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Yugoslavia - Battleground of the South Slavs 2

Yugoslavia - Battleground of the South Slavs 2

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Published by walkley8
The political crisis in the Balkans, which trig­gered World War I and led to the formation of Yugoslavia, was the work not only of the Russians, but of much older imperialists, of Venice.
The political crisis in the Balkans, which trig­gered World War I and led to the formation of Yugoslavia, was the work not only of the Russians, but of much older imperialists, of Venice.

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Published by: walkley8 on Mar 28, 2014
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The New Federalist April 21, 1989 Pages 6-7
American Almanac
Yugoslavia: Battleground Of the South Slavs
Part II: The Approach of World War Iby Allen and achel !ouglas
 Dr. Frederick Guggenbuh
A street scene in the southern Yugoslavia coast city of !ubrovni"#
In the April 7 issue,
 New Federalist
 published two e!erpts "ro#
The Roots of the Trust,
 b$ Allen and %a!hel &ouglas, dealing with the histor$ o"
'ugosla(ia, whi!h is now in !risis and !ould be!o#e the "lashpoint "or strategi! showdown as it was in the past) The "irst sele!tion tou!hed on how the lega!$ o" the "ourteenth !entur$ *erb +ingdo# "ed into the !reation o" the us!o(ite e#pire and the #$th o" os!ow the Third %o#e) The se!ond se!tion pi!ed up the stor$ o" %ussian a!ti(it$ in the .alans in the nine-teenth !entur$, when the Pan-*la( epansionists o" os!ow too up the !ause o" liberating their /*la( brothers/ "ro# the 0tto#an #pire, as an e!use to bring %ussia #ilitaril$ into that region)The third e!erpt, printed here and in one #ore install#ent, deals with the .alans on the e(e o" orld ar I) The politi!al !risis there, whi!h trig-gered the great war and led, as a side e""e!t, to the "or#ation o" 'ugosla(ia, was the wor not onl$ o" the %ussians, but o" #u!h older i#perialists, o" 3eni!e) 0ur a!!ount o" .alan politi!s in that era brings into "o!us one o" the #ost i#portant, but little nown, behind-the-s!enes #o(ers o" twentieth !entur$ histor$4 5ount iuseppe 3olpi di isurata)
$enice !ismantles The Ottoman %mpire
To understand the or!hestrated rise and "all o" e#pires, we are !o#pelled to loo at 3eni!e) A"ter all, the 3enetians had shaped the (er$ !on!ept o"  pri(ate international baningo#bard baning, when!e o#bard *treet in the 5it$ o" ondons "inan!ial distri!t deri(es its na#e) 3eni!e was the well-spring o" the ideolog$ o" .ritains %ound Table, !reated b$ :ohn %usin, o(er de!ades o" his sta$s in 3eni!e and asso!iation with the #ost elite o" the 3enetian oligar!h$, be"ore he returned to 0"ord to le!ture in 187;)The 3enetians had set in #otion the Pan-*la( insurgen!$ in the %ussian #pire, a produ!t o" the religious re"or#s that poured out o" 3eni!e and t) Athos in the late eighteenth !entur$) ore broadl$, the$ !reated the dis#al !ultural outloo o" the end o" the nineteenth !entur$, epressed in its #ost !on!entrated "or# in the wors o" Friedri!h Niet<s!he, who li(ed in 3eni!e and propagandi<ed "or the end o" the age o" Pis!esthe "ish, the 5hristian s$#boland "or the dawning o" the Age o" A=uarius >&ion$sius?)In the !ase o" the 3enetian !ir!le around iuseppe 3olpi, the long wa(e o" !ultural #anipulation interse!ts the short wa(e o" or!hestrated !oups and re(olutions) .$ pulling the old le(ers, the 3enetians triggered the desired e""e!t4 the holo!aust o" orld ar I, and the politi!al, as well as !ultural, reorgani<ation o" the world, ushering in what the %oose(elt !ir!les in the @nited *tates !alled the /New Age)/ The$ did not altogether su!!eed in
 pressing le(ers with in(isible hands the #ost essential ele#ents o" the Trust are subtle, but the$ are nonetheless (isible, i" one nows where to loo)hen we loo, "or ea#ple, at &<er<hins$s Trust, the 5hea >*o(iet se!ret  poli!e? sp$ organi<ation o" 1922-27, we "ind that its !reator was the Italian %enu!!i, rena#ed Artu<o(, who went "ro# enoa to %ussia in 1917 and  be!a#e head o" *o(iet !ounterintelligen!e "or two de!ades) Bis !ollaborator in the Trust, eneral N)) Potapo(, had been the %ussian #ilitar$ atta!hC in ontenegro "ro# 19;D-191E, who (aulted "ro# this apparent ba!water, to  be!o#e =uarter#aster o" the %ussian Ar#$ and !hie" o" %ussian #ilitar$ intelligen!e in the !losing period o" orld ar I, lead the purges o" the Tsarist #ilitar$ apparatus, and be!o#e the "irst *o(iet !hie" o" sta"" and #ilitar$ head o" &<er<hins$s Trust)0r, we "ind that the %asputin operation in the %ussian !ourt was initiated b$ two ontenegrin sisters, while the husband o" one o" the#, rand &ue  Niolai Niola$e(i!h, was !o##ander-in-!hie" o" %ussian "or!es in orld ar I, and then the !hie" o" the Trust in e#igration, to who# &<er<hins$s agents swore /allegian!e,/ as the right"ul head o" a #onar!hist %ussia)In these instan!es and #an$ others, in(estigation o" the intelligen!e de!eption nown as the Trust leads into the bigger neus that we also !all the Trust, the international baning, politi!al, and !ultural networs, spanning ast and est, whi!h "inan!ed and otherwise en!ouraged both %ussian re(olutions o" 1917)
$enice&s Banca 'ommerciale Italiana
/Three hundred #en, all o" who# now one another, dire!t the e!ono#i! destin$ o" urope and !hoose their su!!essors a#ong the#sel(es,/ said alter %athenau in 19;9) Be was 5hair#an o" Allge#eine letri<itts-esells!ha"t, and a "riend and business partner o" the 3enetian iuseppe 3olpi) Be was taling about the !ontrol o" international "inan!e, se!ond onl$ to the #anipulation o" !ulture, in deter#ining the destin$ o" world a""airs)The trail "ro# the /three hundred #en/ into the 3enetian group o" 3olpi leads through the single #ost i#portant "inan!ial institution in Ital$ o" the twentieth !entur$, the !hie" "inan!ial ba!er o" the 3olpi groups a!ti(ities, the .an!a 5o##er!iale Italiana >.5I?)In the #id-189;s, at the sa#e ti#e he was arranging the #arriage o" 3i!tor ##anuel o" Ital$ to Prin!ess lena o" ontenegro >sister o" Anastasia and

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