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Research Therac

Research Therac

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Published by Kelly Bauer

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Published by: Kelly Bauer on Oct 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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and answer the questions in the groups specified. You have two lessons to prepare, in which time you may wish to doextra research.Group 1: Jordan, Matthew, JC, Nick, Kevin, Angelo, Jamie, Ethan1. List the relevant stakeholders. Start with some of the groupsmentioned in thesocio-technical system page. However, do not end there. Notice thatour accidentvictims, the patients, are not included. Other important groups mayalso be omitted(e.g. "the public").2. Outline the duties and rights the stakeholders have toward eachother. This isbest done with a drawing of each stakeholder with arrows indicatingduties oneowes to other and rights one has. Duties always have targets, one hasduties to aparticular person (even to oneself). Rights may appear to be freefloating (e.g. not tobe harmed) but they can often be translated into duties that othershave toward theindividual (avoid harming X). Use the list of ethical issues to remindyourself of rights and duties in the range of likely ethical domains.3. List the relevant opportunities and vulnerabilities that eachstakeholder had inthe case. Who is being helped and harmed? What advantages oropportunities doeseach party receive in this case? What costs or dangers, orvulnerabilities does eachparty experience4. Determine to what degree each stakeholder's duties were fulfilled orneglected.Group 2: Anthony M, Jeremy, Tony, Najib, Kieren, Oliver, Lachlan,Anthony5. Determine to what degree each stakeholder's rights were violated orprotected,and by whom.6. Construct an alternative path for one of the stakeholders. Whatcould have beendone by them to protect or fulfil the rights of another stakeholder?

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