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Federal Reserve Statistical Report. z.1.Flow of Funds

Federal Reserve Statistical Report. z.1.Flow of Funds

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Published by cjcs0307

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Published by: cjcs0307 on Oct 24, 2009
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For use at 12:00 p.m., eastern timeThursdaySeptember 17, 2009
FEDERAL RESERVE statistical release
Flow of Funds Accountsof the United States
Flows and Outstandings
Second Quarter 2009
 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington DC 20551
Flow of Funds Summary StatisticsSecond Quarter 2009
Debt of the domestic nonfinancial sectors isestimated to have expanded at a seasonally adjustedannual rate of 5 percent in the second quarter of 2009,about ¾ percentage point faster than in the previousquarter. Private debt contracted in the second quarterwhile government debt expanded.Household debt contracted at an annual rate of 1¾ percent in the second quarter, marking the fourthconsecutive quarter of contraction. In the secondquarter, home mortgage debt decreased at an annualrate of 1½ percent, while consumer credit decreased atan annual rate of 6½ percent.Nonfinancial business debt contracted at anannual rate of 1¾ percent in the second quarter, thelargest quarterly decline since 1993. The decline wasconcentrated in commercial paper, loans, andcommercial mortgage borrowing.State and local government debt expanded atan annual rate of 8¼ percent in the second quarter, percentage points faster than in the previous quarter.Federal government debt increased at an annual rate of 28¼ percent in the second quarter, up a bit from thefirst-quarter pace but still lower than the nearly 40percent pace of growth posted in the second half of 2008.At the end of the second quarter of 2009, thelevel of domestic nonfinancial debt outstanding was$34.4 trillion; household debt was $13.7 trillion,nonfinancial business debt was $11.2 trillion, and totalgovernment debt was $9.5 trillion.Household net worth—the difference betweenthe value of assets and liabilities—was an estimated$53.1 trillion at the end of the second quarter of 2009,$2.0 trillion dollars more than in the preceding quarterand the first increase since 2007:Q3.
Growth of Domestic Nonfinancial Debt
 Percentage changes; quarterly data are seasonally adjusted annual rates
Total Households BusinessState andlocal govts.Federal
1999 6.4 8.4 10.7 3.3 -1.92000 5.0 9.1 9.3 1.4 -8.020016.3 9.6 5.8 8.8 -0.220027.3 10.8 2.6 11.1 7.620038.1 11.6 2.3 8.3 10.920048.9 11.1 6.3 7.4 9.020059.5 11.1 8.7 10.2 7.020069.0 10.0 10.5 8.2 3.920078.7 6.6 13.5 9.3 4.920086.0 0.3 5.4 1.9 24.22008:Q15.4 3.0 7.8 3.6 8.1Q23.3 0.3 6.4 0.9 5.9Q38.2 -0.5 5.1 3.3 39.2Q46.4 -1.7 1.8 -0.2 37.02009:Q14.1 -1.1 -0.2 4.9 22.6Q2 4.9 -1.7 -1.8 8.3 28.21. Changes shown are on an end-of-period basis.
Table of Contents
Title Table Page
Flow of Funds Accounts, Second Quarter 2009 1Availability of Data for Latest Quarter 4Debt Growth by Sector D.1 7Borrowing by Sector D.2 8Debt Outstanding by Sector D.3 9
 Title Table Page Table Page
Total Net Borrowing and Lending in Credit Markets F.1 10 L.1 60Credit Market Borrowing by Nonfinancial Sectors F.2 11 L.2 61Credit Market Borrowing by Financial Sectors F.3 11 L.3 61Credit Market Borrowing, All Sectors, by Instrument F.4 12 L.4 62Total Liabilities and Its Relation to Total Financial Assets F.5 12 L.5 62Distribution of Gross Domestic Product F.6 13Distribution of National Income F.7 14Saving and Investment F.8 15Net Capital Transfers F.9 16Derivation of Measures of Personal Saving F.10 17 L.10 63

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