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Mcq CNS Anatomy

Mcq CNS Anatomy

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Published by Group 14
important CNS anatomy MCQs
important CNS anatomy MCQs

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Published by: Group 14 on Oct 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The sacral segment of the spinal cord may be crushed by the fracture of :
a. first lumbar vertebrae
 b. third lumbar vertebraec. sixth lumbar vertebraed. first & second vertebraee. none of the above Note:Sacral segment of the spinal cord is the last segment inthe spinal cord.The spinal cord ends in L1.So, the right answer is A.
Basilar artery gives the following branches ,except:
1.posterior inferior cerebellar a.
2. posterior cerebral artery. 3.Pontine arteries. 4.Anterior inferior cerebellar artery. 5.Superior cerebellar artery.  Note:The branches of the basilar arteryare:1.anterior inferior cerebellar a2. posterior cerebral a. 3.superior cerebellar a4.labyrinthine a. 5. pontine a.
Medial limeniscus carries:a. pain & temperature sensation from trunk & limb
b. Proprioceptive sensation from the trunk & limb
c. proprioceptive sensation from the head.d. auditory sensatione. A&B
Regarding spinal cord , the following are true except:a. it has cervical & lumbar enlargement
b. it ends at the lowe r border of third lumbarvertebrae
c. it's transverse by the central canald. its lower end , it's called conus medallariese. it's begin at the level of foramen magnum as acontinuation of medulla oblongata.
Regarding Corticospinal tract . all of the following trueexcept:a. Most of the fibers decussate at the lower end of themedulla. b. it arises from the motor area of the cerebral cortex.c. it passes through the cruss cerebri of mid brain.d. it ends in the anterior horn cells.IN:Proprioceptive sensation from the head carried by
Trigeminal limeniscus.2
e. its lesion at the level of pons produced paralysis of muscle on the epsilateral side (sameside(
 Note: its lesion produce paralysis on the contralateralside because at the level of the ponsdicussation are not happen yet.
destruction of lateral spinothalamic tract result in:a) epsilateral loss of pain & temperature b) contralateral loss of light touch & pressure
c) contralateral loss of the pain & temperature
d) contralateral loss of proprioceptivee) None of the above
Which of the following fibers is acommissural fiber :a.
Corpus callosum
. b. Internal capsule.c. Optic radiation.d. Cingulume. Uncinate fasciculus.
Obstruction of cerebral equeduct of the medbrain willdistention of :a. Latral vertricles only.
b. Both lateral & 3
c. Both 4
& 3
d. Entire ventricular systeme. None of the above.
Regarding the lateral spinothalamic , all of thefollowing are correct except:a. It carries pain & temperature sensation.
b. Pain fiber is deeper in position to temperature fiber.
c. It ascends in spinal limenscusd. Substation gelatinosa of rolandi , it is 2
order neuron.
Motor & sensory area of the leg occupy:a. Precentral gyrus b. Postcentral gyrusc. Temporal gyrusd. Posterior part of the inferior frontal gyrus
e. Paracentral lobule
Sensation carried by posterior white column of spiralcord are:a. Pain b. Temperaturec. Position of joints.d. vibration
e. 2 points discrimination) )
Pain fibers in superficial position.3
هروتكدلالق ه اؤسلابعص م يج و  يف نو دحا  و وىطغلاA&Bم يج وك ص م اد  ازكذ 
Regarding to the thalamus , all of the statements arecorrect except:

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