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A Mysterious Cave in Khouzh

A Mysterious Cave in Khouzh

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Published by msania
a mysterious cave
a mysterious cave

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Published by: msania on Oct 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mysterious cave in villagekhouzh
I am writing about a cave in my native villagekhouzh.It is situated in the north of Pakistan at a distance of 136km from thechitraldistrict, due to have a far long area novisitors visit this place.The local peoples are not interested in this cave, because they have no knowledgeabout the cave so, they take it as a simple thing. But I think it is full of mystery. When Iwas in the 6
class I did visit 1
time this cave and I became frightened when I entered inthe cave because it was very dark inside, but after some time it had become light. Then Iobserved the cave clearly, and I became surprised because it was very wide inside thecave as compare to the door (a rectangular hole 10m long and 4m high to inter the cave)It seems very small outside but it is very wide inside the cave.It is 40m long, its height is almost 50m and its width is 30m. there is a big hole at thecenter of the cave which goes towards the upward. The people thinks that it opens at thetop of the mountain, because it is situated between the high mountains. Inside this caveyou will find a stone that is very transparent and very beautiful to see. This kind of stoneis calledchamakh bohtoin the local language. in thekhowar language bohtmeans a stone and thechamaghmeans any thing which shines. In the ancient time the people used thesestones to produce fire. By touching these stones together hardly fire is produced due highfriction (mechanical energy is converted into heat energy). The people of khouzhstill usethese stones to produce fire. It also contains a special soil calledsoshk the local studentsuse this soil as an ink. By mixing it with water it becomes a solution which is used inwriting with a special pen.(a pen which is made by wood) it is cold in the summer andhot in the winter seasons.In the ancient time this cave was used by the people to save them from their enemies.Because it is wide inside and it has only one door to enter. According toAmir Baighisfor father were used this cave to save them from enemies .But there is a need to research on this cave to open its secret.Manzoor Elahiusman institute of technology,KarachiPakistan.Manzoorelahi2008@hotmail.com

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