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SIREN Spring 2014_final (1)

SIREN Spring 2014_final (1)

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Published by Janette Boazman

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Published by: Janette Boazman on Mar 28, 2014
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Jeb Puryear , University of North Texas
Tod Kettler 
Metacognition and Creativity: A Develop-mental Perspective
Alexandra Vuyk, University of Kansas
Dr. Thomas Krieshok
 Overexcitabilities or Openness to Experience?
1st Place
Enyi Jen - Purdue University
Dr. Sidney Moon and Dr. Marcia Gentry
 Retrospective Perceptions of Graduates of a Self-Contained Programs in Taiwan for High School Students Talented in STEM
Jason MacIntosh
 Purdue University
Dr. Marcia Gentry
 Designing, Piloting, Evaluating, and Revising Concept-Based STEM Curricula for High Ability Elementary Students
A Letter from the Chair:
Jill Adelson Committee
Elections A call for nominations 3
Program Chair Update 4 R & E Committees 5 In the Spot-light 6 & 7 AERA Information 8 & 9 Summer Learning Opportunities
10 & 11
Membership Graduate Research Gala Call for Submissions
Significant Information for the Research and Evaluation Network
2013 Graduate Student Research Gala Winners
Winners of the 2013 graduate student research competition were announced last fall at the annual conference. Please extend your congratulations to the following:
Doctoral-level, In-progress Research Doctoral-level, Completed Research
Celebrating our Up-and-Coming Researchers
Sincerely, Jill
Letter from the Research & Evaluation Network Chair
Jill Adelson
Many thanks to all who attended the R&E business meeting and committee meetings at the 2013 Convention this past November! At the Convention, we continued a lot of important R&E work, which continues to be conducted throughout the year. We are continuing that work and pre- paring for the 2014 Convention. As always, I would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to all of our offices, committee chairs, and committee members. I will not detail all of the accomplish-ments of our committees, as they have each detailed them in their brief reports in this newsletter. This year, R&E has decided a change in our officer terms. The Chair/Chair-Elect office will continue to be elected through NAGC, and per NAGC guidelines, that term begins on September 1. However, although other new officers will be elected in the summer/early fall, their term will not  begin until the END of the Convention. This allows some time for overlap and transition of officers and also allows officers to see through the work they have been doing throughout the year in prepa-ration for the Convention. On that note, please consider nominating a colleague or yourself to serve as an NAGC officer/committee chair. The Chair Elect nominations are due through NAGC, and after that election is complete, we will send out a call for nominations for all of our positions (which have a 2-year term). More information can be found in the elections section of this newsletter. It is difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this is my last time writing the letter from the Chair for the R&E Network. It has been a great two years, and I have had the opportunity to work with many great people in the Network. For the next newsletter, Megan Foley Nicpon will have transitioned from Chair-Elect to Chair. I have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership as Chair and Chair-Elect the last two years, and I am excited to see where she leads the Network in the upcoming two years. If you have any ideas for the R&E Network, please feel free to email me at  jill.adelson@louisville.edu. 
Research & Evaluation Network Letter from the Chair Jill Adelson
Up-Dates from R & E Committees
The Research and Evaluation
Graduate Student Committee
 has communicated on a monthly ba-sis via Google hangout, email, or phone. We have made great progress on our Journals and Confer-ences project, and it is anticipated to be completed by May 2014. Also, we have created a list of survey questions to be uploaded to Survey Monkey. The purpose of the survey is to conduct a needs assessment for graduate students in the Network, or possibly all graduate students.
Mid-Career and Beyond Scholars Committee:
 We have gotten feedback from committee members on next steps. We have pulled together an ex-haustive list of senior people and will be setting up brief interviews with folks in an attempt to get a handle on the "why nots" and what might R&E do to "entice" more active and sustained involve-ment.
Awards Committee:
 There were 15 dissertations submitted for the Dissertation Award. All dissertations are currently  being reviewed. The call for submissions for the Graduate Research Gala has been announced (for
details, please see “Graduate Student Research Gala” at
Are you interested in becoming involved?
 NAGC is currently seeking nominations for R&E Chair Elect. This person serves 2 years as Chair Elect, 2 years as Chair, and then 2 years as Past Chair. They will work closely with Megan Foley Nicpon, 2014-2016 R&E Chair, during their first two years in preparation for their term as Chair. For more information, please see http://www.nagc.org/index.aspx?id=2506. If you have questions, please email Jill, 2012-2014 R&E Chair, at  jill.adelson@louisville.edu.   Nominations are due
April 7
, and the term begins September 1. We are currently seeking nominees for our internal elections as well. All positions are two-year terms, beginning at the end of 2014 Convention (although elections will be completed in time for a transition period). If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please send a
250 word bio
 to Megan Foley-Nicpon, the R&E Chair Elect, at megan-foley-nicpon@uiowa.edu  by
July 1, 2014
Asst. Program Chair:
Aids the program chair in duties and coordinates the Research Gala. Then in year 2, becomes the Program Chair 
The Program Chair 
oversees the recruitment and assignment of reviewers, coordinates with the Program Committee to make decisions about the preliminary recom-mendations for the R&E program, and communicates with the National Office related to the program-related questions.
Awards Co-chair:
The Awards Co-Chair is elected in the summer/fall of year 0. The first year (Fall year 0), the awards co-chair helps the current chair with the Research Gala. In year 1, the awards co-chair organizes the Research Gala, which culminates with the Gala in November of year 1. Then in winter/spring of year 2, the co-chair organizes the Dissertation Awards.
Takes minutes at all Business and Executive Committee meetings and oversees the Membership Committee, whose charge is to help recruit and retain members. This committee sends out emails to new and lapsed R&E members, develops membership materials (such as the
 Did You Know?
Materi-als), and brainstorms and implements member benefits and new initiatives to retain and recruit members.
Communications Chair:
 Oversees the Communications Committee, which publishes the newsletter twice a year and manages the website, Facebook page, and any other communications-related initia-tives. We also will be appointing (or re-appointing) chairs for our ad-hoc committees. If you are interested in being consid-ered for one of these positions, please send a brief bio and explanation of why you would like to chair the committee to Megan Foley-Nicpon at megan-foley-nicpon@uiowa.edu  by
September 1, 2014
Graduate Student Committee Chair:
Oversees the Graduate Student Committee, which helps with graduate student initiatives and helps develop further graduate student offerings.
Publications Committee Chair:
Oversees the Publication Committee, which decides whether we should pursue a Net-work publication and, if so, what the publication should be. The chair oversees the choice of authors/editors as well as the negotiations with NAGC and the publisher.
Mid-Career and Beyond Scholars Committee Chair:
Oversees the Mid-Career & Beyond Scholars Committee, whose charge is to find ways to increase R&E involvement by and benefits for scholars who are mid-career and  beyond.
Call for Nominations

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