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Iris Vitt née Walters (b. 1931)

Iris Vitt née Walters (b. 1931)

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Metis historian and cultural preservationist Iris Vitt is profiled.
Metis historian and cultural preservationist Iris Vitt is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Apr 01, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Iris Vitt née Walters
(b. 1931)Iris is a participating artist in the
Walking With Our Sisters
 project. Walking With Our Sisters is an installation art project of 1,7pairs of !occasin tops or "#a!ps$ co!!e!orating an% representing an esti!ate% &' boriginal *o!en an% girls *ho ha#e been !ur%ere% or gone !issing in +ana%a since 191. -occasin a!ps create% b/ Iris itt for Walking *ith Our Sisters. -etis historian an% 0l%er Iris itt li#es in Selkirk -anitoba. Iris is the %aughter of rank Walters (b. 1&9&) an% -innie oor% (b. 1911). Iris is a -etis genealogist an% historian *ho is preser#ing her father2s stu%ies an% research on the ungi language of the -etis. She has also %onate% consi%erable historical !aterial to the 4e% 4i#er local in Selkirk, -anitoba.rank Walters *as a -etis historian an% cultural preser#ationist *ith a particular interest in the ungee (ungi) language of his *ife2s fa!il/. 5his language *as spoken b/ the so6calle% Orkne/6+ree alf ree%s *ho li#e% in the parishes along the 4e% 4i#er north of the orks an% up to 8ake Winnipeg. It *as the language of his *ife2s gran%parents an% great gran%parents. ranks best kno*n article on the ungi language is "4e% 4i#er ialects: ungee as She is Spoke$ *hich appears in his book
 Pieces of the Past 
, Winnipeg: in%er/ ;ublishing ouse, 1993: &671. 5his book contains !an/ anec%otes an% historical #ignettes fro! the St. n%re*s parish of -anitoba. It is an up%ate of:Walters, rank <.,
West Selkirk, -an: .<. Walters, c19&9.

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