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A Full Circle

A Full Circle



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Published by beatriZ
Breaking down barriers with those closest to us has the power to change the world.
Breaking down barriers with those closest to us has the power to change the world.

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Published by: beatriZ on Oct 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Full Circle
Once upon a time man viewed the world as a place consisting ofnumerous Gods, each in charge of some unexplainable aspect in humanityand the universe. The mysteries of life could be explained by theactions of Gods and their relationship to our world. The Gods went towar, created affinities, and made love with each other; causing peace,chaos, and change. Our connection to them was displayed throughworship in the form of temples, prayer, song, and dance. In a certainsense, you could blame everything on the Gods and ask them foranything.The idea of unity and oneness with relationship to man and his world only came about when Judaism introduced the idea of monotheism or belief in one God. This idea centered on the concept that all actionsand thoughts pointed to one central focus; life’s journey was to beguided by this overpowering force of oneness and religious practicestrained the mind and spirit to attain this goal. As hard as man tried to define this oneness, the fact thatdifferences, distinctions, divisions, and comparisons inevitablyexisted served as the greatest obstacle to the attainment of thisreality. Even today, it’s displayed in the realities of war, poverty, marital divorce, and the breaking of the family unit. All resultingfrom the absence of love, caring, and the idea of unity. We perceive, know and feel that love comes from the breaking down ofthese lines, yet our nature does not allow us to fully live this way. We instinctively know that love is union of everything that exists and that understanding this connection elevates us to a higher spiritualground. Buddha tells us that wanting what we cannot have and notaccepting what we do have creates suffering. All teachings pointagain to the breaking down of barriers as we come in contact withothers and the world. All teachings also use the mind as the beginning point where allthoughts are guided by an enlightened soul that creates our reality aswe come in contact with the world. The idea of oneness breaks intostrands of other thoughts that must flow in full circle to where beginning and end are not perceived. To look for that endless circleis to embrace life, the changes, and the power to the be elevated inour journey.Certainly most of us brought up in the Western culture have at some point picked up, read some of, or heard a phrase from the book called “The Bible”. It’s content is controversial, mysterious, richly poetic, and considered one of the most powerful writings of our time.

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