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Published by Miguel Ballard

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Published by: Miguel Ballard on Mar 27, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Ryan Holfordhey havent heard from you.... how are things going? work it out with your dad?Nathan Allen1:38amNathan AllenYeah. ut it!s not going to last. "!m really stressedRyan Holford1:38amRyan Holfordgo to worksour#e find $o%s a&&ly and move out asa&you dont want to live in your #arNathan Allen1:3'amNathan AllenYeah. (y %ody is still sore from the night " s&ent in it.Ryan Holford1:3'amRyan Holford.... yeahNathan Allen1:)*amNathan Allen"!m trying to get a $o% %ut moving out isn!t gonna %e #hea&. " dunno where!d "!d even find a reasona%le a&artment for myself. " #an!t deal with roommatesRyan Holford1:)+amRyan Holford
 $ust get a 1%edroom or a loft there are tons all overitll run you anywhere from ),* to -,* de&ending where you go and how ghetto it isNathan Allen1:))amNathan AllenYeah...." want something de#ent. And " #an!t afford it."!m going into the military for sure now. " don!t really have a #hoi#e."t!s my %est o&tion.Hands downRyan Holford1:),amRyan Holfordyeah you going to go out tomorrow and sign u&?Nathan Allen1:)-amNathan Allen"!m still overweight. ut "!m going to talk to a re#ruiter this week and start %uilding that relationshi&Ryan Holford1:)/amRyan Holfordiunno you might not want to waste time. it seems like you dont have mu#h for time as is.Nathan Allen1:)8amNathan Allen
Yeah %ut "!m literally overweight. 0or me height " need to weigh 18* to %e a%le to even  $oinRyan Holford1:)8amRyan Holfordid talk to them i know that they dont refuse anyone unless you are mo%idly o%eselike meNathan Allen1:)'amNathan AllenYeah.. " dunno man. "!ll see what ha&&ens when " talk to the re#ruiterRyan Holford1:,1amRyan Holfordyeah either that or find a $o% somewhere. if you work )* hrs a week you #an easily afford a loft a&artmentNathan Allen1:,+amNathan AllenYeah %ut the military is gonna su#k di#k %ut "!ll get free edu#ation an awesome resume and some dire#tion in my life." $ust ho&e 3 doesn!t start while "!m inRyan Holford1:,3amRyan Holfordyeah with russia it might. it will straighten you out any flaws you have..... they wont allow you to have them haha.Nathan Allen

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