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University of VermontCollege of Nursing and Health Sciences
: HLTH 141 Healing Touch Level 1
 : Undergraduate
: none
Course Credits
: 1
:Kathleen Scacciaferro, RN, MSAkcacciaferro!g"ail#co"$%&'()('%&*+
Course Description:
 Healing Touch HT- i a .iofield thera/0 that i an energ0'.aed a//roach to health and healing# t ue touch to influence the hu"an energ0 0te", /ecificall0 the energ0 field that urround the .od0, and the energ0 center that control the energ0 flo2 fro" the energ0 field to the /h0ical .od0# Thee non'invaive techni3ue utilie the hand to clear, energie, and .alance the hu"an and environ"ental energ0 field thu affecting /h0ical, e"otional, "ental, and /iritual health and healing# t i .aed on the heart'centered caring relationhi/ in 2hich the /ractitioner and client co"e together energeticall0 to facilitate the client health and healing# The goal of HT i to retore har"on0 and .alance in the energ0 0te" /lacing the client in a /oition to elf heal# Healing Touch co"/le"ent conventional health care and i ued in colla.oration 2ith other a//roache to health and healing# A trong co""it"ent to /eronal gro2th i re3uired#
Course !"ectives
:1#5ecri.e the hu"an energ0 0te" relationhi/ to /h0ical, e"otional, "ental, and /iritual health#&#5icu the energ0 /rinci/le .aic to Health Touch#(#Ae the energ0 field and energ0 center#4#dentif0 a .aic Healing Touch e3uence#*#5e"ontrate /ecific intervention techni3ue ued in Healing Touch)#5icu a//lication of Healing Touch in /eronal and /rofeional /ractice#
Course #opics
: 6nerg0 0te" conce/t related to health 7aic of the energ0 0te" 8 energ0 field and energ0 centerLocation and function of the chakraAe"ent of the energ0 field and energ0 centerMeditation for centering and "aintaining energ0 flo29rinci/le and /ractice of Healing TouchSelected intervention techni3ue: 7aic Healing Touch e3uence, Magnetic 9ae, Magnetic learing, hakra onnection 1 on 1, & on 1, elf-, Headache Techni3ue tenion, "igraine, inu-, Ultra Sound, Laer, hakra S/read, Mind learing ;/tional-9rinci/le of elf'healing9eronal develo/"ent a a healer Legal and /rofeional a/ect of touch thera/ie

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