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Published by who_why
links about LTE networks....
links about LTE networks....

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Published by: who_why on Apr 02, 2014
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 LTE Radio Network Planning Guidelines_v4 http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?628 Lte parameters user guide http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?638 LTE Functionality-Part1 http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?2516 LTE Optimization Guide http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?661 LTE basics document http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?141 ACTIX Analyzer LTE Training(2011) http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?630 What is the difference between RSRP ( in LTE) and RSCP ( in UMTS) ? http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?450 LTE RF Planning Guide http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?2212 Planning & Optimization of LTE Network http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?611 LTE Design using Mentum Planet Training@2011 http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?632 LTE Call Flow- Voice over LTE http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?580 LTE Link Budget http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?460 Understanding LTE and Its Performance http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?649 LTE Radio Access Network Planning Guide http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?1354 
 Ericsson Interference Management in LTE - part1 http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?2074 How Random Access procedure works in LTE? http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?3171 
LTE Initial Tuning – Ericsson
LTE – The UMTS Long Term Evolution From Theory to Practice
 http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?334 LTE Tracking Area Update Flow http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?681 LTE 10A Air Interface http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?1948 looking for tools for processing the 3G & 2G & LTE drive test log http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?674 LTE RPESS Dimensioning tool http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?494 LTE/EPS Fundamentals Course v2.0 [NSN] http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?2031 Channels in LTE http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?2000 Dimensioning of LTE Network http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?973 Huawei LTE eNodeB V100R004C00 Technical Description http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?444 The road to 4G LTE [White paper] Part 2 http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?2107 
 Mapinfo Alternative superb http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?851 LTE Coverage Planning from Atoll http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?935 What is CS Fallback in LTE? http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?637 LTE Radio Planning Capacity http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?660 help in calculating LTE SINR and Interference margin http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?1277 Alu lte rf engineering and trouble guide http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?5620 Nsn lte implementation http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?947 Cell individual Offset in LTE-A http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?5448 Why ARQ and HARQ is used in LTE ? http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?3193 LTE Network Planning http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?768 LTE Downlink earfcn http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?2964 LTE L11 Throughput Troubleshooting Techniques - Part1 http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?3163 LTE World Summit Drives the Future of Next Generation Networks http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?5795 Xcal configuration guide for lte drive http://www.telecomsource.net/showthread.php?676 

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