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We Are Working for a Band Called, ‘The Dualers’ We

We Are Working for a Band Called, ‘The Dualers’ We

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Published by 26kim

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Published by: 26kim on Oct 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kim & ElMedia
We are working for a band called, ‘The Dualers’ we are going to produce amusic video package which includes a DVD cover for their digipack, an A4magazine advertisement for the digipack and most importantly the musicvideos itself. We first came into contact with ‘The Dualers’ whilst they wereperforming in Romford, our local shopping mall, they were singing andperforming and really had the audience going; it was here that we realised theycould potentially be our artists. The lyrics obviously suggest holidays as well asthe feel of the music. After going home and researching them we listened totheir songs and immediately liked ‘Take a Trip” the initial images we got fromthis song was sun, sea and sand- the idea of being far away from grey oldEngland. We both enjoy going on holiday and this year we went to Florida, theBahamas and Dominican Republic, after listening to “Take a Trip” which followsthe genre of ska, we had the idea that our video could be set in thesedestinations, so this song seemed ideal for our project. We contacted TheDualers the following week and they were more then happy to oblige to oursuggestion of being our artists for our A2 media course.Our target audience will be around the age of 25-40, it was evident fromour research that the music didn’t appeal well to an audience younger thanthis, however when we played them the song they recognised it through theirparents listening to it. Whilst watching them perform in Romford, the majorityof their audience was aged 25-40, therefore we feel this is an appropriateaudience to target. Our audience would most probably already have interestsin the genre of music that we have chosen. However, we do plan to capture theattention of a younger audience too, the fact that it is set on a beach andwould briefly show people of a young age, should appeal well to a youngergeneration. In our research the sample liked the video ‘Holiday’ by DizzieRascal due to the fact that it was set in a holiday destination and featured girlsin bikinis, something that our music video will also acquire. We feel that outvideo has great potential to appeal to our target audience who are possiblystressed and at a time in their life where they want to escape from reality; it’sa good feel good tune. We will have a young attractive woman in our video andwe are hoping this will bring in a male audience, the fact she will be dressed ina bikini will be a bonus, The Dualers are also attractive males, that will bemainly dressed in suits and trilby hats which will instantly bring in a mature,female audience. We feel that our music video on a whole could appeal to thewhole family; adults and children. The idea of filming on an exotic beach will already give us a uniqueaspect to our video, not only do we like the idea of filming far away it actuallygoes extremely well with the lyrics and automatic feeling within in the song. This will make our video different to any of our class mates’ which is somethingwe plan to do in order to make our video stand out from the rest. The rainyscenes in England will contrast well with the tropical beaches and allow peopleto reminisce in their memories of past holiday and possibly spark a desire to go
Kim & ElMediaaway again; altogether we hope to give across a feel good feeling throughoutour video. We will try to make the scenes abroad much brighter than thescenes in England which will have a dull effect to them and hopefully will beshot on a rainy day; the girl on holiday will be shot with defused lighting,complementing her look. The Dualers will also be shot using defused lighting tocomplement them. The girl will be wearing a bikini this should immediatelybring in a male audience, young and old. The Dualers will be dressed in suitsand trilby hats looking mature and attractive. We also plan to use shots of animals such as Tigers, Chimps and Dolphins throughout our video, we feelthat this will make our video more exciting and also more unique to others. This also adds to the sense of being far away as it is not likely to see theseanimals in England.For the shots in the Dominican Republic, Florida and The Bahamas weplan to use a camera without a tripod, this is to achieve the feel of a homevideo; something that you would look back on to remember your holiday. Thiswill add a sense of realism to our video and allow the audience to believe thatthe girl featured in our video is reminiscing on her summer holiday which is acomplete contrast to the initial setting of rainy England.We will want to include a significant number of quick cuts with shots of the beach and sand etc. to keep our audience engaged in the video and notbored. We are beginning the music video in England and we wish to use aninnovative transition in order to get to the exotic destination. The girl would besitting at a bus stop in rainy England, after missing her bus and sighing shebegins to imagine going on holiday she shuts her eyes and we want to use atransition, possibly a fade to create a dreamy effect as if she is imagining whather holiday could be like. We also want to cut back and forth from variousperformances by The Dualers, perhaps at an official gig in the o2 and also inRomford town centre. This is so that our audience are aware of the artist andthey know their background and what they do; they may be performing invenues as popular as the o2, but they also go back to their roots and performfor the average people of Romford and Brixton.We will have a few genre conventions of ska such as instrumentshowever I feel this song is a cross of multiple genres such as ska and reggae, inorder to keep it modern having the exotic effect will help keep it fresh, usuallythe ska genre will focus purely the performance aspect of the artists howeverwe plan to have a difference including a narrative plot, we feel that this willhelp broaden our appeal to a wider audience, especially males because theywill now have a good looking girl to look at instead of other males simplyperforming on a stage. Throughout the magazine, DVD and film a colourscheme of black and white will run throughout, this may seem extremelysimplistic, but these are the colours associated with ska, also after analysing afew DVD covers we felt Michael Jacksons really stood out with the same colourscheme and a simple image of a hat which is symbolic of him. We plan tofollow his footsteps because we feel that in this case, less is more. We will alsohave an image of a trilby hat and ray bans on all of our products so they’reeasily recognisable for our target audience. We plan to go against the typical

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