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Chapter 1. – Reflections I’ve Never Given Much Thought As

Chapter 1. – Reflections I’ve Never Given Much Thought As



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Published by twilightgurl7
This story is about life 7 years after Renesmee was born. During this time Jacob has grown to her in many ways. She is physically 18 years old but really 7 years old. In this book you will find that sometimes you CAN have a happy ending.
This story is about life 7 years after Renesmee was born. During this time Jacob has grown to her in many ways. She is physically 18 years old but really 7 years old. In this book you will find that sometimes you CAN have a happy ending.

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Published by: twilightgurl7 on Oct 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1. – Reflections
I’ve never given much thought as to how I would die, what with my being theonlyhalf-human/ “ vegetarian” half-vampire in the essence of our kind.Since the day was born, I’ve always thought of myself as being a killer. Too make thelong story short. I flat-out killed my mother as she carried me in her womb, witch ishow she livers her new life as an immortal. But they always reassure me that I wasthe bet thing that’s ever happened to them.But also after I was born I met my sul-mate at only minutes old. Jacob Black. Not only is this boy my mother’s best-friend but to come to his finding, awerewolf.Since that day he has changed ot me in many ways as being from my protector, tomy brother, to my best-friend, and now to our existence as lovers.I have been on this earth for exactly 7 years, but trapped in
glorified andexquisitebody of 18 years of age.With having parents as vampires comes a special gift. My mother well she cansimply shield anyone out and protect the ones she loves. My father can read peoplesminds as they pass along. But me. I’m a mystery. My gift is very subtle. I don’tusually speak unless I have too. I’m better off 
people.“NO!” I shrieked as I awoke from an unreal mightmare I thought would nevercome true. Edward and Bella scurrie to my bedroom already knowing what wasgoing on. Ness, sweetheart what’s wrong?” I heard my father as. I shook headside-to-side trying to answer hisQuestion, then pulling my hand away from under the quilt and pressing it lightly onhis cheek and elling him, “
Nothing’s wrong Dad, just a dream. Everyone has them,don’t worry 
.”I got up to hug my mother, still unsure what was going on, but really I knew he did.I pecked her cheek, and ran into the closet Aunty Alice had created me since I havematured into a fully teenager. My father left the room and mother stayed.“ Ness I just know something’s up? Why Won’t you tell me? I’m not going to calmdown until you tell me. Now!” she threatened.“ Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, nothings worng, I’m fine, your fine, Jacob’s fine. You canease your stran and Dad’s too. So calm down.”I told her, not even realizing I was shouting. She took my word and left the roomwith a wry smile on her face, as I did the same. I got dressed, with what my hadsfirst touched not even taking the time to see if it matched.I put on some sequined flip-flops and headed out the cottage door, passing myparents as I left. They didn’t even sare to ask me where I was headed.As I headed up to the rest of the Cullen’s house I saw something blur right by me.I stopped in my tracks, suddenly feeling unaware of what was going on?I gasped and clutched my stomach. Two warm muscled-band arms grabbed me up into the familiar bear-hug I love.  Jaocb!” I whispered with enthusiasm. Yes, Ness it’s me.” He confirmed. Jakewhere have you been?” I asked him not really wanting to break he silence.“ I’ve been taking a break, nothing to worry about.” he told me.He suddenly gazed at my lips and fiercely kissed me as much urgency our lips tendto have. I sculpted my hands into his hair, and clinging my body to his. Amazing,as if I was created just for him.We gave up, pulled back and stared into each others eyes.Looking on into hi deep-set-black eyes, seeming to be filled with shocking news. “ Iwas headed up to the house. Do you want to come with me?” I asked seeminginnocent.
“ Nessie, I just got back from my break, and you think I’m going to stand alone foreven five seconds without you?he asked bewildered. “ I knew you would saythat.” Teasing him with my silver-chimed laugh.I took his hand in mine and started to the house. We dared to say a word, trying toruin our reunion. We reached the front steps. Walking up, I realized there werelights gleaming from every inch of the house.I walked throught the thresh hold and saw Alice glowing with excitement, gettingready to bust if she didn’t tell me what was going on. I turned to Jacob. He was just as filled with excitement as Alice was, with the biggest grin on his face. What’s going on?” I demanded, with a sheepish smile. We have some news foryou. Well Jacob does I suppose.” Alice answered. I turned my body to face Jacob.  Jake is ths true?” I was truly on the verge to loosing it.