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Despre Mit

Despre Mit

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Published by bdi
O posibila analiza a Mitului.

O posibila analiza a Mitului.


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Published by: bdi on Oct 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Versiunea personală a lucrării:“O analiză a Mitului: Propuneri informale”

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bdi added this note
Miturile = a mask of God (“Psihologia miturilor” – Joseph Campbell)
bdi added this note
These layers are embedded by beings who exist before and beyond our world. In a way it’s all part of an ongoing process of hyper-dimensional steganography aimed at passing synchronistically or symbolically encrypted messages to strategic recipients within the bubble of linear time.
bdi added this note
Obviously some are just superficial fluff, but others are equal or higher in profundity than the greatest of classical myths. Therefore the whole gamut of myth from dreams to ancient mythology to modern fiction is fertile ground for extracting the esoteric, technological and hyper-historical layers of information.
bdi added this note
Lastly, note that myths are not restricted to those from ancient times. Modern fictional films, television series, music, and literature may also be mythical in nature, depending on its content and true source.
bdi added this note
Hence, these myths may propagate hyper-historical truths and tell of events and dynamics before, after, and beyond the current timeline
bdi added this note
Myths also allow for passage of information across discontinuities between world ages, when one world disappears and another appears. Since consciousness resides beyond matter, energy, space, and time, myths embedded in the collective subconscious survive such reconfigurations.
bdi added this note
The deeper layers piggyback upon the shallower ones, and the entire bundle is unsuspectingly passed down the generations by commoners who enjoy the myth for its moral or entertainment value. Information stored this way can survive for thousands of years.
bdi added this note
•Hyper-Historical Layer – concerns events and dynamics of the future and the world as it exists before/beyond linear time. This layer is aimed at those within the bubble of linear time who seek Gnosis of what lies outside.
bdi added this note
•Esoteric Layer – provides initiatory instruction to empower those of a higher spiritual caliber. •Technological Layer – provides scientific instruction on technologies likely to become lost over time, such as alchemy, astronomy, or higher demiurgic technology.
bdi added this note
Myths are also like time capsules with nested layers, each layer encoding information intended for one type of recipient. Possible layers include: •Entertainment and Morality Layer – the outer wrapping that ensures the myth propagates through the generations. •Historical Layer – ensures that history of the people is remembered.

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