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Published by Nobode Will
I am gone
I am gone

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Nobode Will on Mar 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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I remember being in 4
 grade and seeing a news story on TV about a kid committing suicide
over him failing big test. I wondered “Why would anybody want to kill themselves that’s just wrong”. Now I know why.
 I do not blame this on anybody but myself. It wall all my fault and no
body else’s. Nobody should
feel any guilt over this. The one thing that drew me to this was school. The thing that you go to to get successful and be happy is the same thing that has caused so much nervousness and anxiety for me and plenty of others. I feel like I am going through it for no reason but to make me sad. And that is all it does. Nothing else. The few thing that I like are Football and Video Games. Sadly, Football goes away for a while and Video Games do nothing but make me feel more like a total failure. From 14 years living on this world all I have learned is that it is pure evil and that this generation of kids have absolutely no chance of being successful in life at all because of the pure failure of the last generation of people and the world that they set up for us. I also learned all it is filled with is sadness, anger, hate, and boringness. Ever since I have moved here to Westbrook, Connecticut which is the most boring state in the country. That is a very popular opinion. My life has gotten worse. I used to have friends at school but that went away with my stupid mistakes. The first half of my 6
 grade year in Columbus was so good and I was actually happy. I have been like this since I was 12 and it
hasn’t changed since.
My life has gotten so depressing that I have zero motivation of energy left to do anything that matters. I hate the way I look, act, and talk. I hate myself 100% and oh boy do I wish I was someone else. Mom always says I will make my own money through myself but I know for a fact that that will never ever happened with me being a complete failure at all times.
There was many thing that kept me going but mostly on the internet like: kh13.com, reddit.com, Youtube even though I hate it now, James Rolfe, Mike Matei (I t
hink that’s how you
spell it), Hideo Kojima, Threedogg, uKnighted, trihex, CosmoWright, Siglemic, Steam (mostly my friends on there) Tetsuya Nomura, and Scooter Magruder. Easily the best YouTuber, AngryJoeShow. I probably forgot a few. The people that kept me going so far in the real world are: Ken, Roger, Ben Ramsdell (I think
that’s how you spell it), Lukas Telfer, Family, Cameron Schaller (where ever the hell he is today).
Don’t someone ever try to profit over this EVER. I would absolutely hate that. I
don’t want a
depressing funeral. I would rather just be buried and that is that. The thing I love he most is the state of Ohio and the thing I love the most in that state is Ohio State Football. I have always wanted to go play for them but I know that will never happened because we moved to this absolutely awful state called Connecticut. Happiness over money any day. I have no hope left in this world. I have done nothing but take from it and never given back. I always wanted to be remembered for something big like what MLK Jr did but I will always be remembered as that kid who ended his own. I always hated when someone said suicide was selfish. If someone wants to take their life then
they should be allowed to do it. I am not saying that you shouldn’t
 stop I am just saying you
should not call them selfish or cowards. It doesn’t help them. It just makes them feel worse.
I hate religion. It is obviously ruining the world but all the religious people say ‘’Video games cause mass shootings’’. What causes
mass shooting is someone being depressed over a stupid government because they care more about gay marriage then actually our terrible economy. We are like a beaver hacking on a tree that or family lives on. We are all tearing it down ourselves. I hate it hate it hate it. The hypocrisy in the US Government today is unbelievably stupid. I would like to call myself a
proud American but I can’t.
I literally can’t conceive any positivity in my own body anymore. I literally fake laugh everything.
There are times where I can go an entire day without laughing and being happy because of the amount of negativity in me. All I do is sit around all day bore and doing nothing. We never go anywhere. Everyday will be the same routine. Get up, doing boring stuff you hate to do, Eat dinner, be bored some more, and sleep. Repeat over and over. Having a bad sleep schedule ruins everything for me. I literally can not stay on a good sleep
schedule at all. I hate going to sleep at noon and waking up at 10pm. I hate it but I can’t stop it.
Then going through rough nights over and over and over makes it just awful.
From most adults I know they just say ‘;You kids will grow up hating your job”. I guess life is just going to do something everyday you don’t want to do. So a adults life must be very depressing. You can’t have fun in this world.
I hate how people will shelter their kids from the truth of the world. I can
’t imagine what these
kids will be like when they grow up and find the truth. Why do we never take notice of the amount of teen suicide today. It rises almost every year. All because they go to a terrible school. The reason kids will cheat on tests is because we value grades more than anything else. Scholl is depressing and all kids hate it. Yet we do it everyday.
That is all life is…doing stuff you hate to do. You can’t have fun in this world because if you
do, you are a loser. I just lost all meanin
g in this life. I can’t have fun at all.
I know if I make it back to school I WILL be bullied and depressed. I know the next few years of my life will be depressing and I will never get out of it ever.

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