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Business and social impact

Business and social impact

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Published by: Deloitte University Press on Mar 31, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Business Trends 2014
Navigating the next wave of globalization
Navigating the next wave of globalization
Preface | 2 Introduction | 3
Navigating the next wave of globalization
Section 1: New consumers
 | 12 Another billion | 17Business and social impact | 27City planet | 37
Section 2: New collaborations
 | 48 Innovation from everywhere | 53Social business, global business | 65Anticipatory supply chains | 77
Section 3: New leadership
 | 86 Giants, old and new | 91CFO as chief frontier officer | 103The C-suite: Time for version 3.0? | 113Author bios | 124 Acknowledgements and special thanks | 130
Business Trends 2014
to Deloitte Consulting LLP’s second annual
Business rends
 report. Te purpose o these reports is straightorward: to provide business leaders with clear, concise, and well-inormed perspectives on important dynamics that are currently reshaping the business environ-ment. Tis year we have selected nine trends, all directly related to a major question many clients have been asking us recently: What is going on with the global economy?Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball, and we can’t predict the uture. But we do have the privilege o serving clients who are creating the uture; almost 200,000 talented colleagues globally who are helping them, including many outstanding thought leaders; privileged access to some o the best minds on the planet; relentless curiosity; and a commitment to intellectual integrity and rigor. We have drawn upon all o these in the creation o this report—along with a survey o more than 400 senior executives rom around the world.Tere are many critical uncertainties in the global economy today. Te challenging recovery rom the financial crisis and subsequent recession in the developed economies, the current slow-down o the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) economies, mounting geopolitical tensions, and the continuing rise o “back-door” protectionism are among the more obvious sources o con-usion—and concern. We are committed to tracking and anticipating the consequences o these and other orces on behal o our clients. But in this report, we have identified key trends that are firmly rooted in longer-term and prob-ably irreversible shifs. Over the last 15 years or so, the balance o the global economy has unda-mentally changed. Te distinction between a developed” and an “undeveloped” world has blurred, as “emerging” nations have very much emerged. Te global distribution o wealth that had been diverging since the Industrial Revolution has started to converge again. Stark differences still exist, o course, but the old order is rapidly dissolving—along with many previously sae assumptions about the global business environment.Te trends in this report all into three distinct categories: the emergence o a large, new, and unamiliar consuming class; increased opportunities or collaboration with newly empowered and influential actors; and new sources—and imperatives—o leadership. Some combination o these trends will increasingly influence the strategic priorities o most companies. We sincerely hope that our perspectives are helpul as you develop your own approaches to . . . “Navigating the next wave o globalization.”
Mike Canning
Principal and National Managing DirectorStrategy & OperationsDeloitte Consulting LLP
Eamonn Kelly
Director and Chief Marketing OfficerStrategy & OperationsDeloitte Consulting LLP

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