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QQAD, Practice Test 6: CAT 2007

QQAD, Practice Test 6: CAT 2007

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Published by vishnu_mcj

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Published by: vishnu_mcj on Oct 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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QQAD, Practice test 6: CAT 2007 
1) The duration of this test is 50 minutes and the test is meant to betaken in one-go without any break(s).2) This test has 25 questions. Each question carries +4 marks onanswering correctly.3) Each question has 5 options only one of which is correct.4) Wrong answer(s) carries negative mark that is progressive. Forthe 1
two wrong answers the negative marking is 0, and -1 more onthe previous for each subsequent wrong answer thereafter. E.g. 5wrong answers attract penalty of (0*2 – 1-2-3 = -6 marks).5) HINTS for answering: No correct answer option is common to thequestions 3, 7, 13, 16, 22. E.g. if the correct answer to question 3 is(5) then none of the questions 7, 13, 16, 22 can have option (5) asthe right answer. Also, the correct answer option for question 3 and24 is same.6) Use of slide rule, log tables and calculators is not permitted.7) Use the blank space in the question paper for the rough work.
A wooden unit cube rests on a horizontal surface. A point light source a distance xabove an upper vertex casts a shadow of the cube on the surface. The area of the shadow (excluding the part under the cube) is 35. Then x is(1) 1/5(2) 2/7(3) 1/4(4) 1/6(5) 1/7
Number y is defined as the sum of the digit of the number x, and z as the sum of thedigits of the number y. How many natural numbers x satisfy the equation x+y+z = 60?(1) 1(2) 3(3) 4(4) 2(5) more than 4
Problems A, B and C were posed in a mathematical contest. 25 competitors solved atleast one of the three. Amongst those who did not solve A, twice as many solved B as C.The number solving only A was one more than the number solving A and at leastone other. The number solving just A equalled the number solving just B plus thenumber solving just C. How many solved just C?(1) 2(2) 4(3) 6(4) 8(5) can not be determined
In the figure below you can see points A, B, C, D on a circle. Chord AB is a diameterof this circle. The measure of angle ABC is 35°. The measure of angle BDC is(1) 35°(2) 45°(3) 55°(4) 60°(5) 65°
At 9 PM, Divya is driving her car at 100km/h. At this velocity she has enough petrolto cover a distance of 80 km. Unfortunately the nearest petrol pump is 100 km away. The
amount of petrol her car uses per km is proportional to the velocity of the car. What isthe earliest time that Divya can arrive at the petrol pump?(1) 10:12 pm(2) 10:15 pm(3) 10:20 pm(4) 10:25 pm(5) 10:30 pm
In the figure below DC = AC = 1 and CB = CE = 4. If the area of triangle ABC is equalto S then the area of the quadrilateral AFDC is equal to:(1)
Two different infinite geometric progressions both have sum 1 and the same secondterm. One has third term 1/8. The second term of the progression upto 2 places of decimal is(1) 0.40 (2) 0.30 (3) 0.25(4) 0.20 (5) 0.15
Works W1 and W2 are done by Priyanka and Sanjana. Priyanka takes 80% moretime to do the work W1 alone than she takes to do it together with Sanjana. How muchpercent more time Sanjana will take to do the work W2 alone than she takes to do ittogether with Priyanka?(1) 125% (2) 180%(3) 20% (4) 80%(5) none of these
Let x
denote the n-th element of the sequence {1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, .....}, where n is a positive integer. How many of the following statements are then true?Statement I :x
is the largest integer less than ½ +
+ ¼)Statement II :x
is the largest integer not greater than ½ +
1) + ¼)Statement III :

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