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Published by PresseBox
ADVANTECH Press Release AIMB-203
ADVANTECH Press Release AIMB-203

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Published by: PresseBox on Mar 27, 2014
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Press Release Press Release Press Release Press Release
For Immediate Release
Advantech’s New Mini-ITX Motherboard with 4th Generation Intel® Core i for Power-and-Cost Efficient Alications
March 27, 2014, Munich
 Advantech, a leading, global, embedded computing and intelligent applications provider today introduced the arrival of  AIMB-203, a new industrial-grade Mini-I! motherboard based on the "th generation Intel
$ore% i&'('3 with )*+ chipset, resulting in lower power consumption and better graphic performance esigned with a rich variety of I'. functions, AIMB-203 is ideal for a multitude of applications such as AM'/ioss, automation, medical e1uipment, gaming machines etc ith the preloaded remote management software  454IAccess, AIMB-203 not only saves development cost but also enhances system management efficiency
"ich # $i-%eed I&' Connectivit( for )le*ible E+bedded Alications
  AIMB-203 comes with high connectivity and multiple high-speed I'. including6 27 54B 30, 87 54B 20, 27 4AAIII 9 +7 4AAII connector, eyboard'mouse port, +7 :rinter :ort, ; 7 $.M, :$Ie 7+8, 27 Mini:$Ie <='4 7+, )'4 7+> e7pansion socets, accompanied with one 4IM card holder for easy wifi'3? module installation It supports *-bit digital programmable I'. along with three B! type Audio @acs AIMB-203 also comes with dual :$I 7press based ?igabit thernet ports <ealte *+++> delivering up to +000 Mbps of bandwidth for networ-intensive applications Both * 7 54B 9 ; 7 serial ports can provide sufficient and fle7ible connection possibilities for /I.4/'AM system integrators to lin and manage multiple peripherals All these rich connectivity 9 high performance features are paced in a power-efficient and cost-effective Mini-I! form factor
Pri+ar( Media Contact,
 Advantech urope BC Dicole ille el6 E"; *; +2 (;;-0 , 7t +02+ nicolewilleFadvantechde
Press Release Press Release Press Release Press Release
For Immediate Release
.al isla( and E*cellent Grahics Perfor+ance
 AIMB-203 mini-I! motherboard integrates Intel
 ) ?raphics with !+++, .pen$G+2 and .pen?G"0 support to deliver enhanced graphics performance and improved 3 video performance AIMB-203 supports high resolution for isplayport+2, and also has multiple display port of C?A, GC4, CI- for display capability, deliver better graphics and imaging, maing them ideal for gaming and medical applications
"e+otel( Mana/e M.ltile %(ste+s with %0%IAccess
  AIMB-203 bundles with  Advantech 454IAccess which provides remote device management and system recovery powered by Acronis, and system protection powered by McAfeeH allowing users to easily monitor, configure, control, and even recover multiple systems through a single console from a remote site
 ! )eat.res
 4upports the latest "
 generation Intel
 $ore% i processors
 4upports dual channel 3'3G-+800 <+(C> 20"-pin 4.IMM socets up to +8 ?B
 ?f7 support !+++, .pen$G +2, .pen?G "0
 4upports dual displays6 C?A, GC4, isplayport+2, CI-
 ich I'. 9 e7pansion options6 2 7 54B 30, 87 54B 20, 27 4AAIII and +7 4AAII, ;7 $.M ports, +7 :rinter :ort, and *-bit ?:I., + :$Ie 7+8, 2 Mini :$Ie socets <='4 7 +, )'4 7 + with 4IM card holder>
 Integrated ual $hannel 8 Audio amplifier
 mbedded 454IAccessJ software suite powered by Acronis 9 McAfee for remote management, remote system recovery, and baning-level security for system protection
 AIMB-203 is available now for order =or more information, please contact an Advantech local sales office or visit http6''wwwadvantecheu 
Abo.t E+bedded Core %ervice
 Advantech mbedded $ore 4ervices offers design-in oriented services hese streamlined solutions broadly integrate embedded boards, peripheral modules and software his dedicated focus on mbedded esign-in services fulfills electronic engineering demands at their design-in phase, and brings benefits that shorten the design and integration cycles, minimiKing uncertainty and ris wwwadvantecheu'mb$ore 
Abo.t Advantech
=ounded in +;*3, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-

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