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University of VermontCollege of Nursing and Health SciencesCourse
: HLTH 109 Energy Medicine Parts 1-5
 : Undergraduate
: Healing Touch Level 1
Course Credits
: 3
:athleen !caccia"erro# $%# M!&'0() 3*3-0(59+scaccia"erro,gail.co
Course Description:
 The Energetic Healing Progra is an integrative# co/leentary and  /reventative thera/y in energy edicine that /rootes /ersonal trans"orations and healing ith an e/hasis on /sycho-s/irituality. Utiliing a co/rehensive energetic assessent and co-creative  /rocess# interventions are used to alter energy "lo ith the intent to heal the 2ody# eotion# ind and s/irit# thus achieving o/tial health. Each o" the 5 /arts o""ered# addresses a s/eci"ic issue or conce/t and its i/act on the energy syste# then e/lores s/eci"ic interventions 2ased on the identi"ied need. 4 sa"e and trusting environent is /rovided. This allos /artici/ants to share and e/erience dee/ holistic healing through grou/ /rocess# /roviding the o//ortunity "or /ersonal groth as ell as ho to or+ ith clients.Part 1  6learing the 7nternal !el" The internal sel" is co/osed o" the /hysical 2ody# eotions# ind and s/irit. Energetic distortions ithin any o" these areas can co/roise health. Learn ho to /er"or an in de/th assessent o" the energy centers# energy "ield# Hara Line and 6ore !tar and ho our energy a""ects health8illness. 7nterventions are learned to clear and restore 2alance in the internal sel" to /re/are "or the dee/er or+ o" Parts (-5.Part (  7denti"ying  Healing ounds;ur lives can 2e liited 2y /hysical# eotional# ental# or s/iritual ounds# hich are energetically stored "ro the /ast. Learn ho to release 2loc+s resulting "ro the ound&s) to 2ecoe ho e are "ully eant to 2e.Part 3  6hanging Liiting <elie"s<elie"s are stored in the energy "ield and draatically in"luence ho e lead our lives. Learn hat  2elie"s are liiting your li"e and ho to change the. $e/lace old 2elie"s ith ne ones that 2etter serve your highest /otential.Part =  6hanging $elationshi/s Energetically Healthy relationshi/s are a +ey eleent in /ersonal ell-2eing. Through assessent# evaluation and treatent o" the energy syste# learn ho to change relationshi/s 2y changing your energy and "ree yoursel" energetic ties that 2ind.Part 5  $esha/ing >aily Energy Patterns>aily dynaics sha/e our /ast# our /resent and our "uture. >aily energetic /atterns are e/lored# assessed and interventions /rovided to change the ays o" connecting 2eteen and aong "aily e2ers.
Course !"ectives
: The /artici/ants ill:1.?escri2e the huan energy syste relationshi/ to /hysical# eotional# ental# and s/iritual i2alances# ounds# liiting 2elie"s# relationshi/s# and "aily systes. (.4ssess the i/act o" ounds# liiting 2elie"s# relationshi/s# and "aily systes on the energy "ield# energy centers# Hara Line and 6ore !tar .3.?eonstrate s/eci"ic intervention techni@ues used in Energy Medicine Parts 1-5.=.?iscuss i/lications "or /ro"essional /ractice.
Course #opics
<ac+ground and "raeor+ o" ho /hysical# eotional# ental# and s/iritual i2alances# ounds# liiting 2elie"s# relationshi/s# and "aily systes are stored in the energy syste.
Healing 6ircle# Meditation# 7ns/iration 6ards# ?raings to identi"y a /ersonal healing need.
4dvanced energetic assessent
?ocuentation o" energetic assessent.
?eonstration o" Energy Medicine techni@ues
?iscussion o" ays to use Energy Medicine in /ro"essional /ractice.
#eaching Strategies:
LectureMeditation# 7ns/iration 6ards# ?raings?eonstration  Practice# 6lass Partici/ationTet
Course Policies
:4ttendance is e/ected "or the entire =' hours o" class. 6lass /artici/ation is also e/ected. 4ll course assignents ust 2e co/leted "or a /assing grade to 2e achieved.The ta+ing o" notes during a scheduled class o" a UAM course "or the /ur/ose o" selling the notes or other coercial /ur/ose is /rohi2ited ithout the ritten /erission o" the /ro"essor.
$rading Policy
:9B-100 4C90-9( 4-'3-'* < BB-B9 6C93-9* 4'B-'9 <C'0-'( <-B3-B* 6
Course %ssignments&'valuation (ethods
:1.?eonstration o" Energy Medicine techni@ues 8class /artici/ation 50D(.6o/letion o" hoeor+:a.?ocuentation o" Energy Medicine sessions &Parts 1-5). 10D 2.Holistic Health !el"-4ssessent 10Dc.?evelo/ent o" an energetic sel"-care /lan 10Dd.?ocuentation in a sel"-care ournal hat you did and didnFt do# hat or+ed# hat you noticed energetically a2out your sel" es/ecially doing the Hara# 6ha+ra# 6ore !tar Meditations. Ten entries. (0D
)equired #e*ts
:Energy Medicine or+2oo+ Parts 1-5 The la2 "ee is "or the certi"icate o" co/letion ith contact hours "ro Energy Medicine Partnershi/s.
 Hi 4ll# The Energy Medicine  Trans"or Gour Li"e ith Energy Medicine note2oo+ is availa2le at the UAM 2oo+store. Gou ust have the note2oo+ "or the "irst day o" class to /artici/ate in the class. Please revie the class sylla2us /rior to class. The hoeor+ "or this class is descri2ed# ill 2e assigned a"ter the "irst and second ee+ends and ill ta+e a2out = hours each to co/lete. The "irst hoeor+ is due at the second class and the second hoeor+ ill 2e due at the third class.Energy Medicine ill eet !aturday and !unday# >e2ruary (  3# March 1*  1B# and 4/ril 13  1=# 9a  5:30/# in 3(5 ;ld Mill &ohn ?eey Lounge). This is on the UAM green on Main8illiston $oad. 7" you are driving# turn onto University /lace on the UAM green. The "irst 2uilding is set 2ac+# $oyal Tyler Theater. ;ld Mill is the second 2uilding on the right. The door that ill 2e o/en is the north door &on the le"t side o" the 2uilding hen "acing the 2uilding). 4"ter you enter the 2uilding ta+e a right to "ind the elevator. Ta+e the elevator to 3 and ohn ?eey Lounge is straight to the "ront o" the 2uilding. Here is a lin+ to a ca/us a/ shoing ;ld Mill: UAM 6a/us Ma/Gou can /ar+ on University ?rive# on the green. That is here 7 /ar+. The vendors are not there on the ee+ends# so you can /ar+ in those s/ots. <e care"ul to read the signs# ie. 6ross al+s# "ire hydrants etc  the city o" <urlington ill to. Gou can also /ar+ on 6ollege !treet in the visitor /ar+ing lot.Please 2ring a /illo and light 2lan+et "or ta2le tie.
Dress in layers for personal climate control
 and 2ring inside shoes. 4t anygiven tie# hal" the students in class are cold and the other hal" is hotI <ring drin+ing ater and i" you ould li+e# healthy snac+s toshare. e ill 2rea+ "or lunch around 1(:30/...Please do not use any scents or aroas 2ecause soe /eo/le 2ecoe very sensitive ith energy or+.7 ill have y cell &'0() 3*3-0(59 i" you need to contact e.7 loo+ "orard to seeing youI4ll the <est# athleen

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