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President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of the Third EALA Assembly.

President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of the Third EALA Assembly.

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Published by State House Kenya
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of the Third EALA Assembly.
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of the Third EALA Assembly.

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: State House Kenya on Mar 25, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 MARCH, 20!
Madam Speaker,Chairperson of the EAC Council,Honourable Ministers,Honourable EALA Members,Members of the Press,Fellow East Africans, Ladies and Gentlemen,  be!in b" applaudin! the East African Le!islati#e Assembl" for upholdin! itstradition of in#itin! the chair of the Summit to the state of the EAC Address$  %he occasion affords the chair a sin!ular opportunit" to inform the citi&ens of EAC ' as well as our friends, and our partners ' of pro!ress in the (ourne" to fullinte!ration$  am !ratified to ha#e been asked to !i#e a broad outline of ourprincipal priorities, while focusin! on the part that the Assembl", incollaboration with the Council and the Secretariat, must pla" if our destinationis to be reached$ For m" part,  must admit that it is a pleasure to speak both to the Assembl",and to all East Africans where#er the" ma" be$ )hen  last spoke to "ou,durin! the Assembl" sittin! in *airobi in *o#ember +-., pled!ed that m"countr" would arran!e a tour of /en"a b" Members of the Assembl"$  trust"ou found it useful in informin! "our le!islati#e and representati#eresponsibilities$ M" Cabinet Secretar" sa"s it was a #er" successful tour$ )e hope to arran!efurther tours to other parts of /en"a in the comin! months$Madam Speaker,Africa still slumbers$ t is time to wake up0 )e ha#e it within our power toassault po#ert", if onl" we can muster the self1belief$ n the last fi#e "ears, our re!ion has seen disco#eries of new mineral and fossildeposits$ 2et we ha#e hardl" scratched the surface of our wealth creation,while the number of our poor remains unacceptabl" hi!h$ t falls to us to
mana!e our natural bount"3 we must learn from best practices pioneeredelsewhere, adaptin! them to our circumstances$ 4ur people demand no less$ Madam Speaker,wish to challen!e the Council to seriousl" consider the completeharmoni&ation of communit" laws and re!ulations on e5ploitation of naturalresources$  %he EAC has made !reat strides o#er the past thirteen "ears, especiall" sincethe comin! into effect of the Customs 6nion in +7$ %rade within thecommunit" has surpassed e5pectations$ )e ha#e seen a deepenin! of cooperation across a number of sectors8 ineducation, in our infrastructure, and in the defence of the freedoms and ri!htspro#ided for under the Common Market Protocol$ Madam Speaker,n the last "ear, we ha#e si!nificantl" reduced police roadblocks alon! the mainEAC transport corridors$ 9ut police roadblocks, irksome as the" are, do note5haust our non1tariff barriers$ %here remain barriers to trade, mo#ement of capital, labour and people that still frustrate the fulfillment of our potential, soabl" reco!ni&ed b" the framers of the Customs 6nion and the Common MarketProtocols$ :i!ilance ' in the remo#al of the bureaucratic red tape that chokes our trade,and our mo#ement of !oods, ser#ices and people ' must be the watchword$ Last "ear, +-., marked another milestone in the Communit";s (ourne" to fullinte!ration8 "ou will recall that we si!ned the Monetar" 6nion Protocol$ t is nomere milestone ' no mere re<uirement ticked on the EAC inte!ration checklist$t was rather a critical sta!e ' a challen!in! one e#en ' but we will not tire inour efforts to brin! it completion$ 4ur resol#e is e5pressed in the theme of the Financial 2ear +-=>+-7 9ud!et,which !lories in the title Consolidatin! the EAC Common Market Protocol andCommencin! the mplementation of the Monetar" 6nion Protocol$ t is the dut"of this Assembl" therefore to de#ote itself to !uardin! the !ains we ha#e made$Madam Speaker, %he Assembl" must also push for the prompt, effecti#e enactment of thepro#isions of the protocols$ t ma" be a clich?, but it is one worth repeatin!8the Communit" will ne#er meet the aspirations of its "outh if our comparati#ead#anta!e in !lobal trade remains our primar" commodit" production$ 4ur e5ports too often lea#e our shores with little #alue added3 our economiesare inade<uatel" di#erse3 we remain too loosel" linked to make the most of ourdi#erse stren!ths$
)e ha#e no choice in the matter3 we must industriali&e to build the wealth thatwill brin! di!nified work to our people, sustain our !rowth and abolish po#ert"$  %he Customs 6nion and Common Market framework that we ha#e put in placeis but the first step to reali&in! that ob(ecti#e$ %his Assembl" and the Councilare char!ed with con#ertin! the dream into concrete realit" this decade$ Madam Speaker, %o secure our economic, social and political cooperation, the Communit" is oncourse to cement our political unit" throu!h the establishment of an EACPolitical Federation$ Alread", we are seriousl" considerin! the suitabilit" of #arious model structuresa!ainst the political realities in our re!ion$  %hou!h East African Federation is the ultimate !oal of the Communit"inte!ration,  must emphasi&e that political federation is a process, not ane#ent$ 4ur standin! cooperation in our common life ' in economic affairs3 in!ood !o#ernance3 in securit"3 and in education, and man" others ' constitutesthe foundation necessar" for the federation we desire$  know that a Committee of this Assembl" has alread" e5pressed its #iews onthe @e#ised raft Model Structure, @oad Map and Action Plan for East AfricanPolitical Federation that was de#eloped b" e5perts for consultations at thepartner1states le#el$ After se#eral past studies of the alternati#es a#ailable tous,  am confident that the Summit, after thinkin! carefull" about our responsesto the plans proposed, will issue clear directions for the road ahead$  must ur!e the Assembl" to widen its consultations, and infuse its spirit of solidarit" into our citi&ens, our "outh, our reli!ious leaders, and all our people$Let our inte!ration be centred in the hopes of our people, as we promised itwould be$ Madame Speaker,t is m" dut" to mention some challen!es to our re!ion$ Few fill me with asmuch dis!ust as the recent upsur!e of illicit trade in wildlife products,especiall" i#or" and rhino horn$ %his, in spite of our firm new anti1poachin!measures$ Sadl", East Africa has been identified as a ma(or source re!ion anda fa#ourite transit route for this callous commerce$ n the period between Banuar" and 4ctober +-. alone, o#er ten tones of i#or" were intercepted atthe port of Mombasa$  %he latest nterpol report, for instance, estimates a D increase in +-. o#erthe total tonna!e sei&ed in +-+$ %hese de#elopments represent a deadl"

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