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Xp24K TP

Xp24K TP

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Published by wal99d
HP XP24000 Thin Provisioning
HP XP24000 Thin Provisioning

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Published by: wal99d on Feb 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HP StorageWorks XP Thin Provisioning Software
Data sheet
Enhance efficiency andreduce cost
In today’s competitive business environment you need toaccelerate business growth while keeping costs undercontrol and minimizing risk. Your IT investments mustcontribute to your overall success. HP StorageWorks XPThin Provisioning Software allows you to confidentlyaccelerate application deployment, yet maintain controlof your storage costs.HP StorageWorks XP Thin Provisioning Softwarereduces acquisition and management costs, acceleratesapplication deployment and reduces the environmentalimpact of your HP StorageWorks XP24000 Disk Array. With traditional storage provisioning you painstakinglyassign LUNs to your applications. To make sure thatyou do not have to re-provision in the future as yourapplications’ storage needs grow, you assign excesscapacity to the applications so that there is room forgrowth. But with HP XP Thin Provisioning Software yousupply disk storage capacity to your applications froma pool of virtualized storage. The virtual capacity ispresented as if it were actual physical capacity. Youcan assign the full anticipated future capacity to eachapplication from virtual disk storage, even though theactual physical capacity is much less than the amountyou have allocated. Thus HP XP Thin ProvisioningSoftware allows you to reduce the amount of physicaldisk capacity initially installed. Then, as disk spaceutilization increases over time, you can purchase morephysical disk capacity when it is needed and install itwithout affecting your applications.HP XP Thin Provisioning Software not only reduces yourinitial storage acquisition costs, it also reduces your totalcost of ownership. By deferring some of your storagepurchases to a later date you can take advantage ofdisk storage price reductions. By reducing strandedstorage, physical storage that is allocated but not yetused, you can reduce the total amount of disk storagerequired over the life of the system.HP XP Thin Provisioning Software simplifies andaccelerates storage provisioning by allowing you tocreate volumes without the need for physical installationand formatting time. HP XP Thin Provisioning Softwarealso reduces ongoing management costs. Because yourapplications only see the virtual capacity that is allocatedto them, there is no need for downtime when you installnew physical disk capacity. And with simplified storageprovisioning, you will be able to manage your storagewith confidence knowing that the risk of human error hasbeen reduced. Accelerate your return on investment, and enhancestorage consolidation by using the virtualized storagepool to deploy more applications and servers perstorage system. Deploy your applications faster becauseHP XP Thin Provisioning Software makes it easier to planand size storage. And because you are more efficiently using yourstorage resources you enjoy the green effect of reducedfloor space, reduced power usage, reduced coolingrequirements, and reduced carbon footprint.
HP StorageWorks XP ThinProvisioning Software—Reducingcosts, accelerating business growthand reducing environmental impact
Features and Benefits
Reduce total cost of ownership
Eliminate the need to over-provision storage for yourapplications. Reduce initial disk and capacity-basedsoftware acquisition costs and defer a portion of yourstorage purchases to a later date and take advantageof decreasing disk costs.
Improve disk utilization
By reducing allocated but unused storage you caneliminate stranded storage and reduce the total amountof disk storage required over the life of the system.
Reduce management costs
Dedicate fewer resources and less time to storageprovisioning tasks. HP XP Thin Provisioning Softwareallows you to allocate full storage capacity for yourapplications at the time of installation, even thoughthat allocated capacity exceeds the amount of installedphysical capacity. As the capacity needs of yourapplications grow, add more physical disk capacitywithout impacting your hosts or applications. Allocateonce, grow as needed.
Improve consolidation
Deploy more applications and servers on your storageinfrastructure.
Deploy applications faster
Save time planning and sizing storage by using thethin provisioning pool and its easy-to-use graphicaluser interface.
Reduce environmental impact 
Reduce the environmental footprint of your storage byusing HP StorageWorks XP Thin Provisioning to reducedisk purchases, thus reducing floor space, powerconsumption, and cooling requirements.
HP Services has end-to-end, industry-leading expertise in deliveringsolutions that help you improve your business agility. From initialassessment and design to technical integration and ongoing support,HP Services can be your single point of contact and accountability.HP related services:• HP Data Replication Solution Service includes services forContinuous Access XP, Business Copy for XP, and Snapshot for XP—the Continuous Access (CA) option provides implementation andverification of the Continuous Access feature of the XP storage array.The service is offered at three service levels, ranging from basicinstallation to more comprehensive implementation that can betailored to meet the specific needs of your storage environment.• Other applicable HP storage services include:– Backup and Recovery Solution Service– Disaster Tolerant Management Service– Electronic Vaulting for Enterprises– Storage Essentials Solution Service– HP Vdisk/LUN Design and Implementation Service– HP Performance Analysis for the XP/EVA Disk Arrays Service– HP Data Migration Service• HP Care Pack Services—a comprehensive portfolio of services formaintaining the highest levels of IT availability:– Critical Service– Proactive 24 Service• Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE)—remote monitoring andsupport solution for your servers, storage and networks.• Business Continuity Services—protect and decrease disruption to ITinfrastructure and associated business processes against siteoutages, disasters and environmental events. Across the globe, enterprise customers rely on HP Services to design,deploy, manage and support the IT systems that run their businesses.HP Services capabilities cover consulting and integration, outsourcing,and support services. With more than 69,000 services professionalsoperating in 170 countries, acknowledged technology leadership,and a heritage of innovation in services, HP Services can point to anextensive track record of helping customers improve their ability tosupport their changing business needs.
HP Services
HP StorageWorks XP Thin Provisioning Software

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