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03-25-14 Edition

03-25-14 Edition

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03-25-14 Edition
03-25-14 Edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Mar 25, 2014
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By Michelle Durand
Capping a year-long investiga-tion into a series of murders,shootings and other crimes, 16gangmembers were indicted by acriminal grand jury in what thedistrict attorney called “easily themost massive case prosecuted” inhis office’s history.District Attorney SteveWagstaffe announced the indict-ments Monday morning in frontof the historic county courthouseflanked by law enforcement whospent 18 months on “OperationSunny Day,” named for the codeword used by gangmembers toindicate a completed murder.Of the 16 defendants ranging inage from 19 to 28, 11 are in cus-tody in San Mateo County andwere arraigned immediately afterthe press conference. The remain-ing five are held in other jurisdic-tions and will be transferred herefor prosecution on crimes includ-ing murder, attempted murder,firearms possession, attemptedrobbery, conspiracy, drug traffick-ing, dissuading witnesses andbribery. The crimes spanned thePeninsula from East Palo Alto toSan Francisco.Nine are charged with capitalmurder — murder for gang purpos-es — which makes them potential-ly eligible for the death penalty.The crimes stem from five pri-mary acts of violence beginningSept. 30, 2012, with a Belmontdrive-by shooting when the Da
Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
March 25,2014
Vol XIII,Edition 188
Gangwar bust
Sixteen indicted,four chargedwith capital murder
San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe speaks at a press conference on the steps of the historic countycourthouse to announce the indictment of 16 gangmembers of crimes ranging from murder to bribery.
RaymondBradfordRoberto Bustos-MontesNina CraggRalph Fields Jr.Emmanuel HylandTyrone Love-LopezEric VargasMarvin WareDonte  JordanRoshawn BickhamLaQuishaWalkerLeonard GainesRodneyMitchellRobert Wheller Jr. Jerry Coneal IIIMiguel Rivera Jr.
By Michelle Durand
San Mateo County AssistantController Juan Raigoza can runfor the office’s top spot on theJune 3 ballot, according to a judgewho called the qualification of sen-ior fiscal management “ambigu-ous.”The ruling means Raigoza, 47,is cleared to join opponent JoeGalligan, a certified publicaccountant, on the June 3 ballot. Following the Monday ruling,Raigoza officially announced hiscandidacy. “My goal willbe to bringabout efficien-cies, increasetransparencyand improvesafeguards forour county’sprecious tax-payerresources,” Raigoza said in a pre-pared statement.Galligan, who questionedRaigoza’s qualifications, saidJudge Joseph Scott said the defini-tion of “seniorfiscal manage-ment” isambiguous andthe burden of proof was onthe challenger.When Galligancould not dis-proveRaigoza’s 13years with the Controller’s Officeincluded fiscal duties performed asa senior manager, Scott denied the
 Judge:Controller candidatequalified for ballot
By Angela Swartz
Afederal investigation hasdetermined the San CarlosElementary School District retali-ated against the parents of a stu-dent based on disability by send-ing law enforcement to the stu-dent’s home.The district said it sent a deputysheriff to the home after suspect-ing the child’s father had illegallyrecorded a meeting between himand school staff, according to aletter dated March 6 to the districtfrom the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. The letter states the district sus-
District retaliated againstparents, investigation finds
San Carlos ElementarySchool Districtsent deputy sheriffto parent’s home
 Juan Raigoza Joe Galligan
Train kills teen who pushed girlfriend from tracks
MARYSVILLE — Witnesses and fam-ily members say a Northern Californiateen pushed his girlfriend away fromthe path of an oncoming train before hewas struck and killed.The girlfriend, 16-year-old MickaylaFriend, was still grazed and criticallyinjured, though her mother, Sandy, saidat a vigil Sunday that she was breathingon her own and walking.Mickayla and her boyfriend, 16-year-old Mateus Moore, were headed to astore before going to a school danceFriday night in Marysville when theywere struck by the Union Pacific freighttrain.According to the Appeal-Democrat of Marysville, Sandy Friend saidMickayla told her Mateus pushed her ashard as he could. Witnesses to the trainstrike said Mateus’actions preventedMickayla from being run over as well.Police are looking into whether theteens were distracted.
42,000 pounds of honey spilled on 605 Freeway
LOS ANGELES — Nearly all lanes of the northbound 605 Freeway inSouthern California are closed after abig rig overturned spilling 42,000pounds of honey.California Highway Patrol OfficerPatrick Kimball says four of the fivelanes have been closed after a big rigturned over at about 2 p.m. just north of the eastbound 60 Freeway near AvocadoHeights.
Ireland needs shaggy sheep for ‘shearing Olympics’
DUBLIN — Do you own a shaggysheep? Ireland needs ewes.The Irish require at least 6,000 sheepas hosts of this year’s Golden ShearsWorld Championships. But they’remore than 1,000 short with just weeksto go before an event dubbed “theOlympics of sheep shearing.”Organizers said Monday they needewes, aged 12 to 14 months, to ensurethat all competitors are supplied simi-larly shaped sheep. Prices for such ani-mals in Ireland are running high, andfarmers are under pressure to sell thembefore the May 22 start of the four-daycompetition in Gorey, south of Dublin.This year’s event features competi-tors from 38 countries from China toChile, including defending championshearer Gavin Mutch of Scotland.Ireland previously hosted the 37-year-old contest in 1998.