“ Well…….. Nessie, you know I love you rugt, and I would never hurt you, ever. I willalways be there for you no matter what it is, what time of day , anything, anywhereI’m there. You know that right? Ness??”I was so struck by his words I didn’t even notice my parents were there staring at us.Both having bewildered expressions flicking across their faces.“ Y-Yeah Jake I know that. Jake what’s wrong? Who is it Jake?” I asked. Now my facefull with worry. Everyone else looked so keyed up at that moment. I realized whatwas going on. Jacob sank down to one-knee. “ Oh no!” I gasped. Everything aroundme started to come together now. Jacob took my hand in eagerness. “RenesmeeCarlie Cullen, will you marry me?” He asked with all the emotions placing his face. Istared at him wide-eyed, and seeking aroung the room at everybody’s faces. Myparent’s, closest to us, was staring at me as they took in my expression. Two longminutes passed and Jake started to get a little anxious as if he regretted what he had just said. Everyone else was staring at me also, they were all in on it except me.“J-Jake I don’t know what to say,” I stuttered, embarrassed. “Say yes Nessie, I knowits time.” Everyone knows that and I want it to be official. Official, that you belong tome and no one else. Please Nessie, he pleaded with wide open eyes. I knew I couldnot resist, “yes” I whispered to him in an unexpected tone to hear myself. He grinnedthe biggest grin I have ever seen upon his mahogany skin, his pearl white teeth beingexposed.He slid the ring in it’s place were it will stay forever, on my left hand, on my thirdfinger. I grinned as he did it slowly, making sure everyone caught a glimpse.“Thank You”, he told me. He caught me in another one of his bear-hugs, quickly,then set me down, and kissed me passionately.His lips parted mine as his warm breath seeked in. Nothing in the world matteredright now.I was going to be Mrs. Jacob Black in just a matter of time. Depending on how long ittakes Aunty Alice to pull together a wedding. This kiss right now, right then and there was our first kiss as an engaged couple.Alice was the one to blurt out. “ Were going to have a wedding!!! Yay, Yay, Yay. So,Ness how long do you want to put it off for?”She asked me her tone being skeptical. I held up my index finger. Trying to tell herI’m busy at the moment. She took it and then just sank back don to the floor. I gentlypulled away from Jacob’s still-busy lips, and turned to face my family, The Cullen’s. Congratulations you two!” Emmett gawked. Probably trying to hide the fact he wasgoing to spill secrets about mine and Jacob’s physical relationship. “ Did all of youknow about this? I mean how could you keep this from me? Jake? Is that why youwere gone? Were you trying to build up the courage to ask me this?”
suddenlyrealized I was shouting. But never did I become Mad. “Honey”, Bella started trying todefend Jacob, I suppose.“Yes we have all know about this. He came to ask your father right before he left. Heknew it was time to do it, and well, all of us did actually,” she announced, trying to
reason with me. “He came to ask me for your hand in marriage. Of course I told himno at first, but that was just to see his reaction,” Edward chortled, after he told me.“But Ness, hun, you are my only daughter and will always be my only daughter.” Hegot up and came over to me and held my hand in his, I love you Nessie, and you doknow that, right? I knew someday I would have to face something like this, but Ialways knew it would be Jacob who would be the one to ask. Hoping to become agrandparent soon my father said, meaning every word he said which surprised me.Ness, I know you love him and I’ve never had a doubt in my mind that this day wascoming. “I will now focus on my most important job of walking my beautiful daughterdown the aisle to give her away,” my father said. I suddenly thrust myself at him,“Thank You Dad” I whispered in his ear. You are welcome Ness. I kissed him on thecheek and turned to look at the rest of my family.How long will it take you guys to pull together your wedding, my father asked us?Every immortal face in the room lit up with a huge grin on there perfect faces. Emmetreplied, that depends on how long Alice can pull the whole charade together. I turnedmy face toward Alice. “You know I am a master at these kind of things, Ness, just picka date. We will need to order your dress, caterers, flowers, invitations and alsoconsider all the other immortals who will be involved. What’s todays date, Ness askedacting still a bit confused. August 22
, Alice answered. Well what about September13
, Ness said as I looked out from the corner of my eye I could see the glumexpression on my Mothers face. That’s perfect, two celebrations in one on the sameday. Okay its set for September 13
then.Mom is that okay, I don’t want you to be upset. I just thought it would be like Alicesaid, two celebrations on the same day. I half-heartedly ran to her trying to comforther, and find out why she had such a glum expression. Bella put both her hands onmy face as she said, “sweetheart, I don’t care what day, I just want it to be yourspecial day and for you to have it done your way. Mom are you sure, its okay withyou, I said with a worried expression. Yes, Nessie go ahead and take my mortalbirthday for your wedding day. Now, Bella’s expression seemed to be of happinessand peace.

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