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Smart School Esei

Smart School Esei

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Published by z89

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Published by: z89 on Oct 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.0Smart School
Early in our age, the time where we will enter a whole new world; the formal educationworld, we were so happy and eager to face it. A, B, C…,1, 2, 3… Starting from kindergarten, welearn and learn until the time passed. Basically, the formal education will end in university as wehad faced primary and secondary school. But, we must always remember, learning process hasno time limit.In order to build a very conducive and effective educational systems, the ministry hadtook a lots of initiative to make sure the educational systems are relevant and will give maximumimpact to the students, society, religion and country. As time passed by, variety of transformationoccur in our educational systems including the base of education, the syllabus and also themethod of teaching.Based on the nation’s drive that is to fulfill Vision 2020, Malaysia intends to transformthe educational system as the age had change to technology age. The ministry had taken theinitiative to create new brand and type of school; introducing… the Smart School. Smart Schoolwas conceptualized by Ministry of Education in 1996, under leadership of the then Chief Director of Education, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Wan Zahid Wan Mohamed. Smart School is a learninginstitution that has been systematically reinvented in terms of teaching learning practices andschool management in order to prepare children for the Information Age. It also equips thestudent to be life-long learners. This is due to the Vision 2020 that focus for sustained, productivity-driven growth which can be achieve only by technologically literates and criticallythinking work force prepared to involve entirely in the global economy of 21
century.Smart School has its own qualities in order to give more holistic outcomes and products.These qualities include the philosophy that says all students can learn if taught, coupled withhigh expectations for all students. It also has a broad curriculum that concern on the differentcapabilities and needs of all students. Besides, the school atmosphere is very conducive for learning process and it involve an on-going assessment that will give better instruction. SmartSchool also provides strong and professional principals and teachers which will then contributes
in the success of the school. In giving the support, a high level parents and community alsoinvolve. 
The Differences Between Smart School and Normal National SchoolS
mart school and normal national school have the differences. We can see the differencesif we take a look at the characteristics and components contain inside. As we know, smart schoolhas more focus on the technology usage in all aspect including teaching technique and themanagement systems. The smart school teaching and learning environment will be shaped infour main areas, which each will be the main elements of smart school. The elements involve arecurriculum, pedagogy, assessment and teaching materials.In Smart School, the curriculum is designed to help students to achieve overall and balanced development. It includes the variety aspect in life such as communication, cognitive,affective or emotional and physical or social. These kinds of aspects are very important anduseful in having a real perfect life and the same time, to have better future. The curriculumconsiders the integration of knowledge, skills, value, correct use of language and attitudessuitable for the Information Age. The students will be ensured to have equal access to qualitylearning and will be allowed for self- paced learning across grade. The learning outcomes areintended to explicitly state for the different levels of ability. By this method, the students areexposed with critical and creative thinking skills in solving problems, rich in values and havingholistic learning promoted. So, they will build variety capabilities and interest in them that can be used in facing future life.As to have balance in all learning process, the focus is not only for the curriculum butalso include the co-curriculum. Smart School co-curriculum programmed will involve theactivities that can reinforce classroom learning and also cultivate the concepts of schooling funand interesting activities that give moral input such as community services, cultural activities,religious activities, uniformed body activities, subject related activities, social activities,
recreational activities, sports and games. This is because students not only need academic, butthey also need these kinds of activities to give them valuable experiences and skills.The pedagogy involves in Smart School is the appropriate mix of learning strategies toensure mastery of basic competencies and promotion of holistic development. It is not theexamination based orientation. It gives the encouragement of learning activities to promotecreativity and experimentation with content independent subjects while maintaining sufficientrigout in content dependent subject. This mean, the overall learning process is towards student-centered learning activities with increase in age and maturity which will then allow the student toshow their real performances. The classroom atmosphere is compatible and suitable withdifferent and variety teaching-learning strategies. This style of learning will be more interesting,motivating, stimulating and meaningful for students. So students will not feel bored in class.Their mind, spirit and body will involve fully in the learning process. Therefore, maximumknowledge can be absorbed by students.The other component is the assessment for the student. Assessment is very important inorder to know how the understanding of a student about the topic taught by teacher. In SmartSchool, the assessment involves a significant departure from traditional assessment systems. Themethod used is a holistic approach, involving all aspect and not only focus in the achievement inexamination. It is also an element-based and criterion-referenced type of assessment. Theassessments also use the method of learner-centered which allows students to participate fully inthe learning process. As the usage of technology is very important, the assessment is handle byon-line and will be conducted in various forms. Most important, it is an on- going assessment, soteacher can get to know the development of the student entirely. These methods can assure thequality of a student as students will learn throughout the year, not only learn for examination.The teaching time will also becomes more flexible and learner- friendly. Besides, teacher can geta clearer picture of student’s achievement, readiness, progress, attitude, and learning style. At thesame time the National Philosophy of Education can be fulfilled. A student which has a veryhigh quality and credibility can be born.In the other hands, teaching materials is also one of the important components that existin Smart School. A good teaching material will gives a good result in student’s performances.The Smart School teaching material involves the material that meets the circular and

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