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21 Keys for Living in Serenity

21 Keys for Living in Serenity

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Published by rachellavern
Learn how to stop worrying about life's uncertainties and start focusing on the positive using these practical tips.
Learn how to stop worrying about life's uncertainties and start focusing on the positive using these practical tips.

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Published by: rachellavern on Oct 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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21 Keys for Living In Serenity
21 Keys for Living In SerenityPage 1
21 Keys for Living In Serenity
In the folk-tale "Chicken Little", a nervous chicken is hit on the head by an acorn and she leaps to theconclusion that the sky is falling. She dashes off to tell the King, and has many adrenaline-pumpingadventures along the way with other fearful animals who take up the cry of alarm, "The sky is falling!"
(Seestory online at http://www.geocities.com/mjloundy/)
Today, it is often a knee-jerk reaction to experience something shocking and immediately feel that your worldis falling down around you. You see everyone else running around in aimless circles, squawking andcomplaining. And so you join in the fray.Stress relief? It might seem impossible to imagine feeling any better. When you are burnt out and unhappy, itcan seem overwhelming to know where to start. But what if you could quickly put an end to your tension andanxiety?Here are some simple solutions that you can adapt to your life right now to help manage emotions andexperiences that might seem to be out of control.The 21 keys that follow are divided into three categories: Relationships, Home & Family, and Work.Many, if not all, of the concepts can easily cross the line and be applied to another area of your life.My intention is to offer supportive ideas and input that you might not have considered. After all, when youhave a lot on your mind, it is hard enough to think straight, let alone come up with fresh solutions or a new insight.Let's get the more obvious keys out of the way now, and then move on to some practical stress relief:DO eat right, get plenty of exercise and proper rest, and drink water so your body and brain stay hydrated.DON'T rely on alcohol and drugs to calm your anxiety.If you are in a rush and want to try just one new thing, the first change to make in your daily life is tostop thinking so much!Stop projecting disaster and anticipating the worst outcome.Your thoughts drive your stress and they can drive you straight off the cliff if you do not grab the wheel andtake charge of the direction you are headed.Train your mind to stop worrying and dramatizing your life and you will be able to feel more relaxed.
21 Keys for Living In SerenityPage 2
 Since so many people are stressed by problematic relationships, this category is at the top of the list. When your main relationship is going smoothly and happily, you enjoy a sense of mastery in life. But whenthe "stuff" hits the fan, you may feel like everything else in your life is a nasty mess, too. And you may takeout your stress on your partner. Usually your love relationship is closely tied to how you feel about yourself. As long as the relationship is strong and congenial, your center core feels healthy and strong, too. But if therelationship is beset with problems, if there are frequent fights or a widening emotional gap between you andyour partner, then the uncertainty about the future of the relationship can make you feel off-balance andstressed.If there are old patterns of unhealthy behavior that sabotage your connection – such as codependency, abuseor addictions – please consider getting help from a qualified counselor or therapist. A few sessions will helpyou see what choices and changes you need to make, to climb out of the rut you are in.Many times, all that is needed in an otherwise healthy relationship is a jump-start to get you back on track with the things you enjoy doing together. Key # 1Revitalize your love connection. One of the biggest complaints people have after the initial thrill andexcitement of "falling in love" wears off is that their partner takes them for granted. A quick way to reverse that is to notice things your mate does, and compliment him or her. Say "thank you"at least once a day for the little favors that you've probably overlooked lately. Appreciate what your partner brings to your life that would be missing if they were suddenly gone.Use hugs, touches and "I love you" endearments to remind both of you why you decided to share your livesin the first place.Key # 2 Stop talking about endless problems. If every conversation revolves around discussing bills, repairs, healthissues and other problems, the relationship is drowning under a tsunami wave and will not survive muchlonger.Bring in a breath of healthy, fresh air by talking about things you have always enjoyed together, such as thearts and entertainment, sports or hobbies.
21 Keys for Living In SerenityPage 3

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