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Recipe Cards 2014 Brief (2)

Recipe Cards 2014 Brief (2)

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Published by Joseph Vargas

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Published by: Joseph Vargas on Mar 31, 2014
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 BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production
Students NameProject Title
 Recipe Cards
Pre-production techniques, Research techniques, Working to a Brief, Producing print based media
Unit No
1, 3, 5,18
Tutor(sDave Ba!es"os# $o%ertsProject DatesStart Date
Deadline Date
$his units aims to gi%e &our the chance to 'ork from a (i%e c(ient brief) We ha%e secured a brief from the *egetarian +ociet& to produce a ne' series of recipe cards to promote %egetarian food) uring this unit &ou 'i(( eperience detai(ed pre-production 'ork and audience research) .ou 'i(( be gi%en the chance to respond to a professiona( brief and fina((& produce print media products)
Tas! ) (*
/11!3!"1#0.ou need to comp(ete the series of questions and considerations that are (isted in the pro-forma /a%ai(ab(e on b(ackboard0) .ou shou(d use &ou notes to he(p &ou)$hese questions 'i(( feature aspects re(ating to finance, time, personne(, faci(ities, materia(s, contributors, (ocations and codes of practice).ou need to comp(ete each sections questions and considerations in detai( 'ith i((ustrati%e eamp(es /'here appropriate0 and references to &our o'n production)
Tas! +) (,*
/1"!3!"1#0.ou need to comp(ete the series of questions that are (isted in the pro forma /a%ai(ab(e on b(ackboard0 in re(ation to &our set brief for the %egetarian recipe cards) .ou shou(d use &ou notes to he(p &ou)$hese questions 'i(( feature aspects re(ating to the structure of the brief, reading the brief, negotiating the brief and potentia( opportunities for se(f de%e(opment) .ou need to comp(ete each sections questions in detai( 'ith consistent i((ustrati%e eamp(es from the brief itse(f and additiona( research)
Tas! 3) (-*+
/12!3!"1#0ook at current products from both *egetarian +ociet& and e(se'here ook at the content, the 'riting st&(e, use of font, qua(it&!technica( detai(s of photograph&, (a&out, co(our scheme and o%era(( appea() .ou shou(d find (ots of eamp(es and annotate or 'rite about them) .ou can be critica(, considering 'hat 'orks but a(so 'hat &ou fee( does not)
Tas! .) (Unit 3*+/ 3*3
/"5!3!"1#04sing secondar& research, produce a fact fi(e on %egetarians) t shou(d inc(ude re(e%ant demographic information, a definition of the term 6%egetarian, an out(ine of the %arious reasons that peop(e can be %egetarian, companies 'hich specifica((& target the %egetarian market and the foodstuffs that %egetarians cannot eat)
Tas! ,) (Unit 3*+/ 3*3
/31!3!"1#0.ou ha%e to come up 'ith a se(ection of open and c(osed questions that 'i(( he(p &ou research &our target audience and then gather primar& research data from &our target audience before producing a report, based on the research that &ou did) t shou(d te(( us the purpose of &our research 'as, 'h& &ou did it and 'hat &ou 'anted to get out of it7 .ou shou(d ep(ain ho' &ou carried out &our research inc(uding the methods &ou used, 'here &ou found peop(e to fi(( it in and ho' &ou found them7.ou shou(d then produce a summar& of &our data before ana(&sing &our resu(ts and presenting &our conc(usions)
 BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production
Tas!s'Notes0 &SSESS1$D&TE2&SSESS1$2D&TE
Tas! 4) (-*+/ ,*+
/"!#!"1#0ndi%idua((&, produce 5 initia( ideas for &our cards) .ou cou(d ha%e ideas about a theme, about a specific audience, about a method of 'orking, about the (a&out or the co(our scheme) .ou cou(d 'rite do'n &ou idea or sketch something or a combination of both) Re%ie' the ideas of &our partner and, using the pro forma, gi%e appropriate feedback about each idea) o%e on to generating more de%e(oped ideas for &our series of cards) $his cou(d inc(ude brainstorming, mind mapping and moods boards as 'e(( as notes and sketches) Recording &ou ideas is important) nc(ude documentation of a(( the ideas &ou ha%e had) .ou shou(d produce these materia(s for at (east " of &our ideas) 9nce &ou ha%e de%e(oped &our idea &ou shou(d produce a treatment for &our preferred option) .our treatment shou(d inc(ude &our o%era(( theme, &our audience and &our production methods)4sing the hand out to he(p guide &ou, discuss in &our production group 'hich so(ution/s0 are best and 'hich &ou 'i(( put for'ard to the c(ient).ou shou(d think carefu((& about each one and ho' &ou 'i(( get it from initia( idea to finished product) +uitab(e for audience, +uitabi(it& for c(ient, :ppea( of the design, $imesca(es for production, Cost of an& specia(ist 'ork /(aminating, %arnishing, die-cutting0, Practica( to produce in (arge runs, :%ai(ab(e resources, ;ua(it& factors and ega( and ethica( issues)
Tas! 5) (-*+ ,'6.'+63
/"8!#!"1#0.ou need to ha%e a consistent set of cards so &ou need to p(an &our (a&out in detai( so that &ou can both 'ork from this) .ou need to dra' up f(at p(ans for &our (a&outs) .ou need to produce a st&(e sheet 'hich inc(udes fonts, co(ours s'atches and eamp(e images) .ou need to gather &our recipes together) .ou 'i(( a(so need to create a card using &our chosen techniques to &our fina( p(an) $his 'ork is to be added to the Recipe Card esign pro forma)
Tas! -) (,*+/ *+ ++'6.'+63
/1!5!"1#0Produce p(anning documentation for &our pro<ect inc(uding a detai(ed schedu(e for &our group to 'ork to during production time and a budget for &our pro<ect) .ou shou(d a(so produce a hea(th and safet& risk assessment 'hich considers a(( the re(e%ant dangers in detai( and sho's ho' &ou 'i(( manage these risks) .ou 'i(( need to
produce a contingenc& p(an 'hich assesses a(( the e%ents 'hich cou(d disrupt &our pro<ect and pre%ent &ou from meeting &our dead(ines) .ou shou(d a(so state 'ho is in &our production team and 'hat ro(es and responsibi(ities each 'i(( ha%e during the pro<ect) =ina((&, &ou shou(d pro%ide e%idence of an& booking of resources that &ou need to do) $his cou(d inc(ude booking of a camera or photograph& studio or the booking of mode(s or of kitchen space)
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production

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