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Nutshells #81 Oct 08

Nutshells #81 Oct 08

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Published by aphore

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Published by: aphore on Oct 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Independent of Government and not affiliated to any political party 
At the end of the first month backat work Plymouth teachers receivedtheir 2.45% increase
. Just how muchof an impact will this have on yourown rising household bills? Memberswill be aware that the NUT hasalready taken action against this paydeal on the grounds that it was wellbelow inflation and that we are also toget below inflation increases for thefollowing two-years.Events since April and especially overthe summer period have made mattersworse. When NUT members voted tostrike last term inflation was 3.8% andrising. Inflation is now 5% so that theprices we pay for goods, services,mortgages and so on are rising attwice the rate of our salaries. In facteven this figure can provide only apartial picture of the problem we allface. For most individuals theirpersonal inflation rate will be muchhigher. The incredible rises in energyand fuel costs alone will mean a verydifficult winter for many of ourmembers.During the NUT action theGovernment insisted that we used thewrong measure of inflation. The ‘real’measure, they claimed, was theconsumer price index (CPI). Theyprefer the CPI because itexcludes major costs, likerising mortgages, and isusually lower. At the time of our strike the CPI was 2.2%and, on that basis, theyclaimed teachers wouldreceive a real increase in pay.
The CPI is now 5.2%
 Even by the government’schosen measure there is nodoubt that teachers are havingtheir pay and their living standardscut.The School Teachers Review Bodyhad a fresh opportunity to address thisproblem in July. They had the powerto ask the government to look again atour 2008 pay settlement given thatinflation was so high. The NUT askedthem to do just that. They acceptedthat inflation was high enough tomerit a reviewand that thiswould have asignificantimpact onteachers’ livingstandards butargued thatthere was noneed for areview
[contd over…]
Vote YES for action on pay!
   R   E  G   I  O   N  A   L    M   E   M   B   E   R  S   H   I   P   A   W  A   R   D   2  0  0   7  /  8   R   E  G   I  O   N  A   L    M   E   M   B   E   R  S   H   I   P   A   W  A   R   D   2  0  0   7  /  8   R   E  G   I  O   N  A   L    M   E   M   B   E   R  S   H   I   P   A   W  A   R   D   2  0  0   7  /  8    W   i  n  n  e  r  :   J  o   h  n    L  e  o  n  a  r  d   W   i  n  n  e  r  :   J  o   h  n    L  e  o  n  a  r  d   W   i  n  n  e  r  :   J  o   h  n    L  e  o  n  a  r  d  —  —  —   P   l  y  m  o  u  t   h    N   U   T    P   l  y  m  o  u  t   h    N   U   T    P   l  y  m  o  u  t   h    N   U   T 

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