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Syria Deeply: Desperation Sets in, as Syria’s Government Prepares an Election

Syria Deeply: Desperation Sets in, as Syria’s Government Prepares an Election

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Published by impunitywatch

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Published by: impunitywatch on Apr 02, 2014
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4/1/14, 9:05 PMSyria Deeply: Desperation Sets in, as Syria’s Government Prepares an ElectionPage 1 of 3http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=8b78e9a34
Syria Deeply: Desperation Sets in, as Syria's Government Prepares an Election
Dear Deeply Readers,
This week, a Syrian woman set herself on fire. Mariam al-Khawli was desperate, her children going hungry, after they fled their nativeHoms for Lebanon’s northern city of Tripoli. She described waiting in “queues of humiliation” for any ounce of aid. Her husband said that hardship broke her. The incident revived a debate around what the world owes Syria’s refugees, and how they  will be cared for in the months or years of displacement ahead. The U.N. is facing seriousfunding shortfalls in Syria, meaning less food to go around, and more frustration for women like Mariam al-Khawli. As the international community faces the limits of what itcan do, aid can’t meet the scale of demand: more than 9.3 million Syrians now need someform of help. Syrian mothers see that translated into very basic terms: whether or not theirchildren can eat. There’s an equally dire dynamic when it comes to access to medical aid. One symptom: thepersistent and rising incidence of polio. Health experts say the disease could spread acrossthe Middle East this summer, fueled by rising temperatures and disintegrating sanitation. Lest we forget, there is no grand solution in play. This week the U.N. and Arab LeagueSpecial Envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, said a revival of peace talks was “out of thequestion” for now. The U.S. conceded that efforts to negotiate a diplomatic solution have “largely failed.” If there is no diplomatic solution, that leaves only the military outcome on the ground. By and large, that has favored President Bashar al-Assad. Even while fierce battles stretch hismilitary bandwidth, there are strategic reasons why regional analysts say  Assad is strongerthan ever. In the fight between his army and a diffuse array of rebel fighters, Assad is up by enough to feel confident enough to run for re-election, setting up an election in thecoming months that would seal his rule for another seven-year term. Russia’s strong handin Crimea has bolstered Assad’s confidence, by showing how far Moscow is willing to go to
4/1/14, 9:05 PMSyria Deeply: Desperation Sets in, as Syria’s Government Prepares an ElectionPage 2 of 3http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=8b78e9a34
 back its allies and interests.  Assad has lost ground in the coastal province of Latakia, where fighting killed his cousin,Hilal al-Assad this week. Rebel groups captured the Christian Armenian town of Kessab, strategically nestled between the coast and the Turkish border. One eyewitness told theBBC that Islamist fighters poured into Kessab, prompting panicked residents to flee. Thatsparked fears for the fate of Kessab and the plight of Syrian Christians at large.Rebel groups tried to allay those fears with  YouTube videos professing their respect forlocal churches. But those clips will do little to assure minorities, who are convinced thatrebels waging jihad want to end their way of life. They also fail to address the strategicconsequences of the town’s takeover – now that Jabhat al-Nusra, and by association, al-Qaida, have a beachhead on Mediterranean shores.
Highlights from Syria Deeply:
Rebels Push into Latakia, in a Symbolic and Strategic OffensiveRefugees in Grim Global Spotlight After Syrian Woman Self-Immolates in TripoliThe Scope of Syria's Polio ProblemSyria at the Center of a Splintered Arab LeagueThe Impact of Turkey's Takedown of a Syrian Fighter JetBarrel Bomb Offensive Expands in Aleppo What Challenges Remain in Removing Chemical Weapons from Syria?
Headlines from the Week:
The Guardian: The Syria Conflict Has Lethal Momentum Washington Post: In Syria, the United States is Learning the Lessons of InactionNew York Times: Obama Offers Assurance to Saudis on Syria StanceTelegraph: Syria: The Jihadi Town Where ‘Brides’ Are Snatched from SchoolsReuters: U.N. Urges End to Syria’s ‘Convoluted’ Aid RestrictionsCNN: How U.S. Can Help Syria  We’re fielding your feedback on how to better serve you and cover the story. You can reachour team on email at info@syriadeeply.org.
Sincerely,The News Deeply Team
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