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How to Be an Existentialist

How to Be an Existentialist



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Published by Continuum
A witty guide to the philosophy of existentialism that exposes it for what it really is - an honest, uplifting and potentially life changing philosophy!
A witty guide to the philosophy of existentialism that exposes it for what it really is - an honest, uplifting and potentially life changing philosophy!

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Published by: Continuum on Oct 23, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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parthurbook reviewed this
Cox shoehorns a lot of learning into this book (his PhD was on Sartre), but it comes at a price. There's too much crammed into too small a space, which doesn't have room to clearly illustrate the concepts he explains. Instead, there are some rather corny asides, delivered a faux-matey tone (e.g 'the Ancient Greeks, guys like Socrates...' or Bush and Blair suffering from 'Iraqnophobia'). Ultimately, neither writer nor publisher has decided whether this is an introduction to a philosophical movement or a self-help book, so it ends up being both and neither.
spbooks_1 reviewed this
Rated 4/5
Really enjoyed this book. Author clearly has a sense of humour. A demanding read but worth the effort. 
Bharath Gopalan added this note
A great read on existentialism- simplified to the core
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