter to enhance their personal brands, establish their expertise andcredibility, and ultimately build the quality relationships that result in actual transactions:signing contracts, closing deals, and landing jobs, making real-world networking more productive, better targeted, and ultimately, more profitable
.(Graves, 6)PR Student Chat is an event that strives to bring the student and professional public relations community together for meaningful discussions regarding
the art andscience of Public Relations
. The event occurs in the form of a live chat on Twitter,which allows public relations students and professionals to connect in real time.The event is moderated by Deirdre Breakenridge, the president of PFSMarketwyse. PFS Marketwyse works to help companies
widen their reach by blendingthe best of traditional and new media marketing
. The event is hosted by Valerie Simon,the Senior Vice President of BurrellesLuce. BurrellesLuce specializes in
media planning, media monitoring, and media measurement services
.According to Simon,
#PRStudChat offers students the opportunity to connectdirectly with industry leaders and educators in a new learning environment that bringstogether the academic and professional world
.In order to participate students or educators had to send a
to ValerieSimon requesting a three character 
assigned to the university. The hashtag isused in every tweet for tracking. Through the hashtag, the tweets are tallied and winner isdeclared.On October 21, 2009 BurrellesLuce offered students and professionals theopportunity to communicate freely throughout the country using Twitter Chat between12pm- 1pm EST. This event allowed students and professionals nationwide to receivefeedback to public relations questions while sitting in the comforts of their offices andclassrooms. Students and professionals alike asked questions to gain insight from another outsiders’ perspective. Twitter forums such as these this are innovative since it providesusers with innovative up-to-the-second updates of data, ideas, and sharing about any
given topic at any given time.The event had met its intended goals and purpose. Students and professionals wereable to meet online and discuss issues tied to public relations. Students were able to posttheir ideas on their twitter accounts and would receive recognition on the page by usingthe hashtag #PRStudchat. Rider students were assigned the hashtag #RID to representRider University. Several Rider students had participated in the event to gain insight intothe field of public relations.The event had hundreds of posts within the one-hour span from students and professionals all over the country. Some participants were NJ natives (the home state of the host BarellesLuce and PFSMarketwyse) such as us at Rider University, and SetonHall University. Others came from places such as Florida, Alabama, Oregon, and NYU.People from all across the nation are able to participate in a way that could not have beendone before. Social media such as this Twitter chat event allow different demographics of students and professionals to be connected and united through the online network.As with any new media outlet there are some glitches that need to be worked out.Because #PRStudchat was available to any user on Twitter people began to misinterpretits meaning. Certain individuals thought that #PRStudchat was an opportunity to meet hotPuerto Rican studs, which it clearly was not the case. Also Twitter has so immediate postings that it can sometimes be difficult to follow the trends. A person will respondusing a re-tweet (RT) to a question posed and there will be three other postssimultaneously going next to theirs. There needs to be a better flow of organization.Overall this event was very informative and interesting points, articles, and questionswere posted by all.Works CitedBurrellesLuce.
Company - About Us.
. BurrellesLuce, 2009. Web. 17

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