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GA-11 RightPath for Barry Loudermilk (March 2014)

GA-11 RightPath for Barry Loudermilk (March 2014)

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Published by Daily Kos Elections

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Published by: Daily Kos Elections on Mar 26, 2014
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 Barry Loudermilk for Congress
 RightPath Strategic Affairs
 "eorgia C#  Sur$ey Results RightPath is %leased to %resent the Barry Loudermilk for Congress cam%aign &ith results from a recent sur$ey in "eorgia's 
)he results sho& the current *allot test &ith all candidates &ho +ualified for this s%ecific race( Con+uest Communications conducted this tele%hone sur$ey, among 600 likely Re%u*lican Primary -lection $oters on .arch 20 and 2!, 20!( .argin of error for this sur$ey &as / !(01(
Barry Loudermilk 2(3 Bo* Barr 2(2 )ricia Pridemore 3(4 -d Lindsey 2(4 Larry .ro5inski 0(3 Allan Le$ene 0(3 ndecided 67(7
8ith only 77 days remaining until -lection #ay on .ay 20, 20!, this cam%aign is a dead heat *et&een Barry Loudermilk and former Congressman and Li*ertarian Presidential candidate Bo* Barr( Barry Loudermilk is sho&ing a solid *ase of su%%ort in all ! counties of "eorgia C# ( Barry Loudermilk leads in Barto& and 9ulton, is tied in Cherokee &ith Bo* Barr and is in a solid second %lace in Co** County( Barry Loudermilk is garnering su%%ort from *oth )raditional Re%u*licans and those &ho identify &ith the )ea Party( Barry Loudermilk also leads among &omen Primary $oters( )he results in this sur$ey s%ell trou*le for former Congressman and Li*ertarian Presidential candidate Bo* Barr( After 0 years re%resenting this district and a national s%otlight in his Presidential run, Bo* Barr should ha$e a clear lead &ith e$eryone else $ying for second( :o&e$er, Barry Loudermilk has sho&n &hat his record %ro$es :e is a strong conser$ati$e, an un&a$ering Re%u*lican and a strong cam%aigner that is *attle tested(
Georgia's 11th Congressional District
Survey of Likely Republican Primary Election Voters
March 20-24, 2014
 Margin of Error +/- 4.08%
Do you plan to vote in the Republican Primary on May 20th?
Frequency Percent Valid PercentCumulativePercentValid Definitely VotingProbably VotingTotal389 64.8 64.8 64.8211 35.2 35.2 100.0600 100.0 100.0
Congressional Primary Ballot
Frequency Percent Valid PercentCumulativePercentValid Barry LoudermilEdward LindseyBob BarrTricia PridemoreLarry MrozinskiAllan LeveneUnsureRefusedTotal74 12.3 12.3 12.316 2.7 2.7 15.073 12.2 12.2 27.222 3.7 3.7 30.82 .3 .3 31.22 .3 .3 31.5393 65.5 65.5 97.018 3.0 3.0 100.0600 100.0 100.0
When thinking about Republican politics today, if you had to choose, would you more closelyidentify yourself as part of the traditional Republican Party, or would you identify more withthe TEA Party movement that has developed over the last few years?
Frequency Percent Valid PercentCumulativePercentValid Traditional RepublicanPartyTea PartyNeitherUnsureRefusedTotal242 40.3 40.3 40.3184 30.7 30.7 71.0112 18.7 18.7 89.753 8.8 8.8 98.59 1.5 1.5 100.0600 100.0 100.0
Sex by Observation
Frequency Percent Valid PercentCumulativePercentValid MaleFemaleTotal288 48.0 48.0 48.0312 52.0 52.0 100.0600 100.0 100.0
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Georgia's 11th Congressional District
Survey of Likely Republican Primary Election Voters
March 20-24, 2014
 Margin of Error +/- 4.08%
Frequency Percent Valid PercentCumulativePercentValid BartowCobbCherokeeFultonTotal90 15.0 15.0 15.0228 38.0 38.0 53.0234 39.0 39.0 92.048 8.0 8.0 100.0600 100.0 100.0
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