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Published by: Appan Kandala Vasudevachary on Mar 29, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Dept of Economics, O Dept of Economics, OU College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad
M A (F) Industrial Economics, first Internal Assessment-- 20-03-2012Roll No-------------------------Name--------------------------Max-Mars----- 1!
I Fill in t"e #lans$
1% Industr& is t"e com'ination of indiidual ---------------------------------------------------2% Esta'lis"ment and ------------------- is called as Industrialisation%3% Aro'ased Industr& is fall under --------------------'ased industrial classification*% If Inestment is made u+to NE crore in industr& is non as -----------------industr&!% .tructure of Industr& is consists of----------------,---------------and --------------/% ----------------------as first introduced a'out t"e aricultural location%% Alfred e'er is a ---------------econom&, economist stated a'out industrial location%% e'er t"eor& is +urel& ado+ted--------------------------a++roac"% 4ocation factor 5uotient conce+t used in ----------------------industrial location t"eor&10% 4osc" in "is location t"eor&, "e considered ----------------industr& as an exam+le-
II Multi+le 6"oice 7uestions$
1% one of t"e exam+le for use 'ased industrial classification isa) +u'lic sector ') consumer oods c) metal 'ased d) all t"e a'oe( )2%Folloin is identified as an im+ortant Index in e'er t"eor&a) la'our index ') material index c) location index d) None( )3% .arent Florence t"eor& is 'asicall& a) Inductie ') 8eductie c) 'ot" d) None ( )
* Alfred e'er +u'lis"ed "is article in t"e &ear of a) 10/ ') 10 c) 10 d) 10 ( )!% 8onie t"eor& is non asa) 9"eor& of industr& ') 9"eor& of 8eelo+ment c) 9"eor& of Firm ( )/% .taes anal&sis +resented in industrial deelo+ment t"eor& of  a) clar-u:nets ') ;offmann c) 6"ennar& d) e'er ( )% In India, "ic" sector in t"e second +osition in terms of <8= contri'utiona) =rimar& ') .econdar& c) 9ertiar& d) all ( )%Reression and cross section taen into consideration in t"e stud& of a) ;offmann ') 6"ennar& c) .cuttliff d) 4osc" ( )% Auust 4osc" t"eor& is considereda) su++l& side factors ') 8emand side factors c) 'ot" ( )10% 6o-efficient of 4ocation conce+t used '&a) e'er ') Florence c) 4osc" d) None ( )
III ."ort Notes$
1%Meanin of Industr& and Industrialisation2%6lassification of Industries3%Industrial location factors*%4ocation factor!%;offman .tae anal&sis(=rof A > ?asudeac"ar&)
Department of EconomicsOU College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad
M A (F) Industrial Economics, .econd Internal Assessment-- 11-03-201*Roll No-------------------------Name------------------------- Max-Mars----- 1!
I Fill in t"e #lans$
1%Fallinefficienc& as t"e si:e of t"e firm increases are descri'ed as--------------------------------------------2%Internal and External Economies conce+ts ien '& -------------------------------3%9ec"nical economies are +art of -------------------------------------------------*%.ocial @ 4iesure facilities are fall under----------------------------------------!%F# ;ale& treat +rofit as a reard for --------------------------------------------/%Fran >ni"t lins t"e occurrence of +rofit as a reard for --------------------- %# 6lar +ro+ounded t"e-----------------------------t"eor& of +rofit%% .c"um+eter said t"e +rofit as a reard for t"e serices of-----------------------% 8emand restraints are main in t"e t"eor& of ------------------------------------10% Marris concentrated on rate of ------------------------------------------------ II Multi+le 6"oice 7uestions$1%Innoation meansa)Im+lementation of Inention ') Ne Maret identification c) Ne #rand reconition( )2%Maret .trate& im+liesa)9ec"nical Innoation ') Maret Innoation c) =roduct .trate& ( )3%=roductie ++ortunit& conce+t ien '&

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