Officer bitten while subduing suspect
LOS ANGELES — Authorities sayone Los Angeles police officer was bit-ten and another was jolted by a stun gunwhile they subdued a man found lyingin the middle of a busy street.Lt. Albert Gavin tells City NewsService the officers were called to aNorth Hollywood movie theater Sundayfollowing reports of a man disturbingpatrons.The officers found the man in trafficwith cars swerving to avoid hittinghim.Gavin says the man resisted arrestand was so combative that officersattempted multiple times to use a stungun to subdue him.The lieutenant says the suspect bitone officer and the other got a jolt fromthe stun gun.The suspect then stopped breathingand the officers used CPR to revive him.The suspect and the bitten officerwere taken to hospitals for treatment.
Woman accused of stabbing sleeping boyfriend
SAN DIEGO — Authorities say a 19-year-old woman allegedly stabbed hersleeping boyfriend multiple times afterfinding him dozing next to her sister inChula Vista.U-TSan Diego reports the woman,whose name was not released, was cry-ing and covered in blood when she wasarrested Sunday about a half-mile fromthe crime scene. Police say the 26-year-old man andhis girlfriend’s 25-year-old sister hadapparently spent the evening as friendsdrinking at a local bar. The pair toldinvestigators they returned home andfell asleep next to each other with theirclothes on.
March 25,2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal
800 S. Claremont St., Suite 210, San Mateo, CA94402
Publisher: Jerry LeeEditorin Chief: Jon Mays
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Singer Elton Johnis 67.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
English colonists sent by LordBaltimore arrived in present-dayMaryland.
“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.” 
— Andre Gide (zheed),French author and critic (1869-1951)
Singer ArethaFranklin is 72.Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is 49.
An operator of a Chicago public-transit train that jumped the tracks and scaled an escalator at one of nation’s busiest airportsMonday may have dozed off,a union official said.The woman said she had worked extensive overtime recently and was‘extremely tired’at the time of the accident,Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 President Robert Kelly told a news conference.
: Achance of rain in the morn-ing...Then rain likely in the afternoon.Highs in the upper 50s. South winds 10 to20 mph.
Tuesday night:
Cloudy. Achance of showers. Lows around 50. Southwestwinds 5 to 10 mph.
: Showers likely in the morning.
Local Weather Forecast
The wrong photo ran with “PG&E speedingupgrade of San Carlos pipeline” in theweekend edition. This is Jeff Maltbie.
In 1306
, Robert the Bruce was crowned the King of Scots.
In 1776
, Gen. George Washington, commander of theContinental Army, was awarded the first Congressional GoldMedal by the Continental Congress.
In 1865, 
during the Civil War, Confederate forces attackedFort Stedman in Virginia but were forced to withdraw becauseof counterattacking Union troops.
In 1894
, Jacob S. Coxey began leading an “army” of unemployed from Massillon, Ohio, to Washington, D.C.,to demand help from the federal government.
In 1911
, 146 people, mostly young female immigrants,were killed when fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Co.in New York.
In 1924, 
the Second Hellenic Republic was proclaimed inGreece.
In 1947
, a coal mine explosion in Centralia, Ill., claimed111 lives.
In 1954, 
RCAannounced it had begun producing color tel-evision sets at its plant in Bloomington, Ind. (The sets,with 12 1/2-inch picture tubes, cost $1,000 each — rough-ly $8,700 in today’s dollars.)
In 1964, 
an acre of Runnymede in Surrey, England, was setaside by the British government as the site of a memorial tohonor the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy.
In 1975
, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was shot to death bya nephew with a history of mental illness. (The nephew wasbeheaded in June 1975.)
In 1988
, in New York City’s so-called “Preppie Killer”case, Robert Chambers Jr. pleaded guilty to first-degreemanslaughter in the death of 18-year-old Jennifer Levin.(Chambers received a sentence of 5 to 15 years in prison; hewas released in 2003.)
In other news ...
(Answers tomorrow)GRANTCOVETINVITE UNFAIRYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The butcher shop’s new employee wasn’t —CUTTING ITNow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
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   J  u  m   b   l  e  p  u  z  z   l  e  m  a  g  a  z   i  n  e  s  a  v  a   i   l  a   b   l  e  a   t  p  e  n  n  y   d  e   l   l  p  u  z  z   l  e  s .  c  o  m   /   j  u  m   b   l  e  m  a  g  s
 The Daily Derby race winners are CaliforniaClassic,No.5,in first place;Lucky Star,No.2,insecond place;and Solid Gold,No.10,in thirdplace.The race time was clocked at 1:41.48.
