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Domestic Water Heater

Domestic Water Heater

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Published by: DIPAK VINAYAK SHIRBHATE on Mar 27, 2014
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Study, design And Fabrication of Water Tube Boiler Type Domestic Water Heater
Vikramshila Polytechnic, Darapur Page 1
Among all the nations in our universe India is one of the second largest countries in the world occurring 120 corers of population. Our nation consists of 80% people from rural area which are from middle class. In a year of twelve month, in our country, people take bath by hot water for eight month. But because of increase in financial cost for heating water, this is not offerable for common man. Now a days we have several type of water heater system such as solar water heater, electric water heater, gas water heater etc. But these methods are too costly which is not offerable for common people. Also for running this system, more consumption of energy needed such as electricity, coal, gas etc. is necessary. From all these water heating system one of the less costly and useful water heating systems is that
“Water Tube Boiler Type Domestic Water Heater.” In this water heater, there is
no need to use electricity or gas. Just in little amount of wastage material, more amount of water is heated. Material used such as wood, coal, paper, waste leaf of trees, cattle cake etc. Because of this we can save time and money. Also as it is less weight, it can be moved from one place to another place. In this water heating system only ¼ amount of fuel is needed to heat the water and water is heated maximum in five minutes.
Study, design And Fabrication of Water Tube Boiler Type Domestic Water Heater
Vikramshila Polytechnic, Darapur Page 2
According to the relative position of water and hot gases
Fire tube boiler
In fire tube boilers, hot gases pass through tubes which are surrounded with water. There may a single or double tube as in the case of Lancashire boiler or there may be a bank of tubers as in a locomotive boiler. The Cochran, Lancashire and Locomotive are examples of this individual users, these boilers are universally used in many industries like paper, sugar and chemical industries for producing process steam.
Water Tube Boiler
In water tube boilers, the water circulates through the tubes and hot gases around them. Steam is generated inside the tubes and collected in a cylindrical vessel known as boiler drum. The boiler drum may not be exposed to the hot gases at all. This type of construction is flexible and so is found suitable for different capacity and pressure requirements, from process steam to power generation.
According to the axis of shell
Vertical Shell type
In vertical shell type boilers, the axis of the shell is vertical.
Horizontal Shell Type
In horizontal shell type boiler, the axis of shell is vertical.
According to method of firing
Externally fired
In externally fired boilers, the furnace is placed outside the boiler shell. The advantage of this type is that the fire place is simple and may be enlarged easily. Water tube boilers are always externally fired.
Study, design And Fabrication of Water Tube Boiler Type Domestic Water Heater
Vikramshila Polytechnic, Darapur Page 3
Internally Fired
In internally fired boilers, the furnace is placed inside the boiler shell. Most of the fire tube boilers are of this type.
According to the method of water circulation
Natural Circulation
In natural circulation boilers, the water is circulated by natural convection currents which are set up due to the temperature difference. Most of the boilers of low capacity fall under this category.
Forced Circulation
In forced circulation boilers, water is circulated with the help of pump driven by motor. Forced circulation is used only in high pressure high capacity boilers.
According to the use of boiler
Stationary Boiler
Most of the industrial boilers and boilers use for power generation are of stationary type.
Movable Boiler
The boilers used to run the locomotives and ships are mobile boilers as they continuously move from one place to other.

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