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Course Syllabus
 Introduction to Sports Management
Leon Lifschutz
Meeting dates and times:
Fall 2013Thurs, 4!"4#pm
Lafa$ette L111
This course %ill ser&e as an o&er&ie% of the field of sports management' Time %ill (e spent e)ploring the de&elopment of the industr$, current state, and future trends in the discipline through the lenses of recreation, amateur and professional sports' Students %ill (e introduced the (asic tenets and principles of sports management' In addition to the man$ facets of sports management, the course %ill present students the opportunit$ to e)plore career options in sports management'
Students %ill (e a(le to identif$ the (asic principles of sports management
Students %ill gain a *no%ledge of careers in sports management
Students %ill (e a(le to identif$ important issues and possi(le future trends in the field of sports management
Students %ill learn a(out organizational management and leadership
Students %ill ha&e an understanding of +is* management and Sports La%
Students %ill ha&e an understanding of sports mar*eting and promotions
Through an e)ploration of te)t, guest spea*ers and e)periential learning students %ill (e a(le to articulate (asic principles of sports management including the role of the sports manager, identif$ing leadership st$les, and recognizing (asic sports management fundamentals and theories
Students %ill (e a(le to identif$ career opportunities in sports management including the de&elopment, particular tas*s, and the career path of those opportunities
Students %ill demonstrate an understanding of +is* Management and Sports La% through effecti&e research methods and %riting s*ills
Students %ill construct a Sports mar*eting and promotions pac*et through effecti&e research methods, colla(oration, and e)periential learning
Students %ill create a moc* sports organization demonstrating an understanding of all facets of sports management, organizational management, and leadership st$les
 2 
General Course Information
Course Policies!"pectations:
-.lic* here and t$pe .ourse /olicies)pectations
#ttendance !"pectations:
Students %ill (e e)pected to attend all class sessions' In addition to completing assigned %or* for that da$ a(sent students %ill (e as*ed to complete a one page %rite up reflecting on that da$s assignment or posing a 5uestion for the group'
$eligious Obser%ance:
The official policy for excused absences for religious holidays: Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester students should submit in writing to their instructors by the end of the second full week of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. Faculty must permit students who miss work for the purpose of religious observance to make up this work.
Contributions in Class:
Students %ill (e e)pected to contri(ute regularl$ in class' 6hile students are encouraged to participate &ocall$, their contri(utions to class %ill also (e measured through other means such as (ringing a 5uestion to class %hen assigned, ade5uatel$ completing inclass presentations, e)it cards, and acti&el$ participating in small group con&ersations and acti&ities
#cademic &onesty ' Professionalism:
 7ll students are re5uired to (e familiar %ith and adhere to the 7cademic 8onest$ /olic$ /rocedures9 delineated in the follo%ing %e(site' http"%%%'u&m'edu:u&mppgppgstudentacadintegrit$'pdf  ;'
 7ccommodations %ill (e pro&ided to eligi(le students %ith disa(ilities' /lease o(tain an accommodation letter from the 7..SS office and see one of the instructors earl$ in the course to discuss %hat accommodations %ill (e necessar$' If $ou are unfamiliar %ith 7..SS, &isit their %e(site at http"%%%'u&m'eduaccess to learn more a(out the ser&ices the$ pro&ide' 7.SS" 71<0 Li&ing Learning .enter, =ni&ersit$ of >ermont, ?urlington, >T 0#40#' /8" @02!#!<<#3, TTA" call <11 Brela$;, Fa)" @02!#!0<3C, mail" accessDu&m'edu, Instant Messenger" =>Maccess' Eeneral office hours" @"30am  4"30pm Monda$ through Frida$' .all to ma*e an appointment'
$e(uired andor recommended readings:
$e(uired Te"t:
/ar*s, G' Huarterman, G',  Thi(ault, L' Beds'; B2011;'
Contemporary Sport anagement !"th ed.#.
.hampaign, IL" 8uman Jinetics /u(lishers'  7 su(scription to 7thletic ?usiness ene%s B%%%'athletic(usiness'com;
 3 
Supplemental $eadings:
Masterale)is, ?arr and 8ums' B200C;
$rinciples and $ractice of Sport anagement.
ed'; Sud(ur$, M7" Gones and ?artlett /u(lishers'+o(inson, Matthe%' B2010;'
Sport Club anagement 
' .hampaign, IL" 8uman Jinetics /u(lishers'Spengler, 7nderson, .onnaughton, and ?a*er' B200C;'
%ntroduction to Sports &aw 
' .hampaign, IL" 8uman Jinetics /u(lishers+osner, Scott' B2004;'
The 'usiness of Sports
' Sud(ur$, M7" Gones and ?arret Learning'
Sc)olarly *ournals:
(ecreational Sports )ournal )ournal of Sports anagement Street and Smith Sports 'usiness )ournal 
Ot)er Publications:
 *thletic 'usiness(ecreation anagement Sports %llustrated 
KKK.ourse readings %ill come from the re5uired te)ts as %ell as the supplemental readings and other sources
+ee,-by-+ee, $eading $ubric:
.lass 1" .hapter 13 of
Contemporary Sports anagement 
.lass 2" .hapters 4# in
.lass 3" .hapter from
Sport Club anagement 
, article on leadership theor$, articleBs; on Gohn 6ooden.lass 4
.hapters !< in
)cerpt on 8L loc*out from
'usiness of Sport 
 .lass #" no readings assigned, research for Sports Management .areer Fair .lass !" .hapters @C
CS Class ,:
.hapter 1< in .SM, chapter 3 in
%ntroduction to Sports &aw 
 Bplease also (ro%se chapters 2 and @;.lass @" .hapter 14 in
 e)cerpts from
The 'usiness of Sports
.lass C" .hapters 10,12, and 13 in
.lass 10" .hapter 1# in
San Niego =S Open 7rticle

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