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Turning The Tide Commemorative Magazine

Turning The Tide Commemorative Magazine

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commemorative magazine
commemorative magazine

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Published by: Mosi Ngozi (fka) james harris on Mar 26, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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by Michael Novick  In the all o 1988, Ronald Rea-gan was president, exposed or the Iran-Contra scandal afer he cir-cumvented a Congressional ban on aid to the Contras in Nicaragua through illegal deals with the Kho-meini regime. 680,000 people were locked down in US jails and prisons, up 90% rom the start o the decade. George H. W. Bush had won elec-tion as president, through the use o the racist “Willie Horton” attack ad about prison urloughs. A “British invasion” o white-power rock like Skrewdriver was catching on among Nazi boneheads. And in L.A., the first issue o “
Turning the Tide
” appeared, on the occasion o the local trial o om Metzger, head o the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), or a triple cross-burning conducted by WAR and allies rom the Nazi party, KKK and Aryan Nations back in 1983. At that time, People Against Racist error (PAR) was a little over a year old, having been started in 1987 to expose and oppose a Glendale, CA appearance by ormer Birmingham church-bomber J.B. Stoner, who was on a speaking tour on the theme o “AIDS: God’s Gif to the White Man.” We drew over 1000 people to protest, got the Glendale library to cancel one appearance and then marched on the Glendale Holiday Inn, where support-ers had set up a private meeting. A ew boneheads showed up and got boot-ed, and the Glendale police declared the whole protest an illegal assembly, closed the reeway offramps to prevent people rom joining us, and rolled out a water cannon (though they didn’t actually fire it) to disperse the crowd. wenty-five years later, Metzger is retired to Michigan, Reagan is dead, and the prison and jail population in the US has more than tripled to over 2.2 million people. In the interim, L.A. rebelled against police impunity, and
 helped build the Neighbors Against Nazis grouping in Simi Valley to oppose KKK organizing there in the wake o the acquittal o the cops who beat Rodney King. Te EZLN rose up against NAFA’s impact on the indigenous people o Mexico, and
 was one o the first publications to translate and publish their commu-niques in the US. Te whistle was blown on the CIA-crack cocaine connection, and
 helped build the Crack the CIA Coalition, which held the first demon-stration in the US demanding the dismantling o the agency, along with reparations to the Black and other impacted communities and to the Nicaraguan victims o the Contras. Te anti-globalization movement rocked the World rade Organization, and
 was instrumental in building an anti-authoritarian, anti-imperial-ist tendency within it.
 played a role in a community-based protest o 9,000 people during the Democratic convention in L.A. in 2000, demand-ing reedom or all political prisoners, and an end to police brutality, mass incarceration and the death penalty. Pacifica tried to abandon its commit-ment to airing the voices o Black, Brown, Asian, indigenous and other poor and working people, and
 was involved in building a grassroots coalition to deend such program-ming, including in Spanish and ances-tral languages. Te US launched ongoing wars in Iraq and Aghanistan, and
1992 Los Angeles Rebellion1994 Zapatista Uprising
1988 First Issue of TTT
1998 First Jericho March to Free Political Prisoners1999Battle of Seattle
pushed the peace movement to rec-ognize and oppose the simultaneous war at home against communities o color by the police and the Migra. Unregulated banks blew up a housing bubble that crashed the economy, and the Occupy Wall Street movement exposed wealth and income inequali-ty.
 was instrumental in pushing or a politics o decolonization and resistance to police repression, and in helping sustain Occupy LA past police raids and mass arrests with the Occupy the Ports action and the May 1 General Strike in solidarity with im-migrant workers. LA Unified sought to privatize public education and at-tack organized teachers, and
 was involved in opposing such giveaways, takeaways, and racism and repres-sion in the schools.
 exposed the resource wars and environmental devastation motivated by peak oil and global warming, and the long-term, US imperial designs on war with China. Te first Black president has shown that Black aces in high places, and Democrats in the White House, up-hold empire, counter-insurgency and surveillance, and
 has stepped up to deend whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and our comrade Jeremy Hammond. For the better part o a decade,
 has deended and pro- vided a communications medium to the Black Riders, the new generation Black Panther Party or Sel-Deense. Te BRLP has played a critical role in struggling or unity and opposing racism and ascism.
 joined with them in militant mass demonstrations against the anti-Mexican Minutemen and the neo-nazi National Socialist Movement, and or justice or Oscar Grant and rayvon Martin. Trough it all, urning the ide has continued providing a unique grass-roots medium or the voices o prison-ers and liberation movements, intel-ligence about ascist orces operating rom above and below and how to fight them, campaigns to ree all polit-ical prisoners, support or the prison hunger strikers, and more.
 was one o the first publications to print the commentaries o Mumia Abu-Ja-mal, helped build coalitions to save his lie, and sustain the Jericho Movement or amnesty and reedom or all po-litical prisoners and prisoners o war since the Jericho march on Washing-ton in 1998.
 has been sent ree to thousands o prisoners over the years, currently to nearly 1700 every issue. Now as part o the Inter-Communal Solidarity Committee initiated by the Black Riders, it provides an on-line home to the Break the Lock project. As the costs o that project have increased with the steady growth o the prisoner subscriber list and the increase in postage and printing, we have pared the paper to the bone to keep publishing and providing that  vital lieline through the walls. Tanks or helping make it possible or the paper to continue publishing, reach-ing out to and sharing the words o hundreds o those locked down, ofen in isolation, behind prison walls. We look orward to your continued support o and involvement with this project. With your support, we can restore the paper to at least bimonthly publication, add back the pages we have had to cut, and increase the press run or wider distribution locally and nationally, advancing the struggle or a revolutionary social, political and eco-nomic transormation in our lietimes!
2006SouthCentralFarmersResist Eviction
2011Occupy WallStreetTakesZucottiPark2001AfghanistanOccupationBegins

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