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Math 21 – Section Z3Calculus ISummer 2014
Catherine Bliss, Ph.D.
 *Please contact me at any time, with subject line: Math 21. I check email reularly an! will make e"ery e##ort to res$on! %uickly. I enjoy hearin #rom stu!ents, so $lease #eel#ree to contact me at any $oint.
Meeting times:
&nline '(une 1)  (une 22+ Classroom '(une 2 (une 2-, ://am12://$m an! 1:10:10$m+ Classroom '(une / (uly 2, ://am12://$m an! 1:10:10$m+ &nline '(uly 0 (uly 11+
Office hours
: By a$$ointment
:5ou will nee! the eBook or $a$erback "ersion o# the re%uire! te6t, an! an access car! #or 7nhance! 8eb9ssin online homework. ote that the homework access car! comes with online access to the eBook, which is all that is re%uire!. ;he $rinte! te6tbook is o$tional.
Minimum requirement
 Enhanced WebAssign with eBook Access Card for Multi Term Math and Science
. I<B /0=-=/-*;his inclu!es a homework access car! with online access to the eBook.
If ou !ould li"e a printed te#tboo" in addition to the home!or" access and eBoo" $ choose the follo!ing bundle instead of the minimum requirement described above.
Calculus: Early Transcendentals, ybrid Edition
with Enhanced WebAssign with eBookAccess Card fo
 Multi Term Math and Science
+, -th 7!ition, <tewart. I<B11112))=)
. %
;his inclu!es a homework access car! with online access to the eBook, $lus a $a$erback te6tbook.
Calculus 1 is an
introduction to calculus of functions of one variable. We will study
concepts such as limits, continuity,
techniques and applications of differentiation and integration. These topics will be presented in a manner that is accessible to students in the hybrid course environment, will
retainin the rior nee!e! #or $ursuin !erees in technical #iel!s such as mathematics, statistics, enineerin, or the $hysical sciences.
Astrong background in secondary school
alebra an! trionometry is a  $rere%uisite #or this course. <tu!ents with insu##icient $re$aration in secon!ary school mathematics shoul! take M9;> /1/ $rior to enrollin in M9;> /21.
 Homework is assigned daily and generally due by the due date specified in the course schedule. H
omework is com$lete! in 8eb9ssin 'www.webassin.net
+. Instructions #or how to enroll in 8eb9ssin can be #oun! at: htt$:33www.u"m.e!u34cems3mathstat3?Pae@classes3ewaAsel#enroll.$h$. 
'ou !ill need our class "e:
()*+ (,+)
WebAssign Extension Policy
5ou may re%uest an automatic e6tension throuh 8eb9ssin. ;he re%uest #or an automatic e6tension must be ma!e within 1 !ay o# the assinment !ue !ate. 9n automatic e6tension e6ten!s the assinment !ue !ate by 2
hours an! a ma6 o# 2 automatic e6tensions may be rante!. 9utomatic e6tensions carry a  $enalty o# / !e!ucte! #rom whate"er $oints ha"e not yet been earne! on the assinment. I# you nee! a!!itional time beyon! what is allowe! by the 9utomatic 76tensions, you may re%uest a Manual 76tension
;his shoul! be reser"e! #or cases o# enuine emerency an! be su$$orte! by !ocumentation. I will consi!er the circumstances #or the re%uest.
 E"tensions of either ty#e are not #ermitted if you ha$e already $iewed the  Answer %ey!
Labs in Calculus take the form of either pencil/paper type explorations and/or explorations using software, such as Mathematica. You will submit the lab through Blackboard. Lab due dates specified in the course schedule. Late labs are not accepted for grading and will earn a 0%. The lowest lab grade will be dropped.
:Quizzes will cover material from several sections. Before a quiz is given, an outline or selected exercises will be made available to help you prepare well for the quiz. No make up quizzes will be given. Since there are no make-up quizzes, the lowest quiz grade will be dropped. This is intended to compensate for a missed class due to an emergency, not to compensate for low quiz grades. Quizzes will be similar to in class warm-up problems, examples and homework.
Final project
:The final project consists of a two free response type questions which tie together course concepts and your choice of five exemplary exercise/concepts (one from each Chapter of study). You can tie together the exercises into one theme or select various exercises that you understand well or were particularly intriguing to you. The final project is an opportunity to synthesize what you have learned in the course. The format of the final project is typically 2-3 pages of written exercises, or a short Powerpoint presentation. There is room for creativity here (e.g., you make a video or other creative piece), however the project would need to be submitted electronically (through BlackBoard). If you have a different format in mind, please check with me. The project will be submitted through BlackBoard. A grading rubric for the project will be available in the course materials in BlackBoard.
5ou are e6$ecte! to arri"e ontime an! to stay in the class #or the #ull class $erio!, to acti"ely $artici$ate in class 'e.. askin3answerin %uestions in class+, to re#rain #rom any !istractin beha"ior !urin class, to kee$ com$uters turne! o## unless we are e6$licitly usin them, such as in a Mathematica lab session an! to kee$ cell $hones, electronic !e"ices, an! other noisemakin imos o##. 9!herence to these ui!elines will enerally earn you #ull cre!it #or $artici$ation. ailure to a!here to these ui!elines will result in  $artial or no cre!it #or $artici$ation.
:Homework25 %Labs25 %Quizzes35 %Final project10 %Participation 5 %A+ 98-100A 92-97A- 90-91B+ 88-89B 83-87B- 80-81F <60 C+ 78-79C 72-77C- 70-71D+ 68-69D 63-67D- 60-61
-pecial needs
:<tu!ents who ha"e been recommen!e! to recei"e accommo!ations 'you will ha"e a letter #rom 9CC7<<, i.e., aca!emic su$$ort ser"ices+ shoul! contact Dr. Bliss be#ore the course beins or !urin the #irst sement o# the course tauht throuh Blackboar! so we can work out how to best meet your nee!s. ;he stu!ent will $resent the letter #rom 9CC7<< to the instructor when on cam$us instruction beins.

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