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EDUC493 ECE Assessment

EDUC493 ECE Assessment

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Published by Darcy Royland

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Published by: Darcy Royland on Apr 02, 2014
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 Eastern Washington University Mission Statement
: EWU expands opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning
Department of Education Mission Statement
: The mission of the Department of Education is to prepare student-centered educators to be professionals, leaders, scholars, and practitioners.
EDUC 493 Early Childhood Education Assessment
Chris Booth315C WLMS359-7035cbooth@mail.ewu.edu!!ice "ours# Mo$da%& 'uesda%& 'hursda% 9#00-11#00am
Course Description:
(si$) a *ariet% o! assessme$t +ractices i$ collaboratio$ with collea)ues a$d !amilies& this course e,+lores how to assess a$d )uide the lear$i$) a$d holistic de*elo+me$t o! %ou$) childre$ a)es Birth to  %ears.
Course Outcomes:
($dersta$d the !ou$datio$ o! assessme$t as it is to be a++lied i$ a$ arl% Childhood ducatio$ setti$).
bser*e a$d assess childre$ a)es Birth- %ears i$ authe$tic $atural setti$)s.
/er!orm obser*atio$s a$d !ormali$!ormal assessme$ts i$ de*elo+me$tall% a$d culturall% a++ro+riate wa%s i$cludi$)& de*elo+me$tall% a++ro+riate assessme$t a$d )oal setti$).
*aluate a *ariet% o! +er!orma$ce based assessme$t tools that are curre$tl% used i$ the arl% Childhood ducatio$ !ield a$d +ublic school s%stems& their data a$d other data.
(se +ro)ress mo$itori$) to +la$ curriculum !or both )rou+ setti$)s a$d i$di*idual childre$.
Stud% a$d a$al%e C 2/-34 assessme$t i$strume$ts curre$tl% used i$ the schools.
/la$ how to i$clude !amilies i$ the assessme$t +rocess.
/ro*ide e,am+les o! commu$icati$) obser*atio$ a$d assessme$t !i$di$)s to !amilies.
,+lore how to act as +art o! a team with other +ro!essio$als i$ de*elo+i$) a$d !ollowi$) /s a$d 6S/s.
Create a +la$ !or usi$) methods o! obser*i$)& recordi$) a$d assessi$) childre$ i$ a classroom setti$).
Commu$it% Buildi$)s this is a +rocess& class atte$da$ce is *er% im+orta$t. 8ou are res+o$sible !or e$)a)eme$t i$ %our lear$i$)& a$d %our *oice is to be a$ acti*e +art i$ collaboratio$ a$d tra$s!er o! lear$i$).

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