1 5 12 23 30 35 53 10
rch 21 Me
ga Mill
13 28 31 55 58 15
rch 22 Pow
1 16 27 29 37
sy Fi
Daily thr
e mid
88 0 6
y Fo
4 6 8
Daily thr
e ev
8 30 35 38 41 27
rch 2
2 Su
r Lot
to Plu
Modeling agency founder Eileen Ford is 92. Movie review-er Gene Shalit is 88. Former astronaut James Lovell is 86.Feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem is 80. SingerAnita Bryant is 74. Actor Paul Michael Glaser is 71. ActressBonnie Bedelia is 66. Actress-comedian Mary Gross is 61.Actor James McDaniel is 56. Former Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., is 56. Rock musician Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet) is54. Actress Brenda Strong is 54. Actor Fred Goss is 53. Actor-writer-director John Stockwell is 53. Actress Marcia Cross is52. Author Kate DiCamillo is 50. Actress Lisa Gay Hamiltonis 50. Former MLB All-Star pitcher Tom Glavine is 48.
March 25,2014
. Alicense plate was stolen on the 100block of South San Mateo Drive before 3:24p.m. Thursday, March 13.
Suspicious vehicle.
Aperson sitting in awhite Crown Victoria was drinking beer andwatching people on the 1700 block of LeslieStreet before 4:07 p.m. Thursday, March 13.
. Aperson reported the theft of a dia-mond ring on the 1900 block of O’FarrellStreet before 9:26 p.m. Wednesday, March12.
. Aman reported his wife wasgoing crazy and threw a TVtray at him on the1600 block of Borden Street before 8:52p.m. Wednesday, March 12.
Suspicious circumstances
. Awomanreported seeing someone peeking into herbathroom window on the 3300 block of LosPrados before 12:53 p.m. Monday, March10.
. Apatrol arrested a man that wasintoxicated and illegally drove into the stateparks land after hours on SR1 Montara before2:52 a.m. Monday, March 17.
. Awoman was arrested for drivingunder the influence on North Cabrillo in Half Moon Bay before 2:13 a.m. Wednesday,March 12.
Police reports
Astore employee reported that someonewas knocking golf balls into theirparking lot on the 200 block of ElCamino Real in Burlingame before 8:07p.m. Sunday, March 9.
By Angela Swartz
With the contract between the popularMillbrae Community Television and thecity already expired, the group is petition-ing to return to pre-economic downturnfunding levels and wants a longer-termcontract finalized sooner.In 2008, the funding for the nonprofitthat’s provided cablecasting services tothe city since 1997 known as MCTVwascut from $86,040 to its level of $76,534for operating costs when it expired Dec.30, 2013. The council will decide Tuesday,March 25 whether to extend the currentexpired agreement until June 30, whilereengaging in negotiations in May. “We’re faced with a lot of cuts,” saidMayor Wayne Lee. “In the past the CityCouncil just gave them (MCTV) whateverthey wanted and we need to find out whattheir finances are.”Randy Sahae, MCTV’s first general man-ager and current production manager, chief engineer, manager of customer relations,said it’s a fairly small budget item and thegroup has worked side by side with the cityto help them achieve its mission for 17years. She fears the city wants to push thedecision back until June to see if the city’s$1.5 million annual fire assessment taxpasses. She notes MCTVtook a 7 percentcut, while city employees took 5 percentcut during the recession. In 2012, cityemployees had these reinstated to theiroriginal levels.“It seems like an awful lot of work tocome back again in two months,” she said.“I hope they agree to a contract thatextends past June 2014. The value of MCTVdoesn’t change whether the fireassessment passes or not. [MCTV] hashistorically been underpaid. It would benice to move in the direction of rectifyingthis inequality.”If funding is not restored to the 2008levels, the organization may not be ableto sustain itself, Sahae said. Currently,MCTVhas less than a three-month operat-ing reserve, she said.MCTV’s mission is to develop commu-nity access television for the benefit of the residents of Millbrae and facilitate thegrowth of a medium, which will provideeducation and public service program-ming. There’s one full-time staff memberand three part-time workers. MCTValsosells professional services to the cities of Brisbane, San Carlos and San Mateo togenerate revenue. It can also fundraise toreceive additional funding to cover itsoperating expenses since it’s a nonprofit.Meanwhile, Councilwoman MargeColapietro said she will remain open-minded until she hears the presentationfrom MCTVand hears from speakers at themeeting.“For a long, long time, it has been anessential part of our community,” she said.“It serves a great purpose in our communi-ty. It’s a great resource and a link in com-munication for residents who can’t cometo meetings or community events.”In addition to the added funding, MCTVis seeking a larger office space. It is nowhoused in a 240-square-foot office, saidMCTVGeneral Manager Andy Pitman.“They’re in the midst of getting the fireassessment passed, so there’s hesitationabout spending extra money, but it’s not ahuge amount of money,” he said. “We’reoperating far below what’s required to run atelevision station. The reason we’re ableto do so is people here have agreed to workat levels below market pay and we havehad a great deal of support from peopleworking at this station for a long time. Weget significantly less funding from thecity than comparable community accessstations across the country.”
The meeting takes place 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 25 at Council Chambers, 621 Magnolia Ave. in Millbrae.
angela@smdailyjournal.com(650) 344-5200 ext. 105
City to decide on MCTV contract
Millbrae cable station says funding far below market rate